Rekindle Your Romance With Your Partner


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Rekindling The Romance

Do you feel that there is something missing in your love life? Do you remember the first time you meet your partner? Do you remember how both of you fell in love? Remember the moment you and your partner were together all the time. You missed him so much that you can’t wait for the day to end and be with him.

Remember the time when you were eager to go on a date with him. Sometimes, it happens in some long term relationships that distance comes in the way of our, and we feel the need to rekindle our relationship. Here are a few tips on how to rekindling the romance in your relationship.

Tips On Rekindling Romance

1Spend time together

Spend time together

The very first step, just think about the time the two of you spend together just talking. Do you remember those days when the both of you discuss everything that happened in your life every day, and now all you talk about is a daily routine like what to get from market or who will drop the kids off to school etc. if you are rarely talking to each other then it’s the time to rekindle your relationship with romance.

Set aside some time for each other, and discuss about your life about what you do every day, etc. it can be a great enthusiastic start for building romance.

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2Cuddle each other

Cuddle each other

Try to hug or cuddle from time to time with your partner. If your partner is pushing you off after just a few minutes, then talk to him. Maybe he is having my tension or problem that he can share with you. It’s ok to give personal space sometime. But if it is happening regularly then you must try to speak to him for this reason. Try to chat with him, so that he doesn’t feel alone and he is able to share everything he is faced with you. This step is also one of the basic necessities in romantic relationship.

3Give space

Give space

Consider that every individual need space. So try giving your partner a little space, it can create a little mystery and renewal which will give a lot of adventure. Sometimes it becomes really hard if you both don’t have enough space for each other. Sometimes clinginess from one partner can create dependency on each other, which can result in loss of spark that ignited your love for him the first time.

Try to find time to socialize with friends and even with each other. By spending time with friends can give you a lot of different perspectives in life that can help in restoring and refreshing both of your sense in the relationship, and can also help in bringing excitement by stories, ideas, information, etc.

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4Respect each other

Respect each other

Respecting each other is also one of the most important parts in every relationship. You are a unique person with your own feelings, habits, beliefs and desires. Even the same thing is also applied to your partner. Everyone has the right to be who they are really and to feel free with their partner and express their true selves.

Your expectation and treatment with your partner should reflect the respect. Once you start respecting a person for who they are then you can find a way to diminish the irreconcilable differences. This foundation can help you with the difficulties between both of you and love each other.

5Go for a romantic vacation

romantic vacation

When you are thinking of rekindling romance in your relationship, then don’t forget the part that both of you need some time together. Sometime, aside from the rush of daily life and tension. It is good to plan a vacation in any of your favourite places or have a quite dinner or just a simple romantic walk.

Routine life can kill romance and spontaneity in a relationship. So plan a schedule be it in a year or in a month. It can bring back the spontaneity in your relationship.

6Don’t argue in anger

Don’t argue in anger

This can be the most difficult part in a relationship. But, it can be the most life-changing part. When you are feeling angry at your spouse, or feeling like shouting, instead try to walk away. It can also help the other way around. When he is shouting at you, do not get angry at him or shout at him. It can make things worse. Instead, keep quite.

When your anger is out of your control, try to walk away, until it gets dissipated. Words spoken in anger can be poisonous and harmful for the opposite person. It can cause irreplaceable damage. Walking away from anger can put your relationship in priority over your ego.

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