Let Your Insecurity Not Dominate Your Relationship

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Relationships, are one of the best part in everybody’s life. It gives us the desire to be with someone, every day and every moment. A desire, to dream more about that special person. But, due to some unrelatable circumstances, some of us get insecure, or feel insecure in relationships, and maybe we are unable to understand the insecurity, we form over time with our partners.

So basically, insecurity is the inner feeling of being threatened. Insecurity, can be with anybody in any relationship like, with parents and their children, or with the girlfriend and her boyfriend, or with husband and his wife, etc. So, maybe we all might have felt this insecurity, at some point in our life. Also, remember that it’s ok, to feel self-doubt once in a while. But chronic insecurity, or feeling too much insecure, can sabotage your success in life, or it can also damage your relationship with your partner. Most of the time, it robs you with your peace and prevents you from being able to engage in any other activities with your partner. The main actions that, come from this insecurity is, jealousy, snooping, reassurance, and accusing. So, here are some tips to let go off the insecurityin relationship.

Ways To Not Be Insecure In A Relationship

1Try to stop thinking all about this

Try to stop thinking all about this

When you are feeling, insecure about someone, you might feel that you are incomplete. You will feel the incompleteness within yourself. In a relationship, every partner is different, but this different strength and qualities is what compliments each other. To feel more secure in your relationship, you have to know what you can offer that other person. You don’t have to be beautiful or rich to offer anything.

A Personal characteristic is more important than the overall quality in a relationship. Try to think about the traits you have like, you can be trustworthy, nice, kind, funny, or even be a good communicator. Also, think about how you can make other person’s life better. These are some things that people see in a relationship. Try to focus on what you can offer him, instead what is lacking in you. This can help in changing your perspective.

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2Build your self-esteem

Build your self-esteem

Some studies have shown that, people who have lower self-esteem, are more insecure in a relationship. When you don’t feel good about yourself, you tend to look outside for validation. However, if you are trying to get approval from your partner to feel good, you are losing the situation in a relationship. When you depend on your partner for your well-being, then you are surrendering your power and any healthy partner don’t want to carry this type of burden. So, feeling good about yourself is a win-win in every relationship. When you genuinely like yourself, then the self-confidence is what attracts your partner to be close to you.

3Be independent

Be independent

In a healthy relationship, there are two healthy people who are comprised in the relationship. If you become, overly enmeshed in your relationship then it can lead to poor boundaries, and can also diffuse your sense of needs. If you maintain your self-identity and also take care of your personal needs, then it is the simple way, in maintaining healthy balance in your relationship. When you are not dependent on your relationship to your needs, then you feel more secure about your life. Try to be an independent person, who have a life outside of their relationship, it will make you more attractive and interesting to your partner.

4Trust in yourself

Trust in yourself

To feel secure in a relationship, you need to trust the other person. But, the most important part is to trust yourself. Trust that no matter, whatever your partner do, he will take care of you. Trust your inner voice, that can tell you when things are not right. Trust yourself, to not hide your feelings or to see that your needs are met, and see that you won’t lose your self-identity. When you completely trust yourself, then feeling secure is pretty much guaranteed.

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