Tips And Tricks To Get A Flawless Makeup Base


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get a flawless makeup base

One the favourite makeup quotes is a natural makeup is, a whole lot of nothing. To appear flawless is a lot of work. In begins with general wellness, good skin care regiment, following diligently and finally with the clever application of makeup.This article is, for those fuzz, that want to use makeup to achieve a beautifully finish face, two tone skin tone, and effortlessly flawless.

1The skin story

The skin story

The L’Oreal Paris true match collection, is a hybrid and versatile range of product because it is designed to precisely match your skin tone and your undertone. This range consists of concealers, foundations, and powders that are available in varieties of customized shades, that will give you a finish as flawless and true to you.

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2Conceal & correct

Conceal and correct

To begin to clean your face, and always prepare your skin with moisturizer prima. You can also try three colours that are available in the true match collection. Here, you can read about how to mixed and matched, to correct the imperfections and even the skin tone across the face.

Start with L’Oreal Paris true match concealer in the shade light/medium. Apply the concealer under the eye and corner up and down on the lips. Then rub it properly on the applied part, with a brush. After this, use L’Oreal Paris true match concealer in the shade medium/deep on top of your eyelids. To make a fantastic highlighter, use the L’Oreal Paris true match concealer in the shade of fair/light. Use this to brighten the T-zone area, and under eye area. After applying the concealer, rub it properly, with a brush, to show off the highlight.



Always remember that the front center of your face, that is, the center of the forehead, bridge of the nose, the center of the chin, cupid’s bow, and the high of the cheek bone, or essentially the T-zone catches the most light.

To brighten that area of T-zone, you can use L’Oreal Paris true match liquid foundation in the shade of golden amber. Now if you can take your foundation up a notch, you can use a shade a slightly deeper, along with the parts of your face, that begin to recede, try L’Oreal Paris true match liquid foundation in the shade of golden cappuccino.

To accentuate the highlight and contours further and if the necessary blend in the highlighters, of L’Oreal Paris glam bronze duo powder. These are the high points to the high point of the face. That is, on the bridge of your nose, upper lip, chin, and the high of the cheek bone. Add shaders to the deeper shades to the shadow or contours of the face.

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This creates a three dimension look, to your face without the key one colour across the face finish.



Powders that come in a compact, tend to have a slightly heavier finish. Do, if you are looking for just,setting your foundation, use loose powders. But, if you are trying to achieve a heavier look, then layering a compact powder over a foundation is the way to go. The L’Oreal Paris true match collection has both compact and loose powders.

If you have a very oily skin, then these powders can be used as a foundation too. Powders have oil absorbent qualities, which helps the skin stay matte and fresh for a longer period of time. So, to use enough foundation use a sponge or a flat foundation brush. To use powders as powders use bigger and fluffier brushes. Do not wet the powder as it can cause contamination of the product. To groom a fresh face, fill in the eyebrows and finish off with a mascara as well as a lip balm or a nude lipstick or gloss of your choice.

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