10 Safe and Clever Ways to Cut Your Baby’s Nails


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Cutting Your Babys Nails

You wait to see your baby and you baby to see the world. Once the baby is born, everything that you are doing must be careful and mindful. The new born to toddler, babies are sensitive. The sensitivity of the baby matters health, skin, body and overall.

When you are asked to handle with the months old baby with extra care, you cannot take chance any way. Let it be cutting their nails. We cut our nails doing the tasks aside too. But it is not the same with the infants. They need your extra care and skills to cut their nails.

If you are worried how to cut your baby’s nails being a new mother, then take the below tips. These tips will help you to do it without the fear of harming or hurting the little one.

Cutting Baby’s Nails

Cutting baby’s nails is not required when there are too small(new born). Newborn baby’s nails are not rough, big or too sharp. But the need to cut the nails is, when your baby is growing.

If you generally see, fingernails don’t take much time to grow. So, you may have to cut more than once a week. When coming to toe nails, it takes time to grow and it is enough to cut twice a month. However, when you notice that nails are grown and need to be cut, you can but with extra care.

How to Cut Baby’s Nails?

1. See if Baby’s Nails are Grown

See-if-babys-nails-are-grownFirstly, to cut the nails, you should see if the nails are grown. The smaller sized nails need not be cut. If you also try to cut the nails before growing, you may also cut the skin. You can check before cutting the nails.

2. Cut After Baby Getting Bath


Generally, nails are dry until you wash or soak in water. Cutting the dry nails is tough than cutting the wet nails. So, do it wisely immediately soon after giving bath. As you are cutting baby’s nails after bath, the nails would still be wet and it will be easy for you to cut.

3. Have Proper Lighting

Have-proper-lightingIt is better to cut baby’s nails with good lighting at home. When you are cutting your baby’s nails, you need to see where you have pointed the clipper. You can do the task of cutting baby’s nails in the morning than in night time. So, that you will have more lighting. This way you can avoid hurting your baby while cutting her nails.

4. File them First

File-them-firstDo not cut your baby’s nails directly with a clipper which is not safe. Take an emery board to file the nails. Use the soft side of the tool to file the nails. This will let you cut the baby’s nails easily without any harm.

Using the soft emery board, you are making the nails softer and smaller which makes easy for you to remove. You also cannot use a metal nail file which can hurt baby.

5. Hold the Nail away from Skin

Hold-the-nail-away-from-skinYou must hold the nail away from the skin. Make a little gap while cutting. Here, the way you cut hold is important. When you are holding the baby’s nail away from the skin, you correctly remove the nail. It is to avoid from cutting or hurting skin.

6. Cut with a Baby Nail Clipper

Cut-with-a-baby-nail-clipperThe specially designed baby nail clippers are gentle than the normal clippers. So, never use the normal clippers or cutters to cut your baby’s nails. Have a baby nail clipper handy when you want to cut the baby’s nails.

See that you choose a good baby nail clipper which is not rough and too sharp. It is enough to be little sharp and not too sharp as the baby’s nails are softer than adults.

7. Cut the Nails when Baby Sleeps

Cut-the-nails-when-baby-sleepsThe little one would know that you are doing the tough task. So, they keep moving their hands and body. Their movements will disturb you and also harm the baby. The sleeping baby, would take some time to wake up. So, utilize the sleeping time to cut the nails. They let you cut the nails successfully when sleeping

8. Distract the Baby and Cut the Nails

Distract-the-baby-and-cut-the-nailsDistracting the baby to cut the nails is the best trick. So, start distracting your little one with actions, expressions, sounds and attractive things. Some or the other way, distract the baby while cutting the nails. The playful mood will keep them away from the fear of getting hurt.

9. Ask Someone to Help

Ask-someone-to-helpIf you need someone to help, you can ask for it. Ask someone to hold the baby while cutting the nails. Handling the baby alone is tough and it is to avoid any harm while handling alone.

10. Don’t Cut in Wrong Time

Dont-cut-in-wrong-timeIt is better if you can leave the baby without cutting the nails at the moment. You can find the right time to cut the nails again. It is just to wait for baby to cooperate for the task of removing the nails. When you find the baby is stable or letting you remove the nails, then you can do it.

Why to Cut Baby’s Nails?

You may get this doubt of why to cut baby’s nails regularly. Baby’s nails are that sharp that they can scratch and hurt themselves with hand movements. We also know that nails take the dirt and dust. Babies taking their nails into mouth is common. So, it is parent’s task to keep the baby’s nails clean. This will not affect them with infections.

When you are doing the task of cutting your baby’s nails, you must implement these simple and clever tricks. Don’t worry! You will not harm your little one as you are doing it right.

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