Hurray! Lipstick Tricks That Made My Life Simple


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Lipstick Tricks

Do you love doing makeup? Is makeup behind the secret of your mesmerizing beauty? Do you know the tricks in makeup that can change your life, and make it pretty easy? Well, you might not believe me, but there are some easy and short cut to makeup that can make your life very easy and comfortable. For now here are few lipstick tricks that you can try, to make your life simpler and easier.

Lipstick Tricks to Cherish

1Smooth the canvas

Smooth the canvas

Exfoliate your lips before you apply color, gently, to make sure it goes flawlessly. Especially, if you’re trying to swipe through dark or bold pigment, which can accentuate imperfection. Try to use a homemade scrub of honey and sugar, it can remove dryness as well as flakes.

Foundation For Beginners

2Coat with foundation

Coat with foundation

Apply a little foundation on your lips after cleaning properly. Many times you might have noticed that the colour you see that is in the container of the lipstick is quite different when you apply. Use a flat brush to apply a thin layer on your lips. Blend it evenly so that it can dissolve into your skin. Then use your selected lipstick. This trick can help you to maintain the proper shade. By this trick it can help you, intact,those actual colour on your lips. Remember to use the best products for your lips, always. This point is applicable for the foundation as well as for the lipstick.

3Wear a lipstick for a long time

Wear a lipstick for a long time

You can make any lipstick wear for a long time by following some of these simple steps.

  • After applying one coat of lipstick, try blotting it with a single tissue.
  • Then you can use the eye shadow brush to dust at the lips with a very small amount of translucent powder.
  • Try to follow, it with another layer of your selected lipstick.
  • Finally, blot it properly and try to powder it twice before you apply a final swipe of lipstick.

4Cover the fault

Cover the fault

We all love a sexy and glowing lips, but some women don’t have beautiful and complete shaped lips. So, here is a trick that can help you to cover your faulty lipsand make it appear fuller.

First, try to line your upper lips properly with a simple skin-toned lip liner so that it can highlight your lips. Then use a matte brown eye shadow in the middle of your lower lip line to make it look fuller. Then try applying a much lighter lipstick. It can cover your lips error and also can make it more attractive.

5Highlight your lips

Highlight your lips

If you are not at all comfortable to use an eye shadow on the lips, then you can apply two different lip liners. Select two liners with not more than, one or two shades difference. Start properly lining the upper lip with the lip liner that is much lighter.

Then, try lining your lower lip with a darker liner. Then you can apply your favourite lipstick, very carefully. This can make your lips appear complete, create an illusion and eye-catching, with fuller lips. This trick is quite very common and also effective.

6Become a blotter

Become a blotter

While wearing a bold lip color, try to position your already painted lips around one of the fingers and glide it through the lips. It can look a little bit funny, but if there is any excess lip color on the inside of your lips it can come off on your finger. You can also try blotting with a tissue paper too.

Natural Look with False Lashes

7Breathe new life in old lipstick with gloss

Breathe new life in old lipstick with gloss

An unexpected lip gloss can give you, and your favorite lipstick a fresh look every season. You can top any lipstick, with a soft and violet gloss or even a bolder purple jewel tone.

8Use an angled brush for the perfect application

brush for the perfect application

If you are looking for a very defined look, then you might know the struggle of dealing with lip liners and that they are never quite a color match lip brush whose, bristles are too soft, it can give you that perfect perimeter. Instead, you can use an angled eyebrow brush to apply your lip color. Not only the bristles on these types of brushes usually have a lot more firm, with the thin edge you can use it to get a perfect outline. Plus, the angled tip can incredibly make your Cupid’s bow easily defined!

9Get rid of lipstick stains

Get rid of lipstick stains

If you’re addicted to lipstick, then you know the agony of removing your favorite white T-shirt, and then seeing a nice, bright smudge of lipstick that is left on the pristine fabric. Don’t worry; you can remove the smudge quickly and pretty easily. You just need a Hairspray. Yes, seriously, it is one of the most simple ways:

  • Just spray on the stains with a hefty dose of Hairspray, then let them dry for a few minutes. Then wipe them off with a cotton washcloth.
  • The lipstick is sure to come off right away; if there’s any residual color that’s left behind. Repeat this step until it’s gone, then wash your shirt.

Pro tip: DO NOT try this on fabrics like brocade or silk.

10Use your lipstick as blush

Use your lipstick as blush

The shades that look gorgeous on your lips can also bring an amazing flush of colour on your cheeks, if you apply them properly. Try to rub some colours straight from the bullets of your lipstick to your first two fingers. Then gently try to pat it on your cheekbones and tap them to blend. If that is looking a little too dark, then you can mix the lipstick with a little bit of light moisturizer on the back of your hand. Then try to apply them the same way. This can diffuse the intensity of the pigment very little, and can give a creamy and gorgeous flush.

Pro tip: If you want to make it shine, then you can use the tinted lip gloss patted along the cheekbones. Just be prepared to touch it up; generally glosses don’t last on the skin!

11Create the perfect nude

Create the perfect nude

To find a perfect nude lipstick is a serious challenge. So why not make your own nude lipstick? Pat concealer, lightly, that matches your skin tone on your lips, then you can go over with a semi-sheer pink, cranberry or red lip gloss. The concealer can match your complexion, and the gloss can provide you a flattering hint of color that can actually work for your skin tone.

Beginner’s Guide On Using a Concealer

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