Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

Decorating Outdoor Weddings

Indians love wedding. No matter wherever we go we find amazement into our wedding. We love decorating and having sangeet and mehndi ceremonies (hergamut 26092016 – 3) before the wedding. We love to dance in weddings and tease the bride or the groom, etc. No matter, be it indoors or outdoors we know how to celebrate our wedding.

But while preparing for an outdoor wedding we forget many things which we miss that completes our weddings. We all want a beautiful fairytale wedding that is made in dreams. We don’t want anything in our wedding to be ordinary, but to make an incredible wedding we need incredible inspirations. Here are a few decorating outdoor weddings ideas to make a grand success which people can remember forever.

Tips On Decorating Outdoor Weddings

1Focus on Lights

Focus on Lights

Remember that lights play an important role in all wedding décor. So it can be the central idea from where to begin for decoration. If you are having wedding at night, you can try hanging jhumars or Chandeliers in the middle of the sitting area or can also try decorating with flower or Diya decorations. You can try placing them around the venues at many strategic spots. For dinners, try going for something luxurious like candles with crystal candelabras.

You can also try lighting up your wedding with countless strings of colourful fairy lights wrapped around the trees or pillars, it can give you a dreamy ambiance. Beautiful metal lanterns can give you special charisma on your wedding venue. You can also try creating network of fairy lights above the head and spheres that can serve as a beautiful focus. Wooden screen can be decorated with diyas and garlands for a stunning entrance. Lighting up the wedding with paper lanterns can also be done. With this your wedding pictures can be breathtaking with the varying square pedestals of heights and candles all around your seat.

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2Little Details

Little Details

You can try from small table centrepiece to small decorative props on your wedding. Even in day wedding you can try candles as props. For an interesting backdrop try adding lanterns and flower petals flowing out. You can also try hanging some electric mix of lanterns behind the serving table.

You can try mixing centrepieces with flowers and tree branches. Also some black crystals and tiny bird cages. Can also include brass trays that were decorated with brass lanterns, flowers, a tiny camel and glass tea-light holder as an interesting centrepiece. If don’t like flowers as a centrepiece then try plants with crystals that can look gorgeous as well. A centrepiece with flowers and umbrella can go beyond beautiful and can apt for a unique wedding.

3Indian roots

Indian roots

In Indian weddings, a traditionally inspired décor is a must. Small elements can make a huge difference like antique chairs that were decorated with bright and ethnic cushions and drapes for making great wedding decor. Bells and Ghungroo can make flower garlands a unique and covetable touch. A jhoola (swing) can be especially made for the bride and groom for seating.

Mixing traditional fabrics and cushions can inject bright colours to the Indian flavours in any decor. A garland piece that are arranged in concentric circles can give beautiful desi vibes.

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Flowers are most essential part in any wedding decor. You can try unique ideas to add flowers in your weddings, like birdcages that are filled with flowers can might be used as a centrepiece to hang around venues or you can also rethink the lanters by filling them with flowers and leaves. Especially when its a day wedding and you want lanterns decorations.

You can also add flower curtains in your wedding. But you can use a twist by giving a transparent thread and also by placing the flowers apart and clever “flower ombre” like white, light pink to more saturated pink. You can also add flower curtains with all white flowers on the entrance. You can also try flower carpet that is a dream come true. If being delicate is not your style, then you can try hanging flowers throughout the ceiling.

FlowersIf you want more grand statement, then you can go for a crystal chandelier and flower chandelier circling it. You can also try hanging garlands of pendant lights, if you find flowers not enough for you.



Another dreamy part is the use of curtains. A background of Satin drapes can make movies like romantic backdrop. These drapes can be of any colours that can add more energy to the environment and celebrations.

If you believe in ‘less is more’ then this is perfect for your wedding. A simple drape of satin curtain across your wedding centre stage can look elegant and classy. You can also choose pearly white drapes to match your theme. Whatever can be your colour choice but satin drapes can add a perfect touch of panache on your wedding.

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