9 Different Types Of Metal Bangles


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different types of bangles

Bangles are one of the most popular, modern as well as traditional Indian accessory. Well, it is also an accessory that is famous even in western countries, but are mostly preferred and seen as an auspicious traditional wear in India. There are many types of bangles that can be worn, and every other occasion have different types of bangles to wear with. Metal bangles are silent as well as an easy way to communicate with the world in style. You can even get bangles of various patterns and designs, which are available according to your wrist. So, are you confused about what kind of bangle to wear in which occasion? Here, are 9 different types of metal bangles, you must know about.

Different Types Of Bangles In Indian Jewelry

1Silver bangles

Silver bangles

Silver is one of the most popular metal, through which you can carve different types of jewelries. It can make you look unique from others and beautifully grace on your hands. The jewelry created through this metal is generally very silverish in color. But, now-a-days you can even get these bangles in the oxidised form. Silver metal bangles can look awesome in any type of apparels and can also make you appear fashionable and different in every aspect.

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2Black crystal embellished bangle

Black crystal embellished bangle

Crystals are generally known to be the uncut diamonds. They look amazing, if studded with black metal bangles. This bangle can make your hand appear as a beautiful piece and leave everybody speechless. These types of fashionable accessory can be flaunted on both the western as well as on ethnic outfits and you can grace any occasion, which can make you look quite very unique from others.

3Black Mirror image metal bangle

Black Mirror image metal bangle

These black metal bangles have a mirror image in between them as a new form of design. It enhances the look of the bangle as well as your hands. You can get many amazing designs from this bangles and then choose it, according to your fashion or style. These bangles can be worn in office or in anywhere in daily basis. It do look simple, but has a touch of elegance in them.

4Traditional style bangles with maroon stone and floral ...

Traditional style bangles

These traditional bangles can look elegant as well as enhance your look at any point of time. These bangles are gorgeous studded with maroon as well as white stones, and in between flowers are carved with gold making the bangle look beautiful. As this bangles can be worn only with traditional wears, you can try them at wedding parties.

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5Golden bangles

Golden bangles

Gold bangles are an all time favourite for every women. No one can say no to gold and gold can never go wrong. Every gold bangles look very unique in every woman’s hand, making her feel complete and beautiful. You can also find various types of patterns and designs of gold bangles, and you can choose anything according to your taste.

6Grey bangles

Grey bangles

Grey metal bangles are very simple, but have a touch of elegance in them. These types of bangles are more worn by teenage girls. These bangles are also available in oxidised form too. You can wear these bangles, with jeans as well as casual t-shirts.

7Copper and silver bangles

Copper and silver bangles

When copper and silver is mixed, then the bangles that are made out of it are really awesome. Here, both the metal are twisted in a more definite pattern, which creates a very unique design. They look quite very simple. You can grace them in any occasion you want and mark your style as well as fashion everywhere.

8Black Indian gold bangle

Black Indian gold bangle

When the gold is given an oxidised look, it enhances the appearance of the jewelry leaving you amazed and stunned. These bangles enables you to create your own style and fashion.

9White metal bangle

White metal bangle

A white metal bangle, is the all time favourite for women. You can also emboss precious white stone in between the bangles, which can help in enhancing the beauty. They look very gracious and woman do love graceful accessories.

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