Skin Care Advice For Special Occasions


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Skin Care Advice For Special Occasions

There are many types of skin care advice that is available in the market. But you tend to forget to disobey many of these rules as whether you don’t have time, or you don’t have money. But here, are some skin care advice that you can try for your special occasions, and look beautiful everyday.

Skin Care Advice

1Sleep Well

Sleep Well

The very first thing you must know is that to have a perfect radiant skin, enough sleep is required or else your body will protest and eventually gives to exhaustion and your skin begins to show all the tell tale signs of aging. So, remember that you need to rest enough, by which I mean to sleep for at least of 8 hours a night and help your skin relax.

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After, you had a good night’s sleep and now the skin is well-rested. What is the next thing you must do? You can also give a gradual jump-start. Try to exercise for at least for twenty minutes every day and increase the circulation of the blood. When the blood pumps well, the skin feels refreshed and it shows in the red blush that is by working out.



Once when you are all pumped up as well as sweaty, the very best thing to do is to take a nice hot steam that can help to open up the pores. Take the steam until it can touch your face and then begins to drip.



Once the pores are open as well as ready, remember to use a walnut or even an apricot scrub to exfoliate the face thoroughly. This can help you to remove the dirt, grime, and the dead skin cells from the skin. Try to wash off with lukewarm water and reveal soft, as well as supple skin.

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Exfoliation can be a little harsh on the skin. So, you can soothe it a bit by using a mild cleanser and gently washing the face with it.



After the scrubbing and cleaning, the skin might feel a little bit sore. To assuage the feeling, you can use a very soothing moisturizer that can suit the skin type. Ensure that you don’t want to be end up with an oily face that can attract a whole lot of dirt as well as grime that can make it work so hard to avoid.

7Don’t Skip Foundation

Don’t Skip Foundation

The most important step that many women miss out is the use of a good quality foundation before they are able to put on the makeup. Just like a wall, the skin also needs a protective layer of primer before it can bear the brunt of makeup, no matter how light it is. Plus, using foundation is one of the best way to conceal any types of bumps, spots, and imperfections in the skin before they get highlighted with makeup.

8Apply Light Makeup

Apply Light Makeup

Makeup is an indispensable part of every woman’slife. The trick on wearing a makeup is that it must not look like you are wearing any. So by all means, try to wear makeup just remember to have some mercy on the skin.

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9Remove Makeup Properly

Remove Makeup Properly

This is another type very important step into a skincare regime that many women tend to skip. Whatever be the reason, be it the lack of time, or drunken stupor, or even sheer laziness, leaving any makeup overnight is one of the worst thing that can be done to the skin.

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