Beauty Tips For Hair Using Ayurvedic Kayyonni Oil


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Beauty Tips For Hair

Kayyoni or Eclipta alba / eclipta prostrata is basically a small herb, that is traditionally used in Kerala as a very important ingredient for the coconut hair oil which is being prepared at home. The herb also have a protective feature or many beauty tips for hair against the dandruff and pre-mature graying of the hair.

The application of the coconut oil, being boiled with kayyonni, on the scalp is beneficial for releasing coolness to the head and the eye-sight. It can also be consumed internally as a astringent, emetic, purgative and tonic. It can be used to treat any types of liver disease, anemia, diphtheria, etc.

The plant mainly grows in the swampy places. It is can also be found in the dry areas where there is enough presence of water at least during the rainy season.

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Kayyonni or Eclipta Alba is a very important Ayurvedic herb in India, it grows up to about 50cm in height. It also belong to the Asteraceae plant family. The small white flowers of the Kayyonni plant is included into the Ten Sacred Flowers list of Dasapushpam – It is about ten flowers that women in Kerala will wear during the festival of thiruvathira of lord Shiva in midnight and have food cooked with eight tubes or roots. The kayyonni leaf extract is considered as one of the best tonic for the liver as well as the hair. This herb is also a main ingredient in all the traditional coconut hair oil of Kerala.

Beauty Tips For Hair

(A) Health Benefits from using Kayyonni

Using KayyonniEclipta Alba has many protective features that can be used against drandruff as well as pre-mature graying of the hair. Kayyoni leaves are extracted and is abest tonic for the liver and hair. Kayyonni is also used for the preparation of the medicines to treat inflammation, headache, cough, anemia, skin diseases, worm infestations, hernia, bronchitis, eye problems, asthma, leucoderma, syphilis, heart diseases, night blindness, and many more.

(B) Ingredients in Kayyonyadi Keram tailam

Kayyonyadi Keram tailam1. Kayyonni or Eclipta alba – juice extract
2. Guduchi or Tinospora cordifolia – decoction
3. Amalaki or Emblia officinalis – juice extract
4. Taila or Coconut oil
5. Payasa or cow milk

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6. Madhuka or Licorice – Glycyrhiza glabra
7. Anjana or Berberis aristata

(C) Medicinal uses of Kayyonni oil

Kayyonni oil1. The leaves are first grounded and then prepared in a karkam, mixed with all the leaf juice of the plant. It is then being added in gingelly oil and boiled to proper the state and the oil is then being extracted. This oil is then applied daily over your head and is also helpful to cure the hair loss, body pain as well as diminision of the vision.
2. The samoolam from this plant is ground and the juice is being given in dose of 20 to 30 ml twice everyday for hepatomegally, indigestion, spleenomegally, jaundice etc.
3. The root powder is given to consume in the dose of 5 gram everyday for diseases related with liver, spleen as well as skin.
4. The leaves are then properly ground and the karkam is being prepared from and rubbed well and tied as bandage over the place of the scorpion bite.
5. The steam which comes from the leaves when boiling in the water is exposed on the pile.
6. The leaves are being grounded with gingelly oil and is applied all over the inflammed limb due to filariasis.
7. For heamaturia, the kayyonni leaf juice is given in the dose of five to15 ml twice everyday day.
8. The two to three drops of this leaf juice is then mixed with an equal quantity of honey and is given internally to the infants for common cold.
9. The choornam of the samoolam from this plant is then given as an adjuvant with the Aya chendooram and is a very effective remedy for aneamia, dropsy and jaundice treatment.
10. For the intestinal worms one ounce of the castor oil is mixed with the 1/2 ounce of karisalai juice to be consumed early in the morning or in alternate days.

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