Choker Necklace Designs And Fashion Jewelry For Women


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Fashion Jewelry For Women

Many of us are still there who don’t know about choker necklaces. Basically choker necklaces, are close-fitting necklaces that are worn around the neck. These necklaces can be made by including different types of materials like velvet, plastic, leather, beads, silver, gold, platinum and many more. Choker became popular among girls in the 1970s to the late 1990s. During the olden days these necklaces were worn to depict not only fashion but also a status symbol in the society. So here, are some choker necklace designs and fashion jewelry for women, that you must try.

Designs And Fashion Jewelry For Women

1Cloth lace choker necklace

Cloth lace choker necklace

Are you into some serious fashion goal, then this amazing lace choker neck piece can give you the ultimate vintage fashion. This choker necklace is made up of lace and even you can make it at home. It is also available in different colors. You can wear this amazing neck piece with your low V-neck top or dress it can give you the exact Victorian era look.

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2Vintage retro black velvet choker necklace

Vintage retro black velvet

Want a more retro look? Then what can be the best than this beautiful black retro choker? It may look simple, but don’t judge a book by its cover, because it can give you a sexy look in any attire. Just don this neck piece with any of the amazing black dress you own and you are ready to go.

3White lace choker

White lace choker

Just like the black one said above, this beautiful choker is made of lace but from white lace. You can try your white dress with this choker, or any of your white top or blouse. It can never let you down even if you are wearing a black dress. It can be the combination of black and white. Do not forget to do the makeup with this as it can be really amazing.

4Gold Metallic Choker

Gold Metallic Choker

Metal chokers are not that very common as people mostly wear this choker neck piece only in some special occasions. This marvellous gold metallic choker can be worn with any of the formal wear or even in your marriage or in anybody else marriage. You can wear this choker with your favourite top, or your favourite dress, or even with your favourite saree. Sometimes I feel that metals have no limitations.

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5Titanium quartz velvet choker

Titanium quartz velvet choker

This is a crystal quartz velvet choker necklace, and it is one of its kind. As you can see from the image, the two sides of the necklace is decorated with chains and the middle part is the crystal quartz. The cloth is made of velvet which can give a really rocker look. Try to always wear this piece with jeans and top with jackets and very light makeup.

6Gold coin disc choker necklace

Gold coin disc choker necklace

Another amazing metal choker is this gold coin disc choker necklace. It is a simple yet very authentic piece of jewelry that can never be ignored. It can go with anything and anywhere with anything. You can wear this with jeans, dress, or even your traditional wears in your marriage, or even with a saree and nobody will ever question your style.

7Metal Choker Necklace

Metal Choker Necklace

When talking all about metal, then how can I forget some of this elegant choker neck piece. This is a designer metal choker necklace that can change your entire look with just a bit of a glaze. Same like the gold choker, it can also be worn with any attire you like, especially traditional wears.

8Silver ball chain choker

Silver ball chain choker

This silver ball chain necklace is one of the amazing choker neck piece available in the market. It is simple, better and on the silver lining made of silver. You can wear this with jeans, with your favourite dress, as well as with your tradional anarkalis and kurtis. Remember to give it a try when you are buying a choker.

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