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Summer is here and you should know that every single person is going to feel dirty, sweaty and of course it’s going to be itchy. When you get out of the house, Your skin is going to burn and you should have to hydrate your skin every time, otherwise you are making a big mistake.

Your skin would burn and become dry if you don’t hydrate your skin by utilizing the proper help. Yes, Going to the parlor and getting bleach or facial done works. But, if you have homemade products, then why go unnecessarily and waste money? Well, lack of time could be one of the reasons why you don’t spend time doing facials at home. Well, if you have a little time to spare for yourself and if you have the basic ingredients to work on at home, then a lazy Saturday can be your lucky skin day.

Summer brings a lot of things to your skin and so if you want to change skin damages, then here are some of the amazing homemade summer face packs that will help you re-generate your skin.

Top Homemade Remedies for Summer Skin

1Mint face pack

Mint face pack

Mint is a cooling agent and we all know that a little bit of curd and mint would do great wonders for your skin. In fact if you have a little bit of turmeric powder, the pimples and pores in your skin will be filled with healthy tissues.

    • Firstly, take a bunch of mint.
    • Add a little bit of curd and put it inside the mixie.
    • When you add turmeric to the paste, it makes your skin easier, smoother and definitely better.
  • Try this every twice a month or once a week. You will easily find changes in your skin within less than a month.

2Milk face pack

Milk face pack

Milk has all the ingredients to smoothen your skin. You can either boil the milk, take all the ‘malai’ off the milk or just use raw milk.

    • Dab your skin with cotton spunge and dip it into the milk and wash your face regularly.
    • When you regularly apply milk on your face, your skin will rehydrate and it will make all the difference.
  • In fact, besan (gram flour) with milk also, gives nourishment to your skin.

3Almond oil face pack

Almond oil face pack

Almonds are a great way of smoothening your skin. Almonds are good both for face and to eat. If you consume a lot of almonds, your skin will start glowing.


    • Take a bunch of almonds and soak it in coconut oil for about half an hour.
    • Once that is done, make a paste out of the soaked almonds and mix it with more of the oil.
    • Let the paste be kept aside for about one to two hours.
  • After that strain the oil alone and apply it with a cotton bud throughout your face.

This way, you will get the entire essence of almond and the coconut oil on your face, which will smoothen your skin and keep it clean and free from germs.

4Soya lentils face pack

Soya lentils face pack

Soya beans or Masoor dhal is an amazing home pack ingredient for skin. Isoflavone is something that helps your skin from aging. It is an element that makes your skin become tighter and prevents dry skin.

    • Soya beans can be added to warm milk and water after grinding it into a fine paste.
    • You can dab the soya mixture on your face twice a week.
  • It is a clear cleanser and makes your skin hydrate and will help your pores.

5Tomato pulp face pack

Tomato pulp face pack

Tomatoes generally help in polishing your skin and removes tan in a giffy. So, if you have lots of tomatoes lying around at home, you better put that to great use.

The surface of your skin generally has a lot of dry effects dye to summer. So, when you repair your skin with tomato pulp, the dryness is reduced and your skin will release follicles that generate the hydration of your skin.

    • Make tomato into a paste and add a pinch of honey to it.
    • Apply this amazing mixture on your face and after a while scrub it and wash your face.
  • It will be an amazing remedy for your dry pored skin.

6Egg face pack

Egg face pack

Summer face packs tip – If you have an oily skin, you can use this face pack. Well all you have to do is,

    • Just break open one or two eggs and add lemon to it.
    • Keep beating the egg mixture until it turns stiff and cream like.
    • Now you can entirely spread it on your face and skin to get glowing oil free skin easily.
    • Before you wash it, just scrub to see whether it had dried off.
    • You can keep it for minimum 20 mins to 30 mins.
  • Wash it with lukewarm water and moisturize your skin after that.

-Pavithra Ravi

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