Yoga ‘Asanas’ For Menstrual Disorder


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Yoga Asanas For Menstrual Disorder

Do you have irregular periods or menstrual disorder? You feel the pain every month, but unable to express this to people near you. Have tried many curing abilities, but can’t find anything effective. Irregular periods is an increasing factor in today’s women.

There can be many reasons for an irregular period like stress, infection in reproductive organ, changes in diet, weight loss, miscarriage, high body weight, breastfeeding, hormonal imbalance, birth control pills, etc. Sometimes yoga can be natural medicine for menstrual disorders as it can help in reducing stress, help in relaxing your body, can cure abdominal disorder, can regulate every part of the body, can give relief from menstrual pain, etc. Here are few exercises and yoga poses for irregular period or menstrual disorder.

Yoga Exercises for Menstrual Disorder

1‘Bhujangasana’ (Cobra pose)


‘Bhujangasana’ or the Cobra pose is believed to be very benefiting exercise for spinal cord problem, back pain, stomach disorder, obesity and respiratory disorder. It can also cure constipation, acidity and indigestion. It can also help in loosing weight while improving blood circulation, can help in improving reproductive organ function and uterine disorder.

To perform ‘Bhujangasana’, first lie down on your stomach and try to relax. Stretch the legs in such a way that the knees of both the legs touches each other. Place the palm facing the ground near the chest. Remember to keep the elbow straight. Take a deep breath and try lifting your upper body slowly. By this all your upper body weight will come to your hands and thighs. While doing this yoga remember to inhale and exhale because it plays an important role. Slowly try to move your head back and stretch as much as you can do not over do or over stain. Try to hold your breath in this position for some time. Now slowly exhaling try to bring back your body to the same position as before to the ground. You can try repeating this for four to five times a day.

Note: Pregnant women shouldn’t try this exercise. Including people who are suffering from heart problems, ulcer or any kind of spinal or lung surgeries. Also avoid practicing during periods and prefer practicing them under expert guidance.

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2‘Dhanurasana’ (Bow pose)


‘Dhanurasana’ or the Bow pose can be considered as the most effective ‘asana’ for weight loss. It can also help in improving digestion and appetite. Can improve the function of small and big intestine, pancreas and liver. Also beneficial for menstrual disorder. It can also give relief from back pain and improves posture.

‘Dhanurasana’ basically means yoga in the pose of a bow, which is ‘Dhanush’ (bow). To start, on ground lie on your stomach facing down, and try to relax your body completely. While inhaling slowly try to bend your legs backward and catching the ankles with the hands. Your body will now transform into the bow position. By this your whole weight will come on your abdomen. Try to hold the position for 15 to 20 seconds while taking deep breaths. After this slowly exhale and come back to the previous position. Try to repeat for four to five times a day.

Note: If you have hernia headache, back pain, migraine, blood pressure or abdomen surgery does not try this ‘asana’. avoid this if you are pregnant and during periods. Prefer practicing them under expert guidance.

3‘Paschimottanasana’ (Seated Forward Bend Pose)


‘Paschim’ means back and ‘Uttana’ means stretching in Sanskrit. So basically this ‘asana’ means stretch the body from head to heels. There are many benefits of this ‘asana’, like it can reduce fatty deposits in the abdomen. It can be good for digestion and constipation. It can help in balancing menstrual cycles and can tone pelvic organs.

To start ‘Paschimottanasana’, you first have to sit straight and stretch your legs in front of you. Try to keep your head, neck and spine erect. Keep the palms on their respective knees, now try to bend your head and trunk slowly so that you can catch the toes with your thumb, middle finger and index. Try not to bend your knees. Take a deep breath and try to touch your head to your knees, exhaling slowly. Bend your arm and try to touch the floor with your elbow. Exhale completely and holding your breath, stay in the position for a few seconds. After that, slowly return to your starting position. Try to breath normally and try to repeat this position three to four times.

Note: Pregnant women must avoid these ‘asana’. Also, if you are suffering from sciatica problem or slip disc, ulcer and asthma do not perform this yoga. Prefer practicing them under expert guidance.

4‘Halasana’ (Plow Pose)


‘Hala’ in Sanskrit means Plow and ‘asana’ means pose, hence the name ‘Halasana’. It is believed that ‘Halasana’ can beneficial for the symptoms of menopause. It can stimulate reproductive organs and can improve digestion and appetite.

To perform ‘Halasana’ lie down on your back and relax your body. Keep the palm flat on the ground and breath normally. While exhaling, slowly try to raise your both legs upward straight and try to touch the ground behind your head. Breath slowly and hold the posture for one or two minutes. Now slowly release the pose and return to the previous position. Try to repeat it for three to five times.

Note: The people who are suffering from hernia, arthritis of the neck, slipped disc or sciatica, any serious back problem or high blood pressure must not do this ‘asana’. Women who are pregnant and during periods must not perform this yoga. Prefer practicing them under expert guidance.

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