Best Home Remedies For Cracked Lips Corner Or Angular Cheilitis

Home Remedies For Cracked Lips

Are you suffering from cracked lips corner or angular cheilitis? This can happen mostly during winters, or sometimes with many other reasons that are mentioned below. So, here are some best home remedies for cracked lips corner of the mouth that you can do at home.

What is Angular Cheilitis?

Angular CheilitisThe inflammation that is cause at one or both corners of your mouth is being termed as angular cheilitis. These are basically sensitive sores, which start with little discomfort and then take on a serious form, causing chapping, dryness and eventually, red lesions. It basically sticks to the area of the lips and do not spread. One thing that should be kept in the mind is when a person develop an angular cheilitis on one side, they must not touch both corners of the mouth with same finger, lipstick or even lip balm tube.

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Common Symptoms

Common SymptomsSome common symptoms of this condition are dark-red, painful, crusty blisters or the sores in the corner of your mouth. It can occur in one or even both the corners of the mouth and can occur at any age. In most of the severe cases, the split corner can bleed when the mouth opens. Ulcers or a crust can form even in the corner. Cracks can last sometimes for several months or even for years if left untreated. With proper treatment, they can disappear in a week or two, although in some cases it can take longer to heal.

Causes of Cracked Corners of Lips

Cracked Corners of LipsCracked corners of lips or mouth is a one of the common condition that can affect millions of people. If corners of the mouth are cracking, then the reason can be one of several. Like:

a. Chapped lips
b. Iron or zinc deficiency
c. Bacterial or viral infection
d. Extreme dryness
e. Overexposure to sun or heat
f. Poorly fitting dentures
g. Allergy to a product use
h. Autoimmune disorder
i. Poor diet
j. Infectious diseases, such as cold sores

Home Remedies For Cracked Lips Corner

Lemongrass Oil Vapor

Lemongrass Oil VaporOne of the most effective way to use lemongrass to treat a candida infection on the lips is in the vapor form, not on the oil itself.
You can use the healing power of the lemongrass to quickly help in treating the infection that causes angular cheilitis. So, you must use lemongrass vapors to help treat the condition:

a. First mix few drops of lemongrass oil into a cup of water.
b. Then heat it properly.
c. Try to keep it below the boiling point to avoid burning.
d. First lean over for a few minutes so that the vapor that contacts the lips and properties of lemongrass oil can kill off the yeast infection which causes the angular cheilitis.

Eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil, can work against the candida and other fungi, but the effect are not as strong as those of the lemongrass oil.

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Tea Tree Oil

Lemongrass Oil VaporTea tree oil is considered as an effective home remedy to cure angular cheilitis. Many studies have also found that tea tree oil can be an effective antifungal agent which can be effective against the strains of candida. To avoid irritating with the delicate skin at the corners of the lips, it is important to dilute the tea tree oil with carrier oil like, jojoba oil or coconut oil. Skin irritation is also the cause of angular cheilitis, so a strong concentration of the tea tree oil can quickly worsen these condition.

Another reason on why tea tree work well for treating the angular cheilitis is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Attacking the inflammation as well as the fungus infection can together make it an effective treatment for the angular cheilitis.

To make a home remedy using tea tree oil, mix two to three drops of tea tree oil with one tablespoon of coconut oil. Then apply the tea tree remedy three times in a day to the chapped lips and wash it off after an hour to prevent the aggravation of sores. Try to repeat this every single day until the symptoms of angular cheilitis are gone.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera GelYou must have heard about many health benefits of the aloe vera gel for your skin. It is an effective treatment against fungi, candida and also against a wide range of bacteria. That is the reason why toothpaste and mouthwashes include aloe vera for its antifungal properties. Just like tea tree, aloe vera is also considered as a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

You can apply pure aloe vera two to three times in a day until the infection is completely cured. Then leave aloe vera for about an hour before rinsing off with some warm water. It will can help to moisturize the dry as well as damaged skin on the corner of your mouth.

Virgin coconut Oil

Virgin coconut OilVirgin coconut oil always seems to be onto the list of interventions against the most ailments now-a-days, and angular cheilitis or cracked corner of the mouth is not an exception. The most known benefit of the coconut oil is its ability to moisten as well as soothe the dry, cracked skin. But, the benefit on using coconut oil as its natural angular cheilitis treatment can go much further than that.

While many people use olive oil as a carrier oil to dilute any strong essential oils, some study suggests that coconut oil is much better carrier oil because of its antimicrobial properties. Virgin coconut oil is effective as a natural remedy for many types of skin conditions which can be used on its own.

One of the best way to get rid of the angular cheilitis is caused by the general dermatitis is first of all treat it with the lemongrass vapor, tea tree oil, or aloe vera gel. The tea tree oil as well as aloe vera, home remedies must be applied two to three times in a day, then wash it off after some hour. After that, apply and leave virgin coconut oil on your sensitive sores for the rest of the day or night to speed up the healing process and get relief from the pain as well as inflammation that is caused by angular cheilitis.


HoneyYou can use honey as a natural home remedy to treat angular cheilitis. Honey have number of beneficial active properties that can help to kill all the infection in the sensitive sores on lips and help the blisters to heal properly.

Most raw honey contain antimicrobial property, which can help to heal the blistered as well as damaged skin.

To use honey that can soothe the crusty sores on the lips as well as get rid of the infection which causes the angular cheilitis, you can apply raw honey directly on the cracked lips several times in a day. Try to do this everyday until there are no sores on the edges of the mouth.

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