7 Best Websites to Shop for Bridal Jewelry


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Shopping online has now become a trend everywhere. Most of the women buy almost all necessary things like clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc., from online. But, some are scared as they think that buying online is not worth as it might be fake. Now it’s a wedding season. You have got engaged and you are planning to do lots of jewelry shopping. But wait! You don’t have time to go to a store a buy your bridal jewelry. What will you do? The best option is is shop online. Are you not sure about shopping your bridal jewelry online? In order to make the best purchase, you need to have a fair idea about all latest designs and also which is the best quality. There are a lot of good websites in India, which have an amazing collection of jewelry. So, in order to save your time and money, here is the list of websites to shop for bridal jewelry.

Online Shopping Websites



Tanishq is a leading jewelry brand in India. It has established the idea of branded jewelry and ornaments. Tanishq’s headquarters is at Bengaluru. Apart from stores it also has the online website which has a huge and the variety of jewelry collections. Tanishq is a venture of the Titan Company, which sells watches. The website has features like booking an appointment, store locators, gifting jewelry, etc.



Caratlane was launched in October 2008. The website offers a unique online shopping experience of jewelry. The best part of this website is when you choose any jewelry, you have an option of trying it at home before purchasing it. The consultant will come to your home and give you the jewelry for the trail. If you like it, then you can buy it.

Carat Lane has a network of 4000 global vendors. The website is popular for it’s largest diamond jewelry collection in India. Apart from diamonds, you can also look at the beautiful gold, gemstone, and platinum jewelry collection here. The website has features like free shipping, multiple payment options, money back policy, and lifetime exchange.



Bluestone is the first online jewelry website store launched in 2011 in India. The website has a huge collection of elegant jewelry designs for its customers. The website offers the 30-day money back policy, easy exchange, and returns. All the pieces of jewelry are certified and lifetime exchange. You have also the option of trying the jewelry at home before placing an order. It will take 2-10 days for delivery, depending on the city.



Gitanjali jewelry is one of the pioneers of jewelry retail in India. You will get to buy all designs of gold and diamond jewelry. The website also has the option of Cash on Delivery for orders of less than Rs 10,000. One can particular shop coins and artifacts designed. They have been produced by eGitanjali Ltd., a Gitanjali Group company.



A partner of PC jewelry, Wearyourshine has set a landmark in the world of online jewelry shopping. The company has partnered with popular brands like PC Jeweler, Blue Nile, Kama Jewellery, Asmi, Gili, etc., to endeavor attractive designs. This website by one of the best destinations for buying gold, diamond, gemstone and wedding jewelry.



If you found artificial jewelry, then this website is one of the best options. You will get designs of artificial jewelry with intricate designs, amazing finish, and creativity. You also have the option to sell your jewelry on the website. Apart from the jewelry, the website also has clothes, accessories, gifts and home decor to shop for. It is just like any other e-commerce website.

7Other E-Commerce Websites

Other E-Commerce Websites

Apart from all this, there are different e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Craftsvilla etc. These are the website where you have access to all the necessities of your life including shopping of jewelry. If you are more into artificial of fashion jewelry, then you can buy from these websites.

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