Mouth Detox : How To Detox Your Mouth Naturally At Home


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Detox Your Mouth Naturally
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While a lot of people give stress on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet for good health, They seldom pay attention in maintaining proper oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is one of the most important health factors considering how a contaminated mouth can lead to several digestive and cardiovascular diseases. Detoxing your mouth is a very simple lifestyle change that brings you a great smile with whiter teeth, healthier gums and also provides you a fresh breath. To keep these toxins from multiplying and spreading, you can detox your mouth at home with very simple methods that are natural and safe.

We have a list of 100% natural techniques to keep your mouth healthy and sparkling. These techniques can help you detox your mouth naturally at home.

1. Oil pulling-

Oil pulling
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This refers to an ancient oral care technique that involves swishing a tea spoon full of Coconut oil in your mouth for about 20 mins. This is responsible for pulling out oral bacteria and viruses that are deep rooted in your oral cavity. It has been proven that oil pulling causes reduced gingivitis, Less plaque builds up, reduced bad breath problem and gives you whiter teeth. This is a healthy way to detox your mouth naturally and it should be done at least once every week.

2. Tongue Scraping-

Tongue scraping is the most common technique applied to remove any left over food, dead cells and build up of bacteria on your tongue. This method is also extensively used in Ayurveda and it has been practiced for years. This does not involve using any external ointments or chemicals. Tongue scraping is a mechanical way of reducing any bacterial build up and it can be done with the use of a tongue cleaner or a Neem twig. The Neem twig should be used as a disposable cleaner and should be thrown after a single use.

3. Green tea-

Green tea
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Green tea has an array of benefits that have made this tea one of the most sought after beverage in today’s times. It serves as a rich source of anti oxidants for the body and is known to help lose weight. Other than these amazing benefits, green tea has an antioxidant called as Catechin in abundance. This is known to reduce any kind of inflammation in the body. Regularly drinking green tea will prevent an occurrence of periodontal diseases and will help you have healthy gums.

4. Nontoxin toothpaste-

Brushing your teeth regularly will protect your mouth by killing the bad bacteria. But toothpaste that contains Fluoride, Sulphates, sodium hydroxide and triclosan will also end up killing the good bacteria in your mouth. To prevent this from happening always look for a toothpaste that does not have toxic chemicals like these, instead of natural ingredients like Neem, eucalyptus, clove, Licorice etc. Will help kill the bad bacteria but also protect the good bacteria from your mouth.

5. Neem oil-

Neem is extremely beneficial for teeth. Neem datuns are an example of that. Neem oil is another remedy that helps you detox your mouth naturally. Just apply a drop of oil each to your upper as well as lower gums. This will help reduce any inflammation og gums or mouth, Oral infections, it reduces plaque and tartar from forming on teeth. Neem oil may be slightly unpleasant at first but after getting used to it, it shall not seem that bad. To get started, Initially after massaging oil on gums, you may rinse mouth with warm water. In later weeks you can also apply it overnight.

6. Massage Tea Tree Oil-

Another anti bacterial oil, Tea tree oil is great in inhibiting the bacterial growth of your mouth. To detox your mouth you may apply a few drops to your gu8ms and massage them well. Leave it over night and wash the next morning. You may also optionally use a Tea tree oil floss to floss and remove the tiniest stuck food particle. It will give you both the benefits of Flossing as well as tea tree oil.

7. Mouth wash-

Mouth wash
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Always use a mouth wash before going to bed. The best way to detox your mouth before bed is to use a homemade mouth wash made up of tulsi, neem, cloves, mint, and peppermint. Use this daily to prevent bacterial build up and keep your mouth fresh and healthy.

Using any of the simple techniques above can alleviate your oral problems and detox your mouth in a simple and effective way that is completely natural and also safe. A small lifestyle change can bring about greater and long lasting result for your body and health.

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