Cool styling tips for women with bigger thighs


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tips for women with bigger thighs

Doesn’t it feel like a hundred degrees outside and all you can think of is how to just strip all your clothes and feel free? Well, yes! Even I am exhausted, wearing the same kind of dress over and again. Women with bigger thighs generally go through this problem of covering their thighs throughout and not trying to make the already big thighs look more gigantic. The one way to close the look is to cover it up. That’s exactly what even I assumed until I found out that there are so many amazing dressing style options for me. Well, if you are one of those girls with generous thighs, then please do not shy away at all from wearing those cute and tiny shorts or skirts.

You just need to have the right styling hacks that you can count up your sleeve to rock anything you wear with complete ease. Lets take you through some amazing and summer styling tips for women with bigger thighs. Well, this will at least make you look chic, fancy and you will look your very best every day. Look at these fashion tips for bigger thighs.

Top Fashion Tips for Bigger Thighs

1A line skirts

A line skirts

A line skirts are your style soulmates because they will easily cover up your hips and thighs with ease and perfection. This will eventually flatten your body and your shape will get perfected and make you look ‘Oomph-ah’. Try to avoid short length skirts since that could be revealing for your thighs. Always go ahead with mid length skirts that come up to your knees.

Prints and colors are not an issue at all. The more the color, the merrier it will look. Make it sassy and remember to always pair it with a good blouse and boots. You can make a variety of fashionable looks with your A line skirts. All you have to do is just try and avoid too short skirts. If you have achieved the perfect look, continue the same with various colors and prints. These skirts can be worn for office meetings, brunches with your friends or even a casual date.

2Wide Length trousers

Wide Length trousers

The best thing about a wide length or wide legged pants are the fact that they are super flattering and very flowy. They also make you look slimmer and taller with their length and material. When you wear a loose bottom, always remember to wear a tight top. So, you can probably pair the bottoms with a colorful well-fitting top.

Meanwhile, also try to make sure that they hit the right floor-grazing length. The whole point is to beat the heat. So, try and figure out if that purpose is solved as well. Jeans could be super annoying during summers. So, shift to trousers that are loose and free that will help your thighs breathe.

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3Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses do work wonders when it comes to women who have bigger thighs. Well, wanting to know how? Its because the dress helps in creating a very constructive or structured figure for your body. The layers in the dress or the wraps in the dress you wear will immediately hide all the bulges and the extra flabs you have on your stomach or thigh area.

Everything will just be hidden and you wont be able to notice one bit of flab outside at all. This is more like an illusion. The dress will give the illusion of having a tinier waist. The focus point is probably shifted from your thighs to your upper body. You will have the effect of carrying a hourglass shaped figure. Wrap up dresses will make you feel wonderful and very lovely. You will feel young and thin. So, give this dress a try.

4Flowy fabrics

Flowy fabrics

You should always say a yes to flowy fabrics and a big no to clingy tight dresses or fabrics. You can definitely avoid elastic dresses as they will stick to your body enhancing all the flabs and the bulges you have on your stomach or thigh area. It is always good to downplay your fabrics because that way the focus will be taken off your problematic areas. Try to keep the fabrics restricted to either flowy fabrics or loose clothes. You can always make loose clothes, chic and fashionable. Go ahead and try them in various beautiful colors and rock the summer.

5Go for Boyfriend shorts

Go for Boyfriend shorts

Well, there is something called the Boyfriend shorts! A little too short shorts could be slightly uncomfortable on the thighs and if you have a bigger thigh, it is very awkward looking. So, it is good to go for boyfriend shorts that are straight fit and that aren’t very tight on the thighs.

You won’t feel too revealing because your thighs aren’t accentuated in these shorts. A line shorts could also serve the same purpose. Do not wear the ones that have big pockets or the ones with bows or bigger designs. Bigger designs on your shorts or skirts can make your thighs look bigger than usual. The boyfriend shorts are a very comfortable, clean and a nice way of staying stylish in your own skin!

-Pavithra Ravi

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