Benefits of Oolong Tea for Weight Loss- Say Yes To This Drink


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Your diet is not everything to make you loose those extra calories. But definitely diet takes higher priority more or less combined with physical activities and lifestyle. You are generally asked to avoid fat content foods to lose weight. Think of replacing your beverages with a healthy tea. Now, you can stop your search for that helpful tea for weight loss as you have oolonn tea.

If you are new to oolong tea, then it is sensible to raise some questions. You must know how it helps in weight loss. The reasons make you believe than just words. So, we have gathered the required information for you to gain trust in this new healthy drink for weight loss.

You can check the benefits of consuming oolong tea for weight loss. There are also oolong tea recipes which are great for weight loss. Go ahead to know all the relevant information about oolong tea.

What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea is Chinese traditional tea which is prepared from the same plant of green tea and black tea. The only difference between green tea, black tea and oolong tea is the process. Green tea is not oxidized at all and black tea is fully oxidized. Whereas oolong tea is semi oxidized. It is in between green tea and black tea.

Know more about oolong tea

The partial oxidation differs with taste and colour. With the oxidation process, oolong tea gains the healthy factors like vitamins and minerals.

If you are feeling relaxed with a cup of oolong tea, then it is with the content of theanine. It is an amino acid which is powerful at releasing the stress.

Oolong Tea Benefits for Weight Loss


Different types of teas are potent of different benefits for health. Oolong tea is a bunch of benefits for health and well being. It encourages your weight loss goals. To know how the process of weight loss with oolong tea is different, you must check the benefits mentioned below.

  • Oolong tea contains a few polyphenols that can decrease the absorption fat through your diet. This way you can manage weight with oolong tea.
  • You can consume oolong tea as an energy beverage. When you are short of energy, you can have a cup of it to gain the needed energy.
  • A cup of tea contains 50-75 milligrams of caffeine that can boost energy in your body. Instead of consuming heavy fat content juices and milk shakes, you can have this tea as an energy dose for everyday.
  • Oolong tea has the fewer calories which keep your calorie intake controlled. You can drink oolong tea without worrying about over calorie consumption.
  • This tea can increase the ph levels of your digestive tract. When your digestive system is healthy, there is less risk of weight gain. If you have digestive problems, the Chinese tea is the best solution that you can have.
  • Detoxing your body is the key for weight loss. The impurities in your body can affect in weight gain. So, cleansing your stomach with oolong tea is effective in reducing weight as well.
  • Oolong tea helps reducing unnecessary cholesterol in your body. It is more effective than green tea or black tea says the studies.

You may also need to prefer this tea as it can put you from depression and anxiety. When you are mentally disturbed, you eat more food which results in weight gain and obesity. Many studies showed the effects of oolong tea on obesity. The specific components in oolong tea make it an anti obesity drink.

Other benefits of oolong tea

Saves your heart from risks

As oolong tea avoids the formation of bad cholesterol, there will be less chances of heart attack. The tea also helps in reducing triglyceride levels which are the cells in fat is stored. Later the hormones release the cells to provide energy to your body in between the meals.

Boosts immunity

The antioxidants in the tea fight against infections and cell damage. Taking oolong tea regularly can build up your immunity.

Improve brain functionality

Oolong tea contains enough content of caffeine which can alert and activate your brain nerves. It repairs your brain tiredness and fatigue.

Strengthens bone

Oolong tea contains of calcium and magnesium which can contribute greatly to bone health. You need to have oolong tea everyday to regain the strength that your bone lost.

Fight cancer

Cancer cases are growing and one of the effective way that can prevent it is having oolong tea based on daily basis. As it contains several antioxidants it helps from staying away from cancer. The powerful antioxidants prevent the DNA damage and also controls abnormal cells growth.

Prevents from tooth decay

The tooth decay is common but you cant ignore the pain or cause. You can take the help of oolong tea as it keeps your tooth free from bacteria attack.

Healthy skin

You can keep the skin infections at the bay taking oolong tea. It can treat the skin conditions like eczema, atopic dermatitis. You can also stay away from skin itchiness, flakiness and redness. It also helps in delaying the ageing signs. It can give your skin the natural and lasting glow.

Best time to have oolong tea

You can have oolong tea in the morning along with your breakfast. This refreshes your mind early in the morning. You can leave the drowsy and dullness. People who have morning sickness must trying consuming oolong to stay awake from sleep.

The best time have oolong tea is after meals. If you have digestive problems like acid reflux, gastritis, then you must consume it after your lunch. It promotes digestion and clears all the digestive problems.

The other best time to consume oolong tea is in the evening. If you are exhausted managing tasks and want have the relaxing time, then you can have a cup of oolong tea in the evening. It allows your muscles to release from tension. It also refreshes your mood.

How to make oolong tea for weight loss?

You make oolong tea an effective detox tea with the simple recipes. If you want to focus on your weight loss with the help of oolong tea, then follow the below methods.

1. Oolong tea leaves or bags

Prepare oolong with this method is easy and beneficial for weight loss. Plain oolong tea is enough as to make your day healthy and all fie for you. It contain calories and vitamins which are needed for your body to stay energized.

How to do?
1. Boil one cup of water and off the flame once water is boiled.
2. Add 1 teaspoon oolong tea leaves and cover it with lid.
3. Let the leaves steep for 5 minutes and strain the tea out of it.
4. Drink the prepared tea immediately.

2. Oolong tea and lemon juice

Warm lemon water can remove the toxins from body. It can also increase the metabolism rate. So, addition of lemon juice into oolong tea is more effective than just lemon water. Lemon has the capacity of makes you feel fuller by which you tend to consume less calories than normal.

How to do?
1. Add 1 teaspoon of oolong leaves in boiled water.
2. Let it steep for 5-8 minutes and then strain the tea.
3. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in the tea and stir it well.
4. Consume the oolong lemon tea soon after this process.

3. Oolong tea and green tea

Oolong tea and green tea is a beneficial mixture for weight loss. With this recipe you are increasing the ability of green tea mixing it with oolong tea to lose weight.

How to do?
1. Boil a cup of water and off the flame.
2. Add 1 teaspoon of oolong tea and 1 teaspoon of green tea.
3. Let the leaves steep for 3-4 minutes and strain it.
4. Have a warm of cup the prepared tea.

4. Oolong tea and cinnamon

Adding cinnamon if great to make tasty cup of oolong tea. Cinnamon has the low sweetness which can decrease the bitter taste of tea. The spice consists loads of fiber which makes you feel full. You can also get that refreshing aroma by adding cinnamon into oolong tea.

How to do?
1. Soak 1 medium size piece of cinnamon stick and soak it in water overnight.
2. Next day, boil the water along with cinnamon stick.
3. Let it boil till water level becomes half.
4. Put off the flame and add 1 teaspoon of oolong leaves.
5. Let the leaves steeps for 3-4 minutes and then strain the tea.
6. Drink the prepared oolong tea when its warm.


Can we drink oolong tea on empty stomach?

It is always recommended to have oolong tea 30 minutes post breakfast. You will have the effectiveness if you can have oolong tea along or after breakfast. Drinking this tea on empty stomach can cause the possible side effects.

How long does oolong tea lasts?

Oolong tea can lasts from 1-3 years if you are storing it properly. For the tea lasts longer with given shelf life, you need to keep it covered most of the times. If you are keeping it open, there are chances of humid air, odors and moisture going into the tea container. Then tea loses its shelf life much before than the given time.

How many cups of oolong tea to drink for weight loss?

It is recommended to have 2-3 cups of oolong tea to lose weight. Make sure that the tea is free of sweeteners like sugar and processed honey. You can add a bit of organic honey for taste. Also add high impact exercises and strict diet for quick and healthy weight loss.

Saying yes for oolong tea is a big yes for health and fitness benefits. So, start having the tea for that positive change in your body, mind and lifestyle. Just try replacing the junk and unhealthy drinks with this tea to be on right path of weight loss.

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