Platinum Fashion Jewellery For Women


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Fashion Jewellery For Women

Do you like wearing jewelry a lot? Well, who does not? Fashionable jewelries gives every women a confidence boost or a sense of feel good emotions and what can be more good than wearing platinum, the ultimate white gold, which can never make you disappointed. Well, jewelleries can never make anybody disappointed. So here, are few platinum fashion jewellery for women, that every women must own.

Fashion Jewellery For Women

1Platinum earrings

Platinum earrings

This diamond embedded, platinum tar drop shaped earring, is one of the most beautiful fashion jewellery for women. You can wear this earring when out with friends or even with casual wear in the office. With this you don’t need anything heavy like a necklace, but you can wear a simple chain with a pendant, which can add to the class with your earrings.

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2Hand engraved platinum rings

Hand engraved platinum rings

This is another masterpiece that you must look out for when you are going to buy a platinum fashion jewellery for women. This hand engraved piece of work, can really make your hand look more stylish as well as antique. Its intricate designs of flowers as well as leaves can give you the most amazing finger ring that anyone can ever dream off.

3Platinum engagement rings

Platinum engagement rings

Well, these are diamond engraved platinum engagement rings, can catch anybody’s attention. With a shiny silver piping on top of the ring makes it the most beautiful engagement ring of all time. How can any body not get impressed with your sense of elegance!

4Platinum necklace

Platinum necklace

If you can afford it, then you must get it. It can go with any traditional attire, especially with saree, and also a great gift to give someone close. When wearing this necklace, you don’t need any secondary fashion jewellery for women to complete the look. As this one is enough to make you look more gorgeous. Show off your beauty in style and elegance.

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5Platinum jewelry set

Platinum jewelry set

This is a simple jewelry set that can look amazing as well as gorgeous on any body. A simple platinum chain and a diamond studded pendant, can go with your traditional and ethnic wear like salwar, saree, or even a simple kurti. Diamonds will add more glaze on your face, as it has more shine.

6Diamond engraved platinum bangle

Diamond engraved platinum bangle

This platinum bangle has diamonds engraved in it, and is the most beautiful jewelry that you will see. Wearing this bangle with its set in a traditional attire like a saree, can justify the bangles look more. It will show your elegance, your beauty, your class and many more things.

7Platinum Half Bangle Spring

Platinum Half Bangle Spring

The design special in this bangle is that half the bangle has spring design that is engraved with a diamond. Be it traditional or ethnic, this bangle can give out the most amazing look that you may want, to attend your friend or cousins wedding.

8Platinum wedding rings

Platinum wedding rings

With engraved rings came, wedding rings that are engraved with basic flower and leaves. The women’s ringconsists of two diamond studs and can leave you or even your friends stunned.

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