Some Things In a Relationship Can Be Worse Than Cheating


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Worse Than Cheating

Relationship is one the best feeling in the world. When in a relationship we feel crazy about our partner, and sometime we even feel butterflies in our stomach. But sometimes, we become so much involved that we don’t see any of the small facts which can create many problems in the future.

So, no doubt cheating is the worst things that can happen in a relationship, but that is not the only point, which you might be watching out for. Most of the time some, worst relationship breakers, start small and end up destroying the relationship. Here, are some things you must know, in a relationship that are worse than cheating.

Things That are Much Worse Than Cheating

1The little lies

The little lies

It might not seem much, but is supposed that, he stepped out from dinner, saying that he, has to go out for a walk, and instead he got busy with a call.

He tells you that he is going to be late because of work but instead, he goes to a friend watching the match. Maybe, we all might indulge in some of these harmless little lies, but sometimes, you need to draw this in line between some innocent white lies and also potentially dangerous untruths.

Emotional Bonding With Your Man

2Quiet resentment

Quiet resentment

Maybe, we all might have heard this million of time, that communication is the key to a good relationship and that is completely true because when you hold more things inside and don’t speak out, the more it is going to be made into a larger issue. If you think, that your partner is holding a grudge on you, then it’s best to sit with him and talk it all out loud.

3Staying in a relationship because of convenience

Staying in a relationship

When You invest in a relationship, then it is natural for you to work things out. However, if you find that he is not investing or is not at all putting the same effort like you, then you can talk to him and tell him his part in the relationship and why he must also give some time to their relationship too.

Insecurity In A Relationship

4Too much jealousy

Too much jealousy

Another major point, is that you might like it in the beginning of the relationship, thinking that he is protective and caring, but also know that excessive jealousy can turn your relationship into a horrible condition. Everybody needs a space and if your partner is not trusting you, then maybe you must try consulting some other people for advice.

5Being fake

Being fake

Whenever anybody meet a person, they present themselves in a more better, as well as in a more polished version of their own selves, during first few dates, but also remember that eventually everything becomes clear. Still if you think that some part in his life is still there which he might be hiding something or that he doesn’t trust you enough to be himself. Then you must consider being more open about your thoughts and ask to trust you more.

6Taking your partner for granted

Taking your partner for granted

If you take your partner for granted, then there is chance that you can hurt them and this can make them feel unwanted in a relationship. Often times, we ignore things, that they do for us, and also forget to thank them for everything as they have contributed a lot, to make our lives easier.

Dominating Partner In A Relationship

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