8 Best Designer Jewelry Brands in India – You Can Rely On


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Designer Jewelry Brands

Until you filter the best, you don’t find the best. If you are going for clothing shopping, you must know the leading garment stores. If you want to get a diamond necklace, then you must know the best jewelry brands.

The designer jewelry brands in India have raised the standards of jewelry in fashion and beauty world. Now designs and trends take the better value along with purity and price. Some of the jewelry brands are running successfully fulfilling the jewelry tastes and preferences.

Sometimes, you face the tough situation when you cannot balance the fashion and availability. You may have a desire of only owning a particular style but it must also be available. Compromising with the available stuff gives you dissatisfaction. So, just not face any such problem with availability, prices, trends and styles, you must prefer the best designer jewelry brands. Here are some of the jewelry brands in India.

Assured Designer Jewelry Brands In India

1. Kalyan Jewelers


Kalyan jewelers is the most trusted jewelry design brand- be it for purity or designs. The value for every tradition and culture of India is depicted in the jewelry designs.

If you are looking for bridal jewelry trends being in any state, you can head to Kalyan jewelers. The muhurat theme of the jewelers brought the pure diamond, gold and handcrafted jewelry.

As they have 133 showroom all over India, there is easy access to brand. The brand covers from daily wear affordable jewelry to the most expensive jewelry.

2. Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Anyone who wants to own diamond or platinum jewelry must visit Malabar gold and diamonds store, The jewelry designs of the brand lock your eyes. There are 210 showrooms covering 9 countries.

Malabar gold and diamonds have the wide range of collection for South Indian brides. But it is open for people from any corner of the world. You will find varieties of designs for daily wear which are affordable, decent office wear jewelry, brimmed traditional bridal jewelry.

3. Tanishq

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Tanish makes the crucial ten promises to it’s customers which will never break.

Two of the promises are about purity and designs which every shopper looks for. You will find Tanishq store nearby as there are 289 stores across the country. Tanish is a Tata product which is why customers can rely for jewelry in Tanishq.

Tanish says they have 5598 products. The brand comes with innovations and various themes that are deeply connected with Indian traditions. Tanishq came out with the Padmavat movie jewelry inspirations. The collection of Padmavat movie inspired jewelry is named as Padmavati jewelry collection. The other collection of Tanishq is Shubham. The faultless crafted designs are intricate and made out of 24 karat pure gold.

4. PC Jewelers


PC jewelers is a leading jeweler brand for alluring and fashionable jewelry. There are 84 showrooms covering 67 cities. The jewelry is handmade for both bridal wear or daily wear. The company only offers the hallmarked jewelry.

The brand goes with the customers wants like based on the trends, styles and traditions. The company launched a wedding collection in March 2018 which is unique and it is named as Lal Quila. The brand also has a greater exposure offline as well. You have jewelry of gold, polki, kundan, diamond, stones. A single visit gives you the clear idea of quality and designs of P Chandh Jewelers.

5. Joyalukkas


Joyalukkas is the jewelry brand that got recognition for values, designs, purity, service and innovations. The company is expanded with 8000 staff across 11 countries. The company owned around 10 million customers which is a clear display of reputation for their jewelry.

The wide collection of world class jewelry makes Joyalukkas a successful company.

6. Senco Gold and Diamonds


Senco collections are beautiful and the brand is standing for quality along with the reasonable prices. If you are looking for offline jewelry shopping, then Senco gold and diamonds can be one of the best options. The jewelry is handmade with unique designs.

The collections are various which covers from daily wear jewelry to bridal wear. You will also get the kids collection and many such collections to look for. The customer service Senco is impressive and its the customers view. To experience it in real, you can give it a visit.

7. TBZ


TBZ is the place where you find intricate jewelry with perfect craftsmanship. The jewelry is full of innovations and contemporary styles. TBZ is running with customers tastes and trends. The gold jewelry of the company is hallmarked and of 22 karats. The jewelry is made with various concepts like lightweight but precious. The designs of jewelry are carved and crafted keeping grace, elegance and femininity in the mind.

If you are looking for diamond jewelry which is affordable, then you can reach out to the nearby TBZ store. You can own gold and diamond jewelry for every occasion.

8. CaratLane


CaratLane is open with great and wide range of designs. You can pick your favourite piece from the available designs. The extremely beautiful designs are going to attract you in very first sight.

The customer service of Caratalane is quite impressive as it is useful. You also have an option of trying the jewelry at your door step with the concept “Try@home”. You can directly visit the store offline and there are 66 stores across the country. You can check out the various designs online where you have a wonderful display of all kinds of jewelry that is available with them.

Jewelry is an integral part of Indian women. So, you must pick the precious jewelry form assured and trust worthy brands. Every brand in the list is meant for best quality for what they have. Some of the jewelry brands form the list are also providing online bridal jewelry shopping.

Hope you got enough information and details about every designer jewelry brand.

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