Bollywood Films To Watch With Girlfriends, In Celebration Of Womanhood


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Bollywood Movies To Watch With Girlfriends

Woman is the origin and the boon of the universe. They have the power to create life and let it blossom. Being a woman, is like a emotion. The feeling of it is so strong, that it can swiftly devastate as well as create. Being a woman is like a blessing that has never been vastly acknowledged, but time and again, Bollywood has come up with movies, those like an ode to the spirit of being a woman, also a salute to womanhood. You might have been planning a weekend just sitting in a room and enjoying and leisurely watching movies with, why don’t you try watching these movies?

Here, are some leisure Bollywood movies to watch with girlfriends, and celebrate womanhood.

Movies that you can watch with your Girlfriends

1Pink (2016)


Pinkhas made a lot of hype this year, with Amitabh Bachchan’s outstanding dialogue, as well as, conveying the message of woman consent. This movie has described properly, what does giving a consent means, and how a man must see it, and not mistake it.

2Angry Indian Goddesses (2015)

Angry Indian Goddesses

Let the secrets come out with liberation and popcorn in hand. This movie is about a group of friends, one of whom is getting married, and to the bachelor party all the secrets of this group come out one by one.

3Mirch Masala (1987)

Mirch Masala

This is one of the best movies, of Smita Patil. This Ketan Mehta classic is about the rise of a protagonist woman, who works in the chilli factory, against the defying and prevailing oppression.

4Parched (2016)


This Bollywood drama, revolves around the life of four woman, Rani, Janki, Bijli, and Lajjo, who lives in a village of Rajasthan. The village still follows the age-old traditions like child marriage, financial difficulties, abusive husbands and many more. The twist in the story comes when these four women find solace in each other, defying the rule of the village. This became famous for all the wrong reasons, even before its release. But, it is one of the most inspiring and liberated, movies to watch.

5Kahaani (2012)


This one is set in Kolkata, during Durga Puja about a pregnant woman, who comes to the city in search of her husband and unfolds the mystery of a terrorist. This movie is very shocking as well as empowering in the end, and just like Durga, it shows the power of woman in many forms.

6Bhumika: The Role (1977)


This movie is like the first ever female centric film in Bollywood. Smita Patil, gave a powerhouse performance, by playing the role of a Marathi actress Hansa Wadkar. As she brilliantly portrays her from her teenage years to her middle age.

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7Arth (1982)


This movie is about two woman, who were in love with one man. One woman who was the wife of the man, goes in search of her true identity, after her husband leaves her, and the second woman, whom we can’t hate despite her being the reason behind the broken marriage. The role of both the women was portrayed effortlessly by Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi.

8No One Killed Jessica (2011)

No One Killed Jessica

This one is based on the real murder case of Jessica Lal, and how her sister fought her way to justice, with the help of a reporter. In the movie, Vidya Balan and Rani Mukherjee, brilliantly portrays the role of the sister and a reporter, respectively, and gave a mind blowing performance.

9Chandni Bar (2001)

Chandni Bar

This National Award Winning movie of Madhur Bhandarkar. We saw a woman, played by Tabu, on her journey, how she became a bar dancer. Started her life afresh with husband and children, and latter saving her children from the dark world, she has lived in.

10Queen (2013)


Save the best for the last, this National Award Winning Film by Vikas Bahl, was about a common 24 years-old woman, named Rani and her struggle on going to her honeymoon destination alone, after her fiance, rejects to marry her. As well as her new found independence and friends.

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