7 Types and 8 Styles of Bengali Sarees


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Types and Styles of Bengali Sarees

Bengali saree makes a woman look attractive. The colour and the designs of the saree are crucial to getting the Bengali saree look. Not only Bengali women but every Indian woman would fall in love with the saree style and draping.

Bengali women go their style of wearing the saree and they prefer the particular saree type. Every Bengali woman has the collection of some famous types of saree. The Bengali saree is perfectly the representatives of Bengali traditions and cultures.

The Bengali sarees are a must try for every Indian woman. Bengali women during Durga pooja wear the Bengali sarees but not other attires. Along with the Bengali saree, their makeup and jewelry make them look heavenly. Here, you are getting to see some of the types of Bengali sarees and styles of draping it. When you want to drape a Bengali saree, go with these types and styles which are famed.

Types of Bengali Saree

The Bengali saree is world famous and types are multiple. Every type of Bengali saree gives a unique style of draping. Some of the type of saree are also suitable for brides. The Bengali bridal jewelry and these saree types can be paired well. The Bengali saree is only made in particular fabrics. The fabrics make the saree look like Bengali style and the texture of the saree also says it is a Bengali saree. The most used fabrics in Bengali sarees are Murshidabad silk, tussar silk, Matka silk, cotton, mul cotton, cotton silk, mulberry silk and muslin.

1. Korial Saree


One of the most famed Bengali9 saree is Korial. This saree is worn during Durga Pooja by Bengali women, especially the married women. They look like the walking beauties with the Bengali makeup and jewelry. The saree is simple and lightweight in red and white colour combination.

2. Murshidabad


Murshidabad silk Bengali saree is of lightweight with pretty designs. These are much found in South India side. These sarees are good to wear for grand functions. This Bengali saree type make the woman look elegant with attractive borders. You can pair up the saree with simple and traditional jewelry.

3. Dhakai Jamdani


The saree is made with a mixture of cotton and silk fabrics. It is the most famous Bengali saree in the category of cotton fabric. This saree is mostly transparent and woven type of Bengali saree. Dhakai jamdani sarees are the perfect option for special occasions. You can adorn yourself wearing this type of Bengali saree.

4. Tussar


Tussar silk fabric is available in several places but the most huge one is Bengal. The saree comes in the light cream and red colour. The lovely prints of the saree make the saree a traditional and ethnic one. It is suitable for all body types.

5. Baluchari


These sarees are made of purest silk or tussar. The saree looks royal with beautiful designs. Baluchari is a type of Bengal saree that can be worn for all the special occasions with traditional Indian jewelry.

6. Batik


The print on Batik sarees is an art made by hands with the help of simple tools. The saree is made with wax resisting dye. The saree comes in bright and vibrant colours which make the women look great. The saree is made of cotton silk and it is a lightweight simple saree.

7. Garad Saree


The way to identify a Garad saree is by looking at the border which will be in plain red colour. The saree comes with beautiful motifs on the pallu. The body is mostly in white colour. The saree looks charming with the bright red and white which is a typical style of Bengali saree.

Styles of Bengali Sarees

There are some of the best styles of Bengali saree which display the designs and prints. You can set the pleats and pallu in a different style which bring an attractive look to the saree. You can match with the occasion by draping in your favourite style. You can see the bridal draping style, causal draping style. The draping style which is suitable for festivals.

1. Mekhla Chadar Saree style


Mekhla chadar is worn by Assam women casually or for special occasions. When a Bengali saree is draped in Mekhla chadar, the prints and designs can be well displayed. For mekhala chadar, the one end of the saree must be tucked on the waist and the rest saree goes into pleats and the pallu.

2. Gujarati Draping Style


The saree style that Gujarati women casually wear and which looks like lehenga and choli. Just the pallu is draped like a dupatta and it comes in front. The pallu with beautiful motifs and prints of a Bengali saree can be displayed in this draping style.

3. Maharastra Draping Style


Maharastra draping style is an old and traditional draping style of sarees. The Maharastrian women look complete Indian draping the saree in their style. The silk and cotton Bengali sarees look lovely in Maharashtrian draping style.

4. Coorgi Drpaing Style


Coorgi draping style unique style of wearing a Bengali saree. It is also a comfortable way of wearing an ethnic saree. The end of the saree is secured on the shoulder and the pleats are kept at the back.The whole saree looks totally different from casual draping which can also be in modern ways. Any type of Bengali saree can be draped in coorgi style.

5. Telugu Draping Style


The Telugu draping style is simple with the pallu fall at the back. The pleats come in the front. This is an elegant style of draping a saree. Bengali sarees look classy in Telugu draping style. Wearing simple and pretty accessories along with this style of Bengali saree is a beautiful idea. You can wear for grand occasions and in festive times.

6. Namboothiri Draping Style


When you want to try a new saree style with your Bengali saree, it would be a great idea. Namboothiri draping style wraps the body and the border of the saree comes in front. This lovely style is one of the traditional draping of saree.

7. Double Pallu in Front


The pallu of the saree comes in front on both sides. If you Bengali saree pallu is filled with beautiful designs, you can set the pallu in front and let the designs be clearly seen. This is also a comfortable style of wearing a saree. You look unique and traditional in this saree style.

8. Dhoti Style


Bengali saree is unique and the dhoti draping style is unique as well. The dhoti style of saree is trending. Women are making a fashion statement wearing the sarees in dhoti style.

The simple accessories and the big round bindi with the Bengali saree is the perfect Bengali style. Women look royal and classy with the Bengali saree and the style. The smokey eyes and the makeup must match the saree which is beauty enhancing. The Bengali saree and the draping styles are suitable for casual, traditional and festive times. Try all the types and styles of Bengali sarees to go unique with Indian traditions and culture.

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