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Pani Puri

If someone tells me that they don’t love Pani Puri, I tend to probably judge them immediately and maybe go to an extent of not talking to them. Ha-Ha! Yes, Pani puri is definitely a serious business for chaat-crazy people like me. However you call it, whether it is Pani Puri, or Gopchups or Phuchkas, it is one of the best feelings in the world to take eat the favourite chaat item. The adrenaline rush you get when you put a puri in your mouth is just out of the world. These are the most popular and the most wanted chaat item in India and you just cannot deny it. The taste of crunchy puris stuffed with potato filling or channa filling and loads of tangy water is mesmerising and makes a huge profit in the food industry.

Of course, there are so many places, in fact nook and corner of every street where a Pani Puri stall is available nowadays. But, there have been some places that have mastered the taste of this snack and have had repeated customer going there only to taste their masterpiece. In fact, it is true that Indians have a never ending love affair with chaat and Pani Puri, in particular. So, if the next time you are in a city and wondering where you could go for street chaat, you can read up on the famous Pani Puri stalls across Indiawhere you can have tasty Pani Puri.

Pani Puri in Famous Stalls Around India

1Elco, Mumbai

Elco, Mumbai

The best thing about Elco is that it is hygienic, healthy and have varieties of Pani Puri options that you can munch on, over the weekends. Located in between the shopping centre at the Hill Road in Bandra, Elco is definitely one place that attracts routine customers. It is one of the best chaat house in that area because of its customer service even when there the place is crowded as hell. There is a waiting time allotted to every customer if the place is over-crowded.

This place will surprise you with the healthy options of Pani puri and will make you go gaga over their taste. Although it is priced higher than other places (Rs.60 for 6 pieces), it is just worth every penny. If you are in and around Bandra area and you are looking for a place to indulge in some good and healthy chaat options, Elco is the best place for you!

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2Padam chaat corner, Delhi

Padam chaat corner, Delhi

Chandni Chowk is one of the most famous places in Delhi where you can indulge in maximum food love and just let loose and gobble all you want. If you really don’t mind walking a bit for tasty food, then Padam Chaat corner in Chandni Chowk is for you.

The owner of this place, panditji, as he is called is friendly and will take your taste buds to a new level of joyride. There are various chaat options in this chaat corner and one special dish you should definitely try is his Pani Puri Kitty party.

There are four puris in one plate and all the four are different flavoured. Don’t let the number of puris baffle you, because the delight you get while having them is worth a million words and rupees. The green chutney, paani, the crunchy puris and the stuffing will take you to a different world. Since they aren’t priced more than Rs.20-30, you can easily have 2 plates and enjoy the chaat time!

3Dilip da’s phuchkas, Kolkata

Dilip da’s phuchkas, Kolkata

Are you a foodie? Do you love to travel, shop and eat? Just catch a flight or board a train and go to Kolkatta! It’s my humblest request! Well, I have been to Kolkata a few times and have gone there mostly to do the above 3 only, out of which eating is one of the main reasons.

Kolkata has Puchkas in every street and corner. You will find all kinds of people, all age groups hogging the puchkas. People come in cars and in suits to have Pani Puris in these areas.

Vivekananda Park of Off southern avenue is one of the best and most different in Kolkata. The spices he adds to the Pani puri is just mind blowing and out of the world. You need to eat to experience this. I am actually out of words on the taste and the savour of this chaat shop. If you are in Kolkata, please visit this guy and satisfaction your inner devil love for pani puris.

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4Beach side, Chennai

Beach side, Chennai

You don’t have to be in the north side of India to taste amazing Pani puris at all. Chennai, the city known for idlys and vadas also has tasty Pani puri stalls that are located mainly in the beach areas. Just imagine – Cool breeze, chirping birds, blue sky and pani puri in your mouth. Doesn’t this sum up the purpose of life? Well, I am a chennaite, so I can definitely vouch and tell you that there are many places in Chennai where you can try this chaat item.

The most famous place other than beach side is Rangoli which is situated in Nungambakkam. This place provides the best pani puri taste in the city. Try to go in really odd hours if possible because you will literally not have any place to stand if you go during the evenings! This place is definitely an experience that you should try!

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5Ramraj’s Pani Puri, Bangalore

Ramraj's Pani Puri, Bangalore

Bangalore is the South’s Bombay and everything here is classy and glitz. So are the pani puris! Well, the best thing about Bangalore is that they offer Vodka Pani Puris and Rum Pani Puris. There are so many varieties and you will just love it if you are a chaat fan. This place called Ramraj chaat corner that is located in Frazzar Town is very prominent in Bangalore.

The owner of the stall is basically from the North and has many interesting stories to tell his customers when they visit his shop. He started with just one stall and now owns more than 50 franchise in the city. If you happen to be in the party city, don’t miss out on the Pani Puri party!

-Pavithra Ravi

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