How to Set Up a Children’s Boutique?

setting up a childrens boutique

Every Woman loves shopping. Nowadays clothes store, boutiques, malls has become very common. For every lane, you can find a store. Do you want to set up your own business? Then how about setting up a children’s boutique. It can be a very good idea for startups. Opening a boutique is a major decision. A boutique is a majority a shop which sells fashionable clothes or other accessories. For some of you, it may be a truly new experience. For some, you might already have experience in doing business. You might note that running a boutique is a full-time job. So, for setting up a children’s boutique you have to make the checklist of what all you need and how to set up. Here is the list of what all you need in setting up a children’s boutique.

Setting Up Children’s Boutique

1Decide the Theme

Decide the Theme

For setting up a children’s boutique, you first need to decide what age children stuff you want to sell. Age limit is very important. Once you decide what age clothes you want to sell, you can finalize on which type clothes and fabric you want to sell. You can sell party wear clothes or casual wear. You can also sell toys or other children stuff.

2Who is Competing with me?

Who is Competing with me

List of all clothing stores and boutique who can be your competitors. Go visit them. Check what interiors they have put, the clothes, materials, a size of the store and who are their customers. Knowing your opponent strengths and weaknesses in business is very important. You have also known at what price they are selling.

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3Decide Location

Decide Location

Don’t take or buy any store site which needs a lot of traveling. Always try to see stores which are near to your house so that your travel expenses can reduce. Analyze all sites and their prices. Take store sites which are spacious, good in budget and location. Choose a location where there is a number of population.

4List Down Your Suppliers

List Down Your Suppliers

You need material to sell right. So, research and list down suppliers who will supply your material. Make sure your order you stock in advance so,then you don’t have to call your suppliers in the last moment. Don’t buy clothes in wholesale. Always check the quality when the stock arrives.

5Start Small Scale

Start Small Scale

Don’t immediately start a large scale business. If it’s your first trying your hand in business, then start small scale. Invest Little and try to get more profits. Grab customers attention by displaying clothes which attract their attention. Make sure the price tag is not too high and the store is not empty. Otherwise, the customer will walk out from your store. Before starting to finalize your budget and don’t exceed more than your decided budget.

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6Products Display

Products Display

List down stuff you need to displaying products. You need:

  • Hangers
  • Racking
  • Mannequins, body forms
  • display stands & display units
  • Tables
  • Mirrors
  • Changing rooms(if yours is a large scale)

7Design Store

Design Store

You cannot sell products in a dump yard. After you buy or rent a site then design your store. Your store look should be attractive. Check on the lights, wall colors. As your’s is a children store, you can decorate wall with flowers, cartoon images. You also need tables, chairs for customers, a counter where the customer pays the bill. Always make sure you have a very attractive name for your boutique. The name should be displayed big enough so that customers know there is a store.

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8Hire Employees

Hire Employees

You definitely cannot handle everything alone. You will need employees like sale girls or boys for selling your product. Advertise in newspapers for full time and part time employees. When you are hiring make sure you see the person’s ability to sell and their personality. The person should be able to handle pressure and customer needs. He should now tactics, how to convince customers to buy products. This is compulsory the person should be honest, should also have a good sense of humor. You can also hire them based on their past experience and records.



Setting up a clothes boutique is not enough. People should know about your store and product you are selling. So, the main ingredient which comes in business is marketing. You have to advertise based on your budget. If yours is a small scale business, advertise in newspapers, sell pamphlets. Grab customers attention and create customer desire to come and visit your store. Your advertisement shout is eye-catchy, simple and straightforward. Remember yours is a children’s boutique . Your target audience should be mothers who shop for their children.


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