10 Chic Ways To Style With A Wide Belt- You Need These Styles


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10 Chic Ways To Style With A Wide Belt You Need These Styles
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Some styles become outdated and some styles just come to rule the fashion. But it is your choice of following the trends or not. If you are a woman follow the trends, you will love the wide belt styles.

Belt was just to hold the clothes initially. The black leather belt that was took many fashion changes and styles. Out of many styles of belts, the style that is making fashion rounds is a wide belt.

Wide belt for women outfits is chic. A modern woman who wants to wear on the casual outfit with unique style can wrap the wide belt around the waist. And the wide belt suit various outfits. You can look for the styles of wearing a wide belt.

Wide Belt For Various Fashionable Outfits

1. Wide belt with one-piece dress

Wide belt with one-piece dress
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The one-piece outfits are free to style flexibly. A girly one-piece dress and the wide belt is a super cool idea. A wide belt can be your accessory that enhances the beauty of your one-piece dress.

Let your love for fashion reflect with creative ideas. Have you checked the above images? It is just chic when you go to this style.

Choose a leather wide belt which is of brown or black to pair with your one-piece dress- especially for floral dresses. It is a casual fashion idea that you cannot get over so soon!

2. Wide belt with skirt

Wide belt with skirt
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A wide belt with a skirt is a super cool fashion idea. If you are bored wearing a top and skirt, give this routine outfit some extra style with a wide belt.

You can wear any kind of skirt and buckle up a wide belt around your waist. You look highly fashionable and wise as a fashion lady.

Tulle skirts, flowing skirts or cotton skirts which are long or short look great with a wide belt. If you want to go with a pencil skirt and a wide belt for a formal, even that looks great.

3. Wide belt with tee/top and pants

Wide belt with tee-top and pants
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The belt with pants is all routine. What so new with this style? The routine thin belts are nothing new with pants. Pick a wide belt for tee and pant- look at you, how stunning you are looking.

This wonderful fashionable style of wide belt and pants is befitting for office wear, casual and airport look. It is enough decent and stylish to walk on anywhere making a confident appearance.

You can wear a flared top as well and put over a wide belt with pants. This looks excellent as a chic style.

4. Wide belt with saree

Wide belt with saree
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Saree is going through many of the modern versions. Belted saree is just lovely and worn by many of the modern women. Anyways waist belt with saree is a known style and it is a similar version with a wide belt. Indian celebrities are making style statements with belted saree.

You can choose a wide belt for your fancy saree which lets you go elegant. You look modish in a saree when you wrap your waist with a wide belt.

Wide belt over a top

5. Wide belt with a jumpsuit

Wide belt with a jumpsuit
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Cheers to this trending fashion idea with a wide belt. Jumpsuits are loved by women these days and they are coming with various styles. The belt style looks brilliant.

This also makes a comfortable outfit. When you feel a jumpsuit is not enough to be printed and well designed, wear on a wide belt for peppy style.You can choose both ribbon wide belt or leather wide belt to pair with a jumpsuit.

6. Wide belt with a shirt

Wide belt with a shirt
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The wide belt with a shirt looks fantastic. You can go in two shades pairing with a wide belt, that is- formal and casual. A formal shirt and wide belt are also stunning.

After outfits like this, style is called as smart. It is also an easy and instant style for an ultra-posh look.

7. Wide belt with a blazer

Do you want to nail your style? Then go with a blazer and wide belt. This can be a unique style that is coming up in fashion and trends for women.

A wide belt with a blazer can be fully a modish woman’s choice. This can be an outfit for every working woman who wants to go all fashionable.

8. Wide belt and scarf

Wide belt and scarf
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Don’t think much when you have a scarf and a wide belt. Get into a casual outfit and do the styling with your wide belt and scarf. If you want to use your scarf in a fashionable way, then just put it on yourself and wrap it with a wide belt.

This can be your style incoming winter. Anyways, you will go with a scarf and all you need is a wide belt along with it. Isn’t easy to go fashionable in winter?

9. Wide belt and gown

Wide belt and gown

A flared gown that makes your walk elegant can also look stunning with a wide belt. It can be a girly gown and still it ready to look chic with a wide belt. The just gowns are not for every woman. Then, give your gown some unique look with a wide belt.

You can have a glance at the above image where you can buckle up a wide belt around your gown.

10. Wide belt and Denim Outfit

Wide belt and Denim Outfit

Denim mania is going on with various styles. One of the wonderful styles can be with wide belt. A denim outfit with black or tan colour wide belt is enough to maker you look fashionable.

Denim works for many occasions like for casual, formal and special. If you are wearing a denim one piece outfit, you can put a wide belt. You can just make a perfect use of wide belt as fashion accessory for your denim outfit.

Your outfits look routine to your eyes. They need to get the updated styles and accessories to change over the look. The simple and best fashion accessory can be a wide belt that you will love to go, with your multiple outfits.

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