Why Everyone Should Write A Blog


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Writing Own Blog

Blogging is becoming an important part or trend in people’s life now-a-days. It is not like this generation doesn’t read books. But many people prefer to learn new things online. Blogging gives everybody an opportunity to experience and share knowledge with others.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you can be a stay-at-home mother, or a student, or an employee anything. Plus having your own blog can reflect your inner thoughts and publish the articles that can inspire and motivate a person to live, struggle and develop regardless of everything that has been happening to their life. There is no reason you have written on certain issues only, while writing a blog. You can write on anything of your interest, like if you are interested in cooking, then you can write a cooking blog, or write about different recipes. Here are a few reasons why you must write your own blog or writing own blog to inspire people all over the world.

Reasons To Write A Blog

1Inspire other

Inspire other

While writing a blog, you might get a thought that it is only for you and who else, will my blog be benefiting? But, remember when you are sharing your thought with the world, then it’s not you, it’s the people residing in not only in Indian states, but people from many different countries are reading your blog and there might be someone similar person like you be facing the same problem, and by reading your blog they are able to get out of that problem and face the situation.

May be they are unable to reach other people for the solution to their problem or they are lacking of confidence and support, your blog can inspire him/her for the situation which might push them from this challenging situation and help them make their life better.

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2Develop your self-discipline

Develop your self-discipline

Blogging can boost your self discipline. If you become a blogger you have write, edit and then publish articles or videos on a regular basis. Plus, you have to consider each and every comment, and it is very important for a blogger to do everything on time.

Or else people will soon enough lose interest in your blog and start giving preferences or other people blogs. You should do everything on time and learn to manage your time very effectively. To be a blogger, you only need to say bye to your procrastination and be active.

3Blogging makes people popular

Blogging makes people popular

Every creative person needs self-expression and acknowledgment. Now-a-days you can become popular by writing in your own blogs. When you will create a blog, you are able to promote yourself. You can promote your most valuable articles. But with popularity comes responsibility, because many people will look up to you by reading your articles and listening your advice.

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4Self-training tool

Self-training tool

Writing a blog is also a perfect self-training tool. With it you can constantly develop yourself. Maybe at the start you might feel it a little difficult to understand the basics of blogging. But soon later when you decide to become a professional blogger you might have to get familiar with new technologies on the internet, marketing ploys and tendencies. You might master the copyrighting skills, design, basic programming and learn to understand people’s views. Moreover, it can make you a fully rounded person.

5Source of income

Source of income

Yes, you hear me right. Blogging can be a source of income, that too without or minimal investment. You can get into an inactive to an active income blogger, whenever you want. With the massive reach of the internet today, blogging has become a job, with really skilled writers are always in demand.

6No special skills needed

No special skills needed

Many people think that blogging need many special skills of HTML and Web Design. But they are mistaken; you don’t have to be an advanced programmer or even a writer. The most challenging thing in a blog is selecting a suitable title or a right topic. The internet has a full step-by-step guide for blog beginner’s. Soon you start blogging all you need to do is customize and develop your blog with lots of interesting pictures, articles, videos and other contents.

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7New acquaintances

New acquaintances

Self-expression is the form of blogging. It can make the blogger look extremely interesting and attractive. People whoever will read your article, can easily analyze your ideas, share your point of view and can follow your piece of advice. As a result, you can communicate with them and make them your new acquaintances.

There can be many types of people commenting on your blog. Some can be positive whereas, some can be negative. Do not try to bother yourself with the negative comments and try to take them in a positive way to improve your skills in blogging.

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