10 Ideas to Style Statement Jewelry- Recreate the Fashion


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Everyone loves to express themselves as their expression makes an identity. So, many of the women prefer to make the statement with their outfits and jewellery. You can only walk confidently when you sync in fashion.

Statement jewellery is to express yourself through wearing accessories. You can choose to wear the delicate, bold kind of jewellery. A woman who wants to up raise her style must definitely choose to statement jewellery.

If you think jewellery is only for heavy and party wears outfits, then you must check how statement jewellery is trending these days. We think fashion is balancing your style with outfits and accessories. To see, how statement jewellery is running in the trend, you have the images attached with a brief description. Glance and read to gain ongoing fashion.

Ways and Ideas to Style Statement Jewelry

1. Metal statement jewellery- You can feel the fashion

Image source: www.candere.com

Do you know that you can conquer the fashion world with metal jewellery? If you don’t believe this statement, you must wear them on you and experience the command on fashion. You may not love the heaviness in your accessories but now you will only love to wear the heavy necklaces and rings after look at the metal statement jewellery. You get to wear the giant rings as well, which are brimful chic.

Metal statement jewellery with a white shirt/Top

Image source: theodysseyonline.com

You may have lovely ideas to wear and style metal statement jewellery. But do not miss to try it with your shirt. You can make the real fashion statement wearing metal statement jewellery. When you are wearing the metal statement jewellery, all other accessories can be casual as the jewellery is talking boldly.

2. Boho style statement jewellery- Fashion talks sense

Image source: picbon.com

Boho style can be never out of fashion. There are some reasons that boho style is all time fashion. One is it makes you feel extremely girly and bold. Isn’t such jewellery is of your kind? Let the feminine expression come out with the boldness and there will stand doing a style statement.

Boho style statement jewellery with floor length skirts

Image source: deskgram.net

Long skirts are girly and the statement jewellery is bold. Get into the picture of a long skirt with boho statement jewellery. You can go with a braided hairstyle with this whole look and a funky pair of sandals is all perfect. You can try this style and ideas for your next date.

When you hold your elegance with fashion, then it is a breathtaking to look. Agree?

3. Pearl Statement Necklace- Shine out Silently

Image source: topsimages.com

Women are attached with pearls and the most lovely jewellery. The shine and calmness of a pearl necklace can match the bold colours. A simple chain with pearls is casual but a heavy pearl necklace for your fancy outfit is unique.

Pearl statement necklace with LBD

Image source: lonestarsouthern.com

You love to wear your little black dress with minimal accessories. Come out of the cliche style and take a pearl statement necklace to pair with your LBD. When you want to make a style statement you must chase the fashion and trend. The inner hiding fashion comes right with this combination of a little black dress and pearl statement necklace.

Let your party wear get new black and white combination with pearls and LBD.

4. Geometrical statement jewellery- Shapes are fashionable

Image source: www.webstagram.one

Geometrical designs in jewellery are trending in swing and they are the most decent. The women who want to look highly stylish can wear geometric statement jewellery. The simple shapes are not boring when they become jewellery. In fact, there are the finest options to represent yourself dignified with less style. The women who love the minimal style can opt geometric statement jewellery.

Geometric statement jewelry with Kurti

Image source: www.alibaba.com and www.thechalkhouse.com

Kurtis is the most preferred traditional form outfits for Indian women. For a variety of Kurtis, women look for wonderful accessories. Have a look at the geometric statement jewellery which styles you up in a unique way. Go and style the geometric statement jewellery, you will fall in love with your simple Kurtis too.

5. Multi-layered statement Jewellery- Delicacy is united to stay bold

Multi-layered jewellery is stunning for any outfit. The layers with intricate designs are together attractive. There are multi-layered earrings and necklaces which make the style statement without fail. When you know fashion, then show fashion- we believe in this statement. That is how we are giving you unique ideas to follow. Multi-layered jewellery is not outdated and it is one of the happening jewellery.

Image source: grammarly.com and shopify.com

Multi-Layered Statement Jewellery with Denim

Image source: weheartit.com

Call it fashionable when you mix the styles or when you recreate. Denim with studs and nicest chains is routine. Multi-layered jewellery is a must try to style your denim outfits. A multi-layered necklace over your denim jacket is stunning. You can also pair it up with torn denim jeans.

6. Monochromatic statement neck piece- Fashion drizzles all the way

Image source: michelleismoneyhungry.com

The many variations in a single piece are what monochromatic is. The mixture of styles in a neckpiece may sound clumsy for you. But the perfect variations together is the best jewellery. A monochromatic statement necklace is a captivating jewellery. So, get ready to get captured wearing a monochromatic statement necklace.

Monochromatic statement jewellery with unusual colour outfits

The variations in your jewelry may look good on any outfit. But we want you to look extraordinary. So, you must pair up your unusual colour outfits with monochromatic statement jewellery. When you wear fluorescent colours, you can try this idea.

Image source: happinessboutique.com and caffeines.co.vu

7. Gemstone statement jewellery- Let the ethnicity flow

Image source: www.etsy.com

Gemstone jewelry is attractive with colour and the look is awe-inspiring. Jewelry is talking about your personality, attitude than your fashion sense. So, represent yourself in an elegant way keeping it all stylish and dignified.

Gemstone statement jewelry for an ethnic look

Image source: pinterest.com

When you say ethnic look, you must think what makes it ethnic. If you were choosing to wear other jewelry for your ethnic outfits, switch to gemstone statement jewelry. Let fashion elevate in you and it is not hidden. The best designers are preferring to style their models with the pairing of ethnic wear and gemstone statement jewelry.

The occasions like weddings, ceremonies need such look.

8. Multi Coloured statement jewelry- Colour soaked styles

Image source: happinessboutique.com and prettylittlething.com

Colours together can make anything beautiful and why not jewelry. The light or vibrant colours in jewelry goes the best with outfits. They way to fix combinations is fashion, all about. Women love the multi coloured jewelry, for other secret reason. Let us reveal the secret now, they can wear multi coloured jewelry with many outfits. Isn’t it? Fair enough!

Multi coloured statement jewelry with casual outfits

Image source: aelida.com

Do you feel liking styling your casual outfits in a unique way? Experiment this look of a casual outfit and multi-colour statement jewelry. Casual outfits are simple and pairing them with multicolor jewelry is not a bad idea but look trendy. The more unique is more trendy!

You can only love your fashion experiments when you don’t wait to follow the trends. So, pull a casual outfit from your closet and pick the multi coloured jewelry from your accessories box and style up.

This can be your airport look, street look.

9.Intricate Statement jewelry- Graceful attitude with details

Image source: greenweddingshoes.com

Any jewelry and accessories with intricate designs are attractive. Many of the women love to wear heavy intricate designed jewelry. The accessories like bracelets, earrings, and necklaces with perfection and detailing are beautiful. They keep the women graceful and this is much possible with statement jewelry.

Intricate statement jewelry with a gown

Image source: stylemepretty.com

The prettiness in gowns must match with your jewelry. You can choose to wear intricate statement bracelets, rings and necklaces. You can go with this idea for your reception and wedding ceremony. You will like a queen with the gown and jewelry walking the aisle. All the dreams of styling come true for women, on her wedding day. So, let your style be dreamy but do not end up dreaming.

10. Statement jewelry with giant crystals- Imperfect shapes are stylish

Image source: jivaana.com and bedroomfurniture.club

We call something unusual as the most distinct. Here, we call the crystal jewelry as unique. The vibrant colours and crooked shapes of crystals make the jewelry attractive. Uniqueness is not just to watch others, it is also others to watch you. Hope, you are convinced with this statement and now ready to try statement jewelry with giant crystals.

Statement jewelry with giant crystals for plain outfits

Image source: pinterest.com

A plain kurta or saree with crystal statement jewelry is a contrast. The vibrant crystals dominate and stand out on your outfit. So, the outfit must be simplest and the jewelry must do the magic. You can choose the jewelry with giant or mini crystals as they get highlighted with their dominating colours at any size.

Few women admire the fashion and few inspire the fashion lovers. Wearing statement jewelry, both things are possible. If you are looking for a way to stay up with fashion, you must try the statement jewelry which is of plenty of varieties. We have covered the best statement jewelry and the ways to style. Grab the ideas and represent yourself.

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