Which Are The Best New Lip Balms for Dark Lips?

Lip balm for dark lips
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Dark lips or pigmented lips can be really painful to tackle, especially if you dont love coating your lip in dark colors. How do you cover those dark lips then? Are you looking out for a lip balm specifically made for dark lips? Well, you have landed at the right place. With the umpteen choices available in the market and even online eCommerce stores, there can be a great confusion to choose the correct products that suits you, especially when you have dark lips.

So how do you choose a lip balm for dark lips? Every individual needs prominent and effective products that have UV protection abilities, naturally obtained ingredients, and also acts as a great moisturizer for the lips. So we have done all the hard work and selected a few of the best lip balms for dark lips. Go through the list and choose what you think suits your requirement the best.

What is a Lip Balm?

What is lip balm-Lip balm for dark lipsA lip balm is a compound substance which is similar to wax in appearance. It is mainly used to be applied to the lips for moisturizing and preventing the dryness of the lips. The wax contained in the lip balms as ingredients are often carnauba wax and beeswax along with lanolin, petroleum and several ingredients. It can also be tinted in colour to make it look like lipstick.

How Does A Lip Balm Work?

How does a lip balm work-Lip balm for dark lips

  • The main objective behind using the best lip balm is due to a layer formed over the lips in order to act as a seal for the inner moisture to be locked inside as well as protection from the external world.
  • Natural conditions like dryness, extreme temperatures, and wind tend to make the skin dry, especially the softer skins of the lips.
  • Petroleum jellies and wax are used to trap this moisture from escaping.
  • The other ingredients like the flavours, odours and UV protection components like SPF also provide additional advantages to your lip.
  • Lip balm for dark lips in India as well as the other parts of the world has more or less same composition as the ingredients used are the same, apart from the ones that are specifically manufactured for their medicinal uses.

When And How To Use A Lip Balm?

Use a Lip Balm for Dark Lips-Lip balm for dark lips

  • In cold environment: The lips are usually very soft and can be easily chapped in harsh weather conditions like sun, wind, and cold atmosphere. In these temperatures, the lips usually become dry as the moisture is excreted out through the damages made by weather factors, on the surface of the lips. Lip balm can serve the purpose of rescuing here. Applying it before stepping out can give immense power to the lips and trap the moisture inside in spite of any weather conditions outside.
  • Air condition: Exposure of the lips under the A.C. for a prolonged period of time can cause dryness to the lips. The balms help in providing adequate moisture by trapping it inside and keeping the lips soft.
  • Lipstick: The lip balms can be applied over the lipstick to perform the same function. This can give a glossy look to the lipstick and enhance the beauty too.
  • Sunshine: The ultraviolet rays from the sun have adverse effects on the lips which causes symptoms like dryness, darkening, cracked, and similar other effects. This happens due to the lack of melanin content in your soft lips. The lip balms that have SPF formula serve best in these scenarios.
  • At Night: The dryness can take over on the lips during night, mainly when an individual has a tendency to breathe in and out through his mouth while sleeping. Lip balms prevent this sort of dryness by trapping the moisture inside its layers and moistening the lips at the same time. The lip balms help in the regeneration of cells too which makes the lips further soft and smooth.

What Is The Difference Between Lip Gloss And Lip Balm?

lip gloss and lip balm-Lip balm for dark lipsThe lip balms help in recovering from chapped and dry lips. The ingredients are mainly oils and herbs which makes the lips softer and smoother. Some of them even have the sunscreen content to provide protection from the UV rays. However, all of them do not have the same composition as one can be more useful than the others available in the markets throughout the world.

A lip gloss is mainly used for beauty purposes only rather than helping out in the recovery process of the dry and chapped lips of an individual. It enhances the look of an individual by making the lips appear shiny and attractive.

Effective Lip Balms For Dark Lips:

Lip Balms For Dark Lips-Lip balm for dark lipsThe lip balms for dark lips can be found all over the world. Some of the good lip balms for dark lips, India as well as most of the other parts of the world are listed below:

1. Vaseline Lip Therapy

Vaseline Lip Therapy-Lip balm for dark lips
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This is the evergreen brand in the market. People can trust this brand with their eyes shut and go for its products. The lip balm contains cocoa crème to give a smoother effect to the lips and helps in reducing the darkness of lips too.

2. Lotus Herbals Lip Balm

Lotus Herbals Lip Balm
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A brand well know to all. Lotus herbals has a great formula lip balm. There are a lot of flavors available in this brand. With varieties like vanilla, mint, chocolate, cherry, and many more. It serve effectively on reducing the dark lips as they are well known to hydrate the lips and for its longevity of stay.

3. Himalaya Herbal Lip Balm

Himalaya Herbal Lip Balm-Lip balm for dark lips
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This is one of the natural and herbal products made lip balm. There are no side effects related to using the lip balm as it is made of pure natural ingredients. This is also one of the best sellers in the market and known for the longevity to stay on the lips. The healing capacity is huge for individuals with cracked and dry lips. For dark lips, it helps by prohibiting further pigmentation of lips.

4. Nivea Repair And Protection Lip Balm

Nivea repair and Protection Lip Balm-Lip balm for dark lips
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This is also one of the oldest brands that people prefer the most throughout the country. This lip balm is renowned for containing SPF formula and protecting the lips from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The sweet odor also draws customer towards purchasing it. Though being transparent in nature it perfectly gives a smooth blend towards hiding the dark lips and providing a glossy effect along with the whitening of the skin on the lips gradually with time on regular usage. This can also be used by men as it has no color and simultaneously possesses high healing capacities in a natural way.

5. Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips
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The best lip balm for dark lips healing, throughout the market is this lip balm from Maybelline, called Baby Lips. This is a unique lip balm which provides a range of lip balm colours for dark lips. The tint of the colour provides perfect shading of the lips which are pigmented in nature and the SPF content prevents the darkening by protecting the lips from UV rays. Just swipe it on and feel lightness of a lip[ balm with a finish of a lip gloss. Perfect for any occasion.

6. Avon Lip Balm

Avon Lip Balm-Lip balm for dark lips
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This is one of a kind which is effective due to the medicinal content of the ingredients. This serves perfectly for the healing of the dry and cracked lips if used on a regular basis. Great for dark lips as the tinted lip balm covers dark lips perfectly. Also very light in feel.

7. Shahnaz Husain Lip Balm

Shahnaz Husain Lip Balm-Lip balm for dark lips
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This is an Indian beauty brand which serves quality products to every individual across the globe. This lip balm is very effective for dry lips. The balm simultaneously reduces the pigmentation and darkness of the skin of your lips on proper usage. The main ingredients are turmeric, seeds of carrot, sandalwood, marigold, almond, and saffron which are all hygienic and naturally occurring substances.

All individuals must properly check the contents and the ingredients used in the lip balms before purchasing them as many may have allergic reactions to certain substances that might be present along with the ingredients. Using these lip balms are the most effective way to keep the lips healthy and supple. Choose a lip balm of your choice and say bye to dark lips forever. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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