Stone Jewelries For 2017


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Stone Jewelries

Accessories are the most beautiful thing, that can help you to enhance your beauty. Accessories are like multi use product which can perform any magic you want with your beauty. With right accessory at the right time, you can definitely beat anybody. You may see different celebrities, be it from Hollywood or Bollywood, use many different types of stone jewelries for their movies or for any particular event. Sometimes, you may get confused on what type of stone jewelry to buy for a different Indian traditional or casual wear. So here, is a guide on what you must do, and how to select a stone jewelry.

Fascinating Stone Jewelries Trend For 2017

1Make a mark

Make a mark

For me it is a real stone jewelries, that is made up with real stone. Complied together, this necklace can give any of your casual wears, like kurti or your plain salwar kameez, a fashion boost. This neck piece is enough to cover up any of your plain appearance.

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2Rock your saree

Rock your saree

Planning to wear a saree? Then what can be a best neck piece than this stone jewelries. A beautifully carved stone in sea green and red. It can be worn with black, red or sea green colored saree. Try to get a matching sea green earrings too. But as the neck piece is heavy, try to get a earring like a stud. There you go! You complete saree attire in a blink.

3Gemstone jewelries

Gemstone jewelries

Gemstones can be costly, but if you are really determined, and it is for a really precious occasion, then you can try to invest. Gemstones can impress anyone easily. Just like the picture, this type of bracelet can create a stir among your friends. You can wear it with anything, like saree, or your favourite kurti, or even western attires like a gown or a dress.

4Be a boho

Be a boho

This Bohemian Vintage Silver Stone Turquoise Jewelry, is one of its kind. Its gorgeous sea green look with faux diamond, that can add more points to your beauty. Wear this stone jewelry with your saree, or with your salwar or even anarkali. Be beautiful all the time.

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5Play with look

Play with look

Another saree jewelry is here. It is just the same like the green one. Then why I included this? Well, it has my favourite color. Yeah, you can wear this piece with red, black, or blue saree. Get a same color stud with it, and look beautiful everyday.

6Down to earth

Down to earth

Look at this gorgeous bracelet. Black can really rock your look and a touch of gold can give you a contrast color to your dress. This amazing bracelet can complete your attire, for any occasion you want.

7Get your red

Get your red

These amazing red stone pendants are what every women needs. Wear it with a simple chain, and a plain salwar kameez to rock the look. The bright red color of this pendant can attract any ones eyes. To give more focus on these pendants, remember to wear a simple kurti or salwar.

8Beach stone

Beach stone

This amazing beach stone pendant is what all of us need. This wonderful stone is designed with white paints, and attached with black thread. Wear it with your skirt or with your kurti, it can always add beauty to your face.

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