18 Best Foods You Should Definitely Try For Hair Growth


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Hair Growth

Growing up reading the story of princess Rapunzel, all we ever wanted as little girls was long hair, but mom kept cutting it off because apparently, it led to better growth. Well, if you’re reading this article it probably it didn’t quiet happen for you. Don’t worry, the lifestyle that we lead and the stress that we have to handle have taken a toll on our whole body, leave alone the hair. Also the changing dietary and climatic conditions are making it even more difficult to keep the hair healthy, shiny and problem free.

In such cases, the first and most important step you need to take is change your diet. We may not realize the importance of our food on hair but our dietary habits play an important role in the health of our hair. If you want long and lustrous hair that are free from problems to include these following foods for hair growth and thickness in your diet and see the amazing change on your own.

How to Make Hair Grow Faster with Diet?

  • Eat foods rich in Iron. Iron is very essential for growing hair strand. Consume more leafy green veggies.
  • You should nourish your hair with Vit. E rich foods. Nuts Spinach, olive and almonds are rich sources that can boost hair growth. Vitamin E also prevents Hair breakage
  • Massage your scalp regularly for better hair growth, massaging scalp will improve blood circulation of scalp and boost hair growth.
  • Boost collagen and keratin production in your body. Increase foods like nuts, spinach and leafy vegetables and brown rice in your diet for hair growth.
  • Intake food that has more amount of essential fatty acids. They are responsible not just for hair growth but also hair texture and shine.
  • Check With a doctor for Thyroid Malfunction, usually, thyroid malfunction can lead to chronic hair fall and inhibition of hair growth

What Foods Make Your Hair Grow?

Foods Make Your Hair GrowHair growth is only possible if your hair is provided with essential nutrients that are required for its growth like Protein, vitamins, Iron, Omega 3 fatty acids, Biotin, zinc etc. For hair to grow long and strong try to include foods that serve as rich sources of these nutrients. Here are some foods that we found to make the best diet for hair growth.

1. Almond Butter-

Almond ButterA homemade teaspoon full of almond butter could be all you need for those perfectly long and shiny tresses. Almond butter contains Protein, fats and lots of vitamins that contribute to hair faster growth. It contains a good amount of Vitamin E that helps the hair grow really strong and as a result grown out long and healthy.

Make some healthy almond butter at home and consume one spoon every day. You will soon notice the change in your hair texture and slowly your hair will grow too.

2. Spinach-

For some women even though, there may not be anything wrong with the diet a lot of times a deficiency in mineral like iron can lead to weakening and thinning of hair follicles. Iron is important for the transfer of protein and other essential nutrients from your body to the hair. It’s deficiency will make your hair slowly lose strength and become frail and weak, leading to excess hair fall and mid length breakage. To prevent that consume foods like Spinach that contains Iron. Spinach is the highest amount of iron containing food that helps hair grow.

3. Amla(Gooseberry)

AmlaOne of the most important ingredients in a lot of ayurvedic medicine, Amla is a great food to make your hair grow. It has abundant antioxidants that is responsible for imparting a shining texture to your hair. It will keep your hair black for a longer time and prevent it from greying prematurely.

Amla berries have an added advantage of imparting an acne free skin that glows. Imagine such beautiful side effects long with long shiny hair. We are sold on Amla’s benefits.

4. Salmon-

Salmon fish acts as a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids will help your body process your insulin effectively. Any such insulin processing resistance that may be leading your hair to weaken will be negated by eating a good amount of salmon.

It is also really great food for your eyes, skin and also hair. It has anti inflammatory properties that benefits not just your hair but also your scalp and skin otherwise.

5. Cinnamon-

CinnamonThe divine smelling cinnamon can really make your mouth water and increase your sense of appetite. This amazing smelling spice is known to improve the blood circulation of your body, including your scalp. This is responsible for better transport of nutrients, and oxygen to the scalp and skin. It will slowly result in better health for your hair. Who will hate her hair growth food diet if it includes having a golden toast will almond butter and sprinkled cinnamon? We won’t for sure.

6. Eggs-

One of the easiest breakfast foods, eggs are the single best foods to eat while travelling out, Since it cannot be adulterated. It is the best foods to make your hair grow., as it contains really simple forms of proteins that can be easily incorporated in any types of diet. Skip the yolk if you are trying to lose weight or you don’t like the smell. The egg white is what contains the proteins. These proteins will build up your hair follicles and make them grow longer. Make your favorite omelette, or a half fry or just a plain scrambled one, This little ingredient will never fail you.

7. Lentils-

LentilsNo diet is complete without the inclusion of lentils in it. Lentils are a rich source of Protein. It is a given by now, that proteins are the most essential thing required for hair growth. Other than protein hair growth requires Zinc, Biotin and Folic Acid. Surprisingly, Lentils contain all of these. For people who do not want to eat any fat heavy foods for long hair, that may hinder with their diets, Lentils are the best choice. These essential nutrients will not only improve hair growth but also help in better circulation of oxygen throughout thus improving scalp health too.

8. Oysters-

Oysters are a rich source of zinc. Zinc is an important element required for hair for growth. Deficiency of zinc can lead to very severe hair fall and even balding in some cases. This rich source of zinc food, that promotes hair growth, should be consumed to keep your hair healthy and promote hair growth. Make oysters a part of your regular eats and never have a bad hair day again.

9. Sweet Potato-

Sweet potatoSweet potato contains an lt of healthy good fat that can be a good health stimulator for your hair. Sweet potato also contains Beta Carotene usually found in orange colored foods like the pumpkin, Melons, Oranges, Carrots etc. This beta carotene stimulates the glands in your hair scalp and helps in the production of fluid called as sebum. This will keep the hair dry and prevent it from looking dull and dry. You can also replace this food with carrot if you do not like to consume fats. It will also be great for your eyes.

10. Flax seeds-

Flax seeds will keep your hair strong and improve the thickness of your hair. It will make your hair strong and prevent the hair loss and hair breakage. Flax seed is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and Iron, both of which make hair growth faster.

For ladies who want really long hair, this is one of the foods that make your hair grow fast and healthy.Just make a smoothie out of it for morning breakfast or grind it into a fine powder and add to your food throughout the day. This super food will never disappoint you. Added advantage will be the leaner body and glowing skin. Now, who doesn’t want that?

11. Yellow pepper-

Yellow pepperYellow bell peppers have a really high amount of Vitamin C. This vitamin c can prevent hair breakage as the antioxidants will strengthen your hair shaft and impart strength to existing hairs. Yellow pepper have more vitamin C than Oranges and hence it can be a great addition to your diet for hair growth. Consume this feisty looking bright vegetable in your salads and sandwiches and you will just love the brightness on your plate.

12. Asparagus-

AsparagusOne of the richest sources of Folic acid, this is a great food for hair growth. The Vit. B component helps to absorb protein better and augments the growth of hair. Asparagus is a healthy source of Vit. A and c it also contains Folic acid, Fiber and Iron. It will improve hair texture along with the length of your hair really fast.

Include at least a bowl of asparagus and see you hair in its full glory in just a matter of few weeks.

13. Poultry-

Hair is mainly made out of protein, So when the building blocks of hair itself is protein, then how can it survive and grow if the supply of protein is restricted.

Poultry is one of the great foods that promote hair growth, It is extremely rich in protein, Vit. B, Iron and Zinc. Regularly consuming lean poultry will make your hair strand thicker and stronger. Strong hair can grow longer and will retain moisture, this will also keep your hair looking hydrated and shiny. Try to use lean poultry instead of the fat one. This will prevent you get all the benefits and none of the added calories.

14. Soya Bean-

Soya BeanFor vegetarian women, supplementing their daily requirement of protein itself would be difficult if they do not consume even eggs and other protein rich foods. So for women who want to increase their hair growth, try consuming Soybean. It is the perfect source of proteins for vegetarians. Soybean contains high amount of proteins and good fats that are essential for the growth of your hair. It is probably one of the richest vegetarian options of food with such great protein content of almost 40%.

15. Oatmeal-

One of the favorite breakfast choices for health conscious people, Oatmeal also goes a long way in making your hair healthy and long. Oats contain Iron, Fiber, Zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids and also Poly-saturated fatty acids also called as PUFAs. The PUFAs stimulate the growth of your hair by nourishing the roots. It will slowly become really healthy and hence grow longer. Eating oats daily will prevent hair loss and maintain the hair volume. Just add a bowl of oats to your breakfast routine and keep all the hair problems at bay.

16. Citrus foods –

Citrus foodsCitrus foods are the sources of vitamin C for the Body. This Vit C in the citrus foods like oranges and Lemons will provide abundant vitamin C to your hair for the proper production of Collagen. This collagen will improve your hair over all and make your hair moisturised, healthy, shiny and bouncy. There is no looking back from there.

17. Whole Grains-

Whole grains are a rich source of Biotin. Biotin is a nutrient required very much during hair growth. It is responsible for Cell proliferation. This will make the hair strand grow longer. Out of the best benefits of biotin, Hair growth is the most important one.

Biotin is also responsible for producing the protein required by hair to survive and grow. Consume whole grains in different forms like wheat, Oats or bread. Try to keep in as an essential part of your diet.

18. Avocado-

AvocadoThis miracle fruit is the best way to incorporate foods that make your hair grow in your diet. It is the most versatile food that can be consumed in so many different forms and ways. Avocado is A food rich in Vitamin E. This Vit. E improves blood circulation and helps the hair to grow more. It is responsible in maintaining proper hair health by keeping the pH optimum. Higher pH has been known to clog pores and lead to the flaky and dry scalp.

This vitamin E will keep the hair follicle healthy and hydrated. The hair will grow stronger and will become more stronger against environmental and physical factors.

The exhaustive list of foods is all that a girl needs to know for improving her hair growth. This is the perfect list of foods that will promote hair growth and make them strong, healthy and more resistance to degrading factors like the sun’s UV rays, hair brush damage and heat damage. Bookmark this perfect list of food so that you know exactly what to eat to make your hair grow long, strong and princess like. We hope you find this information helpful and if you have any doubts and queries, feel free to ask we would be glad to help you anytime.

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