Different reasons why you fight with your mom


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fight with your mom

They say that a person fights with the people she loves the most. Well, that’s what people say, so don’t ask me if that is true or not. When it comes to your mom, it is always a battle to make her understand the different things you want her to identify for herself. You don’t like to explain to her and she doesn’t leave you without an explanation. When that happens, the fight begins without anybody interfering. You guys fight over the smallest things in the world and people around you wouldn’t even understand the reason for the fight. Does this situation sound similar to you? Well, then here are some reasons why you probably fight with your mom.

Top Reasons Why You Fight with Your Mom

1Sleeping issues

Sleeping issues

Your mommy dearest gets up at 6 am because she sleeps exactly at 10 or 11 pm. But, she will never understand why you sleep through the day. She will wake you up at 8 or 9 am and expect you to be wide awake for the day’s chores. Well, you are being a night owl wouldn’t want to get off your bed until 11 or 12 in the noon. It is totally understandable to me because, I have done the same thing.

The first thing every mom tries to do is call out our names a million times to wake us up. If that doesn’t work, she targets the fans and lights. She will diligently switch off the fan and switch on the bright light. Well, this is where you lose your temper. You start shouting at her and probably you get up with a heavy head. This is one definite reason why daughters and mother fight.

2The phone carries the blame

phone carries the blame

No matter what happens in your life, your phone would be blamed. It doesn’t matter what! If you are late to work, its because of your phone. If you aren’t eating enough, phone! If you aren’t taking time to talk to her, phone. If you don’t pick up your calls, phone! Literally, she blames everything on the phone. Even if something terrible happens to you, she will ask you to throw the phone and concentrate in your life.

Well, this is another reason why you fight with your mom. She wouldn’t understand the fact that you are probably attending calls, replying to important texts and flirting with your boyfriend all at once. You need to see the phone every minute to make sure things are intact. This is a major generation gap and mothers just blame everything on the phone.

3She gives you very less time

She gives you very less time

She exactly wants you to finish things within her limit period. Meaning, she will give you exactly 3 minutes to wash and dry the clothes (exaggeration, yes) That’s the level of speed she expects you to do. Moms don’t understand that we are not well versed in these things. We take our own time, but we do it with perfection.

Well, then again your mom wouldn’t give you enough time to do that and she will keep breathing down your neck and see what you have done right and what you haven’t. Well, that sure is a little irritating and we end up fighting with our moms for the very same reason.

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4Comparing you with others

Comparing you with others

This is one thing our parents or mainly our moms would never understand. Until you are a certain age, she will keep comparing you to the girl next door or to the cousin of yours whom you have started to hate now. She seems to compare all the over enthusiastic kids with you and you will be the dumb chick in her story.

She will not only compare marks, but the color, the way they dress and definitely they ‘Sanskari’. Well, they just don’t understand that you are probably the coolest kid they can have. This brings up another series of fights between the two of you.

5Meeting your friends

Meeting your friends

Most of the times moms get all hyper and irritated by the fact that you have a social life. Well, they ask you to stay at home and do the chores while all you want to do is go out and party. This is a major turn off when you have a strict mother. She will not let you go out often and would demand you to spend your offs sitting at home or doing housework. This could be a very irritating thing for you.

You get a day or two off from work or college and all you want to do is anything but housework. So, problems engulf. You start to fight and throw things randomly, but end up sitting at home and crying to your wall. Things just don’t work out with moms!

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6Late nights

Late nights

Well, a lot of time late nights are also a problem and you end up with a fight. You tell her that you will get back at 10 but you exceed even by 10 minutes, the fight begins. She starts to compare yourself with others, tells your dad about it and gives you a tough time with explanations on why a girl shouldn’t be out so late. You feel it’s unnecessary, but well, your mom makes it necessarily important. So, you end up fighting anyway.

7Constant calling

Constant calling

Your mom is a concerned soul. Well, sometimes over concerned! The level of her being worried for you or about you exceeds one point. She starts to call you every minute if she thinks you are unsafe or if she is worried about you. This could be very irritating, mainly when you are in a meeting or when you are in a conference. The constant buzzing also makes you restless because you don’t know why she is calling you. Is she in trouble or is someone dead back at home? These are the kind of questions that pop into our heads immediately after seeing 10 missed calls from our moms. She ends up asking, ‘Did you eat, beta?’ and that’s when you feel like the world is laughing at you for your stupid thoughts.

Moms are creepy, they are sometimes too good and sometimes too annoying. But the end of the day, you realize that no matter what, you end up sharing every single thing with her. Yes, she can be annoying, but she is your annoying mom and she is the best you have got in life!

Love moms!

-Pavithra Ravi

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