Most Fashionable Winter Accessories Every Girl Needs This Winter Season


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winter accessories
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Winter is one of the best times of the year, the spirit of festivals, the pleasant chill in the air and the presence of family around. it is definitely one of our favourite Times Of The Year.  another reason why we completely love winters is because we finally get to flaunt all those expensive jackets and coats that otherwise lie around, eating dust in the closet. And a simple way to wear a single winter coat  in multiple ways and look different always is to accessorize it. Winter accessories are super fun and cute and extremely functional. We love how it can transform your outfit into something completely new. so this winter, refer to our fashionable winter accessories guide and look absolutely stunning in every jacket and coat.  here is a list of some of the most fashionable winter accessories every girl needs this winter season.

1. Ear muffs

Ear muffs
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One of the most cute winter accessories to wear are the cute fuzzy ear muffs. They make any outfit instantly cute and yet glamorous. Choose a colour and type of ear muffs you want and pair it up with literally any type of dress you want to wear. Ear muffs provide a good warmth as well as they look ultra modern. The most popular ear muffs these days are those made of Faux fur. Pair it up with a completely contrasting outfit and stand out of the crowd. It you want a more subtle option, choose woolen ear muffs that provide equal amount of warmth and still manage to look really fashionable. Definitely give it a try if you want something smart this winter.

2. Gloves

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One of the most useful winter accessories, gloves are more of a requirement than a fashion accessory. Gloves are the perfect options of essential winter accessories. They are of great utility and a single pair can be paired with every outfit or coat you want to wear. Choose a glove pair that is edgy and yet sturdy. For example these leather gloves that are lined with fur inside. They will be more warm than woolen gloves. Leather makes for an absolute stunning piece of accessory for any outfit and this pair will be the most versatile option to invest in. For those who want a more subtle option to pair over Indian dresses, go for neutral coloured gloves in wool or fleece. They can never go wrong.

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3. Beanie /  Hats

Beanie /  Hats
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Beanie /  Hats
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One of our favorite winter accessories ever are these cute beanies that you can wear and look completely adorable in anything that you pair it up with. Beanies are a great winter accessories for this season. They come in so many varieties and styles. Choose the one with a fuzzy pom pom on top far an added element of cuteness to the cap. If you aren’t really comfortable wearing something so snug, you can wear a Hat instead. They look really classy and sophisticated. It is great to be worn to work and formal events. They can protect your hair better and keep it from getting snow or mist in them. Both these winter head gears look stunning and we just love how versatile they can be.

4. Boots

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Any winter dress would look just absolutely incomplete without boots. It you wear a dress, you need boots. If you’re wearing jeans, you need boots and even if you are wearing skirts with tights you absolutely need boots. They are essential winter accessories every girl must definitely have in her wardrobe. Invest in a good pair of boots. They go a long way and are really comfortable. You can never think of wearing anything else in winters, once you’ve worn boots. To make sure that they go well with a lot of colours, first buy neutral or classic colours like brown or black. Later you can diversify to other colours like marsala or blue when you already have one pair of classic blacks in your wardrobe.

5. Mufflers

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Although mufflers may seem like a fashion trend from the 90s, but it is one of the most trendiest winter accessories to have become popular in recent times. Mufflers are versatile pieces of fuzzy accessories that go well along with any kind of outfit. It can look cool and casual as well as completely  formal and sophisticated.  Mufflers come in different colours and types and are a great piece to easily pair with almost everything. Just wrap it up around your neck and you look 2 times more smart already. The added warmth is just bliss.

6. Fleece lined tights

Fleece lined tights
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Fleece lined tights are soon becoming totally Essential Winter Accessories. They are just perfect to be paired with a pair of shorts, a nice Mini skirt, or a cute Winter sweater dress.  the options are infinite, these fleece lined tights Are a great with the accessory to be paired with multiple outputs. just buy a few basic colours and you are good to go to. These are absolutely perfect to be paired with any dress or other outfit. The fleece lining gives it warmth to keep your legs from freezing.

7. Winter headbands

Winter headbands
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Definitely a must have with the accessory for college girls and young ladies. we love how versatile this winter headband is and the amount of purposes that it serves. you can tie up your hair with these broad winter hair bands, you can wear it over your ears as makeshift ear muffs, they also are a great option when you want to keep your hair open but still want to protect your ears from the cold outside. winter headbands I also great for women with thin hair since, they can make your hair look more voluminous and healthy. choose a winter headband coordinated with your outfit and it will make for a cute winter look.

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8. Sweaters for layering

Sweaters for layering
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If you ask us for pinpointing Accessories For Winter that you definitely need to have, then this can be it. Sweaters. Colourful sweaters in different texture, prints,  style and fabric. These work great to be paired with denims, dresses or Any other outfits. sweaters are also absolutely perfect for Indian winters, since it is not as cold as the European countries, here in India. so you  can layer it up with the coat for an outing, but if later you start feeling slightly warmer you can take off the court and still want the bride and pretty sweater.

9. Socks

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Winter is all about wearing cute socks, and how can we leave these pretty winter accessories out of this fashionable winter accessories list. Socks are totally must have winter accessories for every girls closet. You can have socks in multiple colours, Prints and in fabrics.  you can actually customise the colour of your socks to that of your dress to make the outfit more coordinated and well put together. small style that to make your socks look more trendy, is to choose slightly higher length socks. socks that go up the the knees look really adorable on every type of dress.

10. Sweater dress

Sweater dress
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One Winter Accessories  every girl should have is a sweater dress. this is by far the most chic and casual way to dress up in winters. if you are one person who love getting dressed up, but do not know the art of layering things together this is the perfect way to style a fashionable winter outfit. one of the most essential winter accessories this season, sweater dress is all you need for a perfect with the worthy look. Choose something with a long collared style, it will suit most body types.

11. Cardigan shrug

Cardigan shrug
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One of the most popular must have winter accessories this season Is a long Cardigan shrug. this particular winter accessory is great for women of all shapes and sizes. This will suit a long and slender woman equally as well as a cute short petite figure too. This is a perfect accessory to layer over your dresses and jeans when the weather is not very cold but only slightly chilly.  we suggest that you go for a bright colour for it to work with a lot of outfits.  long Cardigan shrugs in Aztec prints as well as in Bolt solid colours has been trending this season.

12. Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf
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Definitely one of the most interesting winter accessories in the entire list,  an Infinity scarf is a super fun way to accessorize any simple winter look. this can be worn in so many ways that we have now lost count. you can find multiple videos on how to wear it differently, but some of the most common ones are, as a hood,  over the net and even as a makeshift winter top.  this is a great accessory to  layer over your winter coats or cardigans in contrasting colours. Use this simple winter accessories once and this will easily become one of your most essential winter accessories.

Use these extremely fashion forward and yet super functional winter accessories to wear over any jacket or coat that you own and look different every time. This list of essential winter accessories are all you will need this winter season to keep you warm and the style quotient of every look to the maximum.If you think we have we missed out anything? Let us know in the comments section and we shall include it too. We hope you enjoyed reading this. Happy Winters.

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