Best Beginner’s Guide To Know Everything About Makeup


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Best Beginner’s Guide To Know Everything About Makeup

Getting your makeup base right, is one of the most important steps of a makeup routine, and here are some of the simple best beginner’s guide to know everything about makeup, which might help you to perfect your base in a flash.

Beginner’s Guide To Makeup

1The base squad

The base squad

I know a lot of us can skip this step, but it’s really essential to prep your skin with a primer, moisturizer, and a sunscreen. But, if you don’t want to load your face with a lot of products, then a BB cream is what you must use. It mostly helps to even out your skin tone and hydrates it over a period of time. You can try, Maybelline BB cream in the shades 03 natural, it can help to keep your face fresh and matte all day and it won’t even clog your pores. Hence an easy beauty tips for a flawless makeup.

Tips And Tricks To Get A Flawless Makeup Base

2The secret keeper

The secret keeper

For those of you who have dark circles, or pigmentation and blemishes, then concealer is your hero product. Cream based concealer’s give more coverage, whereas liquids are lightweight and easy to blend. Try to prefer concealer, which have a sharp precision brush, like the dream loomy touch concealer. Otherwise, you can prefer the ‘fit me’ concealer, that comes with a wand, it helps to spot conceal better.

When you are concealing, it is very important to place the product precisely in the right areas, and the wand really helps you to do that. Start with your under eye by just making a triangle. This helps to highlight your deep set of eyes. Now, by just using your fingers gently dab it on. If you don’t want a lot of coverage, then you can also use concealer, after applying the foundation.

Now always keep in mind to put a concealer shade that is closest to your skin tone. So, you can correct your spots and blemishes. You can go in for a lighter shades as well as it helps to brighten the under eye area but, if they are too intense, then it isn’t the best idea. Apart from being a magical blemish banisher concealer can be used in a lot more cool ways, and always remember to try to make the most of it. Like, you can use it to define your brows by simply outlining the shape and blending it well, perfect brows in a jiffy. You can even try to hide any discoloration of your lips and make your lipstick pop.

3The key player

The key player

This next step is the most essential part of makeup routine, which is applying foundation. They come in various textures, like mousse, liquid, or powder to name a few. But, it is not that complicated. If you fall into the dry skin category, you can try mixing a little bit of moisturizer with a foundation, which can hydrate your skin.

If you have oily to combination skin, then going for a liquid foundation is one of the best bets. Also, liquid foundations can provide more coverage, whereas mousse gives you a sheer coverage. A watching tricks are pretty old school, but it always works. Just watch a few shades from your cheeks to your jaw line, and the one that looks closest to your skin tone is the one that will work the best for you.

When you apply your foundation, try to go easy when you apply it, by taking a small amount first and then slowly building up on it if needed. This new range of Maybelline is of great quality and caters to all skin types. So first take a pea size amount, and let your body heat, warm it up a bit and then go ahead and apply it with your fingers or a brush. Dab the foundation on the center of your face in small dots. Then, slowly stoke your brush on the downward motion gently to blend the product well. After this you can just set your base with a compact powder and finish off your look.

4Seal the deal

Seal the deal

Use the fit me compact, on powdering your T-zone really well, because most of the time it goes really oily during the day, and the rest of the face, just dust some powder very lightly. Getting your makeup base right can really make a difference to any makeup look. It can be natural, bold or even bright.

Now, as you know the trick, looking flawless can never be a hassle. I hope you found this tip helpful.

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