Best Yoga For Weight Loss And Toning For Abs


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Best Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga is one of the best form of exercises, sometimes even yoga can be difficult as it have a lot of twisting and turning. But, this twisting as well as turning can also help you in a lot of ways, like toning the abs. Yes, abs the great Katrina Kaif type of abs. But, remember that there are a lot of rules as well as regulations that you need to follow along with this ab toning. Like, for example dieting, everyday without a miss doing the yoga, and of course being true to yourself. So here, are some of the best yoga for weight loss and toning that you must know to tone the abs.

Best Yoga For Weight Loss And Toning

1Crane (Crow) Pose or Bakasana

Crane (Crow) Pose

(a) First squat down in a Tadasana pose with the inner feet few inches apart. If it is not possible to keep the heels on the floor, then you can also support them on a thick folded blanket.
(b) Separate the knees more wide than the hips and then try to lean your torso forward, between the inner thighs. Try to stretch the arms forward, then bend the elbows, place the hands onto the floor as well as the back of the upper arm against the shins.
(c) Now try to snuggle the inner thighs against the side of the torso, and the shins in the armpits, and then sliding the upper arms down as low on the shins as much possible.
(d) Lift up the balls of one of your foot and lean forward, taking the weight of the torso on the back of the upper arms. In this asana you consciously attempt on contracting the front torso and round the back completely. To help yourself to do this, try to keep the tailbone as close to the heels as possible.
(e) While exhaling, try to lean forward more on the back of the upper arms, to a point where the balls of the feet leave the floor. Now the torso as well as the legs are balanced on the back of the upper arms. As a beginner, you might need to stop here, perched on the bent arms.
(f) But if you are feeling to go further, then you can squeeze your legs against your arms, pressing the inner hands firmly on the floor and while inhaling straighten your elbows. The inner knees must be glued to your outer arms, high up the armpits. Try to keep your head into a neutral pose with the eyes looking on the floor, or you can lift the head slightly, without even compressing the back of your neck, try to look forward.
(g) Try to stay on this pose between from 20 seconds to a minute. To release from the pose, exhale and slowly lower the feet back on the floor, in a squat.

Easy-To-Do Yoga Poses For Weight Loss


(a) It can help to strengthen your arms and the wrists
(b) It can help to stretch your upper back
(c) It can help to strengthen your abdomen muscles
(d) It can open up the groins
(e) It can help to tone the abdominal organs


(a) Try not to practice this pose if you are having carpal tunnel syndrome, as it can aggravate that problem.
(b) If in pregnancy try to avoid attempting this pose.
(c) If you are having a high blood pressure, try to avoid this pose.
(d) Always remember to check with the doctor if you have doubts or even concerns regarding the suitability of this pose for you.

2Eight-Angle Pose or Astavakrasana

Eight-Angle Pose

(a) First stand in the Tadasana or mountain pose, with the feet separated in a bit wider than the usual. While exhaling, try to bend forward slowly to Uttanasana or standing forward bend), press the hands on to the floor outside the feet.
(b) Then with the knees bent slightly, slip the right arm inside and then behind the right leg, and finally pressing the hands on to the floor just outside of the right foot. You can work with right arm across the back of your right knee, until the knee is high on the back of the right shoulder.
(c) Now brace the shoulder against your knee and slide the left foot to your right. Cross your left ankle in front of your right and hook those ankles. Try to lean slightly to your left, taking weight more on the left arm, and begin to lift the feet a few inches off from the floor.
(d) When the right leg is supported onto the shoulder, exhale and bend the elbows. Try to lean the torso forward and lower it towards the parallel to the floor; at the same time, straighten the knees and extend the leg out to the right, parallel to the floor. Try to squeeze the upper right arm between the thighs.
(e) You can use this pressure to help twist the torso to your left. Keep the elbows close to your torso. Try to look at the floor.

Types Of Yoga For Beginners

(f) Try to hold this pose for 30 seconds to a minute. Then while straightening the arms slowly, lift the torso back to upright, bending the knees, unhook the ankles, and return the feet onto the floor. Then stand back, rest in Uttanasana for few breaths. Then repeat this pose for the same length of time to your left.


(a) It can help to strengthen the wrists, arms as well as the shoulders
(b) It can tone your abdomen, thereby improving your digestion
(c) It can help to tone your inner thighs
(d) It can help to improve the sense of balance
(e) It can help to supply the blood on the spine and help to eliminate the toxins.
(f) It can help to build concentration.
(g) It can give relief to the body from stress and anxiety.
(h) It can help on the menstrual disorders and menopausal symptoms.
(i) This challenging pose helps the body as well as the mind to build connection.


Try to avoid this pose if you are having injuries on the shoulders, wrists, or the elbows.

Yoga Postures For Weight Loss


It is recommended that these exercises must be practiced under the supervision of a trained professional.