13 Important Travel Beauty Tips That You Must Never Skip


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Travel Beauty Tips

Travelling can be passion for some women and for some, it can be part of the profession. However, travelling make you go exhausted by the time you reach the destination. There is something that you should take care for travelling. That is skin and beauty care.

If you notice, along with your body, your skin also gets tired taking dust, dirt during your travel time. You may sit in an A/c provided vehicle but you still cannot escape from makeup ruin, dust and sweating. Some of the beauty tips can keep your skin and beauty on safe side even during travelling.

The beauty tips for travelling can keep you look better. Your skin will be less effected if you are following some of the beauty tips. Here are some must follow beauty tips before and during every time you travel.

The travel beauty tips vary from the transport and climatic conditions. But some of the tips are applicable for all the ways of travelling.

Travel Beauty Tips For Women To Keep Skin Safe

1. Moisturize

MoisturizeThis is a basic beauty tip for travelling. We better call it a skincare tip than beauty tip. While travelling your skin becomes dehydrated and dry. So, you need to prepare your skin to stay hydrated by moisturizing it the day before.

The advance skin moisture helps in preventing the dryness and dehydration of skin. This is a beauty tip for travelling in winter to have maintain healthy skin.

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2. Sunscreen to Save your Skin

Sunscreen-to-save-your-skinYou may have to travel during summers and that is tough coming to skin care. People who are travelling during summers need to protect their skin from sun burn and damage. If you are going to sun exposing places like beaches, then you cannot forget sunscreen lotion at any cost. This is a summer travel beauty tip for everyone.

Go for a good sunscreen lotion to shield your skin from dangerous sun rays. Your skin needs sunscreen even when you are indoors during summer days.

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3. Carry Cleansing Wipes


You know that travelling makes you skin dusty and sweaty more or less. When your skin dusted you would clean rinse and clean. But you while travelling rinsing with face wash and water is not possible. So, you need to cleanse your skin to feel fresh. The settling of dirt on your skin effects with pores clogging and bacteria.

Do not forget to carry the cleansing wipes which are convenient way of cleaning your dirty skin. Choose quality pack of cleansing wipes for travelling. In summers, you can use wet wipes with soothing flavours like cucumber or mint.

4. Skip Foundation

Skip-foundationYou may love applying foundation but not at least while travelling. The heavy foundation makes your skin feel irritated.

Instead of foundation you can use tinted moisturizer for travelling. A tinted moisturizer can be light on your skin and also even out your skin.

5. Use Facial Mist


This is a must carry beauty product when your flying. The flights are moisture that makes your skin cells thirsty. So, you must keep your skin hydrated with the facial mist. This is a travel beauty tip that women tend to skip as they don’t know the use facial mist during travelling.

You may find moisturizer hydrating but your skin feel heavy and stick with moisturizers. The best solution to keep your skin hydrated is a facial mist. Though you giver your skin moisturizer, it cannot stay along when you go on travelling in the flight. Keep spraying facial mist whenever your skin feels dry.

6. Lip Care

Lip-CareWomen stock up the lipstick shades in their makeup kit when they are travelling. But forget the lip care which is an unavoidable travel beauty tip.

When you are travelling, you must also keep lip care in mind. Lips are a sensitive part of your face, The sensitive lip skin gets affected easily with dryness. It is not just enough to apply lip balm and leave your lips there after. To be fair with your lips, you need to keep applying lip balm often.

7. Say no to Mascara

Say-no-to-mascaraYou can beautifully enhance your eyelashes with the mascara and it is amazing. But it is not that amazing during travelling. So, leave your eyes without mascara while travelling. Asking why?

When you are travelling, we would want to snooze. And you will see the most ugly most after waking up with smudged mascara. If you are planning to wear the waterproof mascara to avoid smudging, then it makes your eyes feel heavy. Still need mascara for travelling?

Also avoid creamy and over loaded eye makeup which is going to mess your face during travelling.

8. Do not often touch your face with hands

Do-not-often-touch-your-facYou must be knowing that hands are mostly filled with bacteria and the bacteria increases while travelling. You keep touching the public used things with your hands. And you don’t even realize how much you are giving your facial skin by touching it often with hands.

Even if you are applying anything to your skin, make sure your hands are cleaned first. This is a travel beauty tip that minimizes the skin breakouts and damage.

9. Carry Micellar Water


If you are applying any makeup and would want to remove it off your skin, you will need micellar water. Firstly, we ask you travel with minimal makeup. If at all, you need makeup at any cost for any unavoidable reason, then carry micellar water to remove if off.

10. Choose Travel Friendly Products


Some of the beauty and skincare products come in huge quantity. So, choose the travel friendly products which are leakage proof. You can make a travel beauty kit with small amounts which is sufficient for your trip.

If you are not using the travel-friendly products, it is going to be a mess during travelling. Just to continue your travelling happy, you need the travel friendly beauty kit.

11. Blotting Papers


If you have oily skin and travelling during summers, nothing can be worse than this. Your oily skin becomes greasy every now and then. Then, you must have blotting papers to absorb all the oil on your skin. Blotting papers can make your oily skin stay fresh.

This is a summer travel beauty tip that works additionally for oily skin beauties.

12. Dry Shampoo

During and after travelling, you may need a dry shampoo that can maker your hair feel refreshed again. You can use a dry shampoo as a substitute for hair wash. Dry shampoo can remove the greasiness and makes your hair look fresh. Dry shampoo is can be an optional beauty tip for travelling.

A dry shampoo is also easy to use dry shampoo while travelling to give life instantly to your lifeless hair. Pick a good dry shampoo which comes with harmless chemicals and parabens.

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13. Minimal Makeup


This is one of the most important travel beauty tip that every woman must mind. As travelling is an exhausting task, you must keep it simple. Not only your makeup, we suggest you to keep clothing also simple.

The heavy makeup irritates your skin. So, keep less focus on makeup and more focus on skin care during travelling.

While travelling, you feel happy and enthusiastic. In the happiness of travelling, you cannot afford to forget the above beauty tips. You need to keep it in mind and follow these travel beauty tips to avoid any skin damage.