How to Remove Nail Polish at Home Without Acetone


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how to remove nail polish

For all the nail color addicts out there, we have some wonderful ways to help you keep changing your nail polish easily and quickly. Since the nail polish removes at stores are not for everyday removing, as they contain a lot of harsh chemicals like acetone. This acetone causes immense risks to our health. How to remove nail polish without affecting the quality and health of our nails becomes an important question for most nail art enthusiasts.

There are ample DIY nail polish remover alternative with such amazing benefits that you would love them to be your makeup essential from now on. Let us first learn about the nail polish remover alternatives at home. These have surprisingly been there always, in our homes and we never thought of them as effective nail paint removers.

Some essential facts on how to remove nail polish without remover:

Lost or finished up your nail polish remover, and its just that time of the day when you cant just head out and buy a new one. And managing the party or meeting in nail paint chipped status on fingers is as displeasing an idea as missing the important meeting itself. So we have some wonderful ways to remove nail polish without remover. Some of these alternate best nail polish removers at home include:

1- Dark Nail paint coat:

Yes, you read it right! A darker shade of nail paint is as efficient as the nail paint remover. Just a quick hand is needed. Apply a darker shade than your original nail polish and quickly remove the nail polish coats with a cotton ball. Be sure to not pause for a single second as this may dry sooner than that. This clears not only the new nail polish but the old nail polish too very effectively

2- Deodorant spray method:

Most deodorants or body sprays have the chemicals which can easily remove nail polish, marker lines and other marks easily. Just keep the nozzle of the spray bottle close to the nails and spray it well to cover the nail polish properly. The propellants in nail polish may cause freeze burns but try to stay put and don’t move. Just stop for 3 to 4 seconds and use a cotton ball to wipe it clean. You may have to repeat 2-3 times until it clears off completely

3- Body spray or perfume method:

No deodorant spray, don’t worry look out for perfume or any body spray. They also work well in removing nail polish quickly. Just spray the perfume on Q-tip or a small cotton swab. And quickly rub it on the nails, this will remove the nail polish easily. You may have to do it a few times before getting it out of nails completely.

4- Hair spray method:

Using a hair spray is also a surprising nail polish remover method. Just spray by keeping the nozzle near your nails, and quickly grab a cotton ball to rub it off and wipe clean. Don’t let the hair spray stay for too long on nails as it will dry your fingers and nails.

5- Hand sanitizer method:

Using a hand sanitizer may also help in removing the nail paint off your nails. Apply hand sanitizer drops on your nails and wait a few seconds, but before they dry use a cotton ball to scrub and wipe it clean. Try for 3-4 times as it may take a while before every hint of color gets off your nails

6- Rubbing alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol is a disinfectant and sterilizer too. Just put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub it on your nails. Wipe them clean quickly and repeat for a few times for amazing effects.

7- The foil method:

In this method you just cover your nails with a cotton ball soaked in perfume or rubbing alcohol. Now cover the nails with foil and allow some heat on the nails. Now open the foil quickly and using orange stick remove the nail paint off your nails.

8- Using floss for nail paint removal:

Take hot water and add some lemon drops to it, now soak your nails for 15 minutes and then using floss try to get below the nail paint covering and try to chip it out completely. The more soft the nails are the better it helping in getting nail paint removed

9- Wax strips for nail paint remover DIY:

Use brow or finger wax strips for removing nail paint. This may be little tricky so not allow the wax strips to get stuck at the cuticles area and the pull out movement must be away from the fingers or out, that is pick from cuticle side and take it off at the other end.. So that it does not affect the cuticle.

10- Use eye makeup removal wipes:

This may not be adequate for removing gel based nail paints. But it does remove the simpler ones from nails. Just rub these wipes on the nails and allow a few trials to get perfectly clean look.

DIY nail polish remover or home made nail polish remover:

There are some amazing ingredients in our kitchen which make for 100% acetone free and safe nail paint removers. As you may have seen yellowing of nails as a result of frequent nail polish change. This is a sign of infection and nail deformity. We must have some acetone free, natural and home made nail polish remover to maintain nails healthy and nourished while we style our nails without missing our major makeup aspect.

1- Toothpaste for DIY nail polish remover:

Yes toothpaste is a DIY homemade nail polish remover, just add a dollop of white toothpaste on your nails and wait for a few. Then take an old toothbrush and brush the nails firmly. Don’t let the cuticles get damaged, but just about adequate pressure. This will lift and pull the color off your nails.

2- Warm water and dry cloth DIY nail polish remover substitute:

This is another natural way to get rid of nail color. Take some warm water in a bowl and soak your finger tips in it. Now wait for 25 minutes until the nail polish becomes soft. You can take a cotton ball or Q-tip in the bowl and keep rubbing around cuticle layers. Now take the hands our and use a dry cloth to rub the nails firmly. Now keep rubbing till the nail paint comes off. It may take a few trials in warm water before you get clean nails

3- White vinegar and lemon juice DIY nail polish remover at home:

Vinegar is an acid and an all purpose cleaner in our home. Add some lemon juice with its rich citrus contents, it will help in cleansing properties. Just soak your fingertips in this solution for 10-15 minutes. And use a cotton ball to wipe it clean. You may need a few trials before getting the nail paint out completely.

4- Hydrogen peroxide and hot water nail polish remover substitute:

Take some hot water and add hydrogen peroxide to it. Just add that much hot water which is tolerable for your nails. And for every part of water allow twice hydrogen peroxide. Now shake it and apply using a dry paper napkin. Keep rubbing and it will take the nail paint off your nails.

5- Natural nail polish removal with tea tree oil:

Using tea tree oil offers amazing benefits to nail and fingers too. They help in extracting nail polish off the nails and also it is gentle to nail beds thus allowing the nourishment for them too. Just apply tea tree oil on nails and leave for 15 minutes. Now use a hot napkin and scrub the nails quickly. Repeat a few times before you can get best results

6- Natural nail polish remover with aloe vera and brown sugar scrub:

Add brown sugar and aloe vera in a bowl. Add few drops of lemon juice to it. Use this paste to scrub the nails. By gently applying first with fingers all over the nails. Now leave them for 10 minutes and use the finger tips to start scrubbing. Add more brown sugar crystals and keep scrubbing. This will soften the nail paint and also nourish the nails too. Then use a Q-tip to wipe off the nail paint carefully.

7- Vodka:

Use vodka as a DIY nail polish remover substitute. A strong 80+ proof vodka can help remove nail polish. Apply vodka to a cotton swab and rub it on the nails. Then wait and again repeat once more. Now use a dry napkin to clear it off. You may have to repeat a few times before you get clear nails.

The above compilation on How to remove nail polish at home without acetone, is to help you maintain nail quality and nourishment while you style them with colors regularly. Check out some beauty hacks of repairing damaged nails. These are just suggestive methods, you must do a patch test before proceeding with these.

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