Outfits that you should wear for New Year eve

New Year Party

New Year is a day that demands party, may it be official one or a personal one. Is it with your friends or with your family, you need to look great in an outfit, right? All you need to do is to get yourself out and get some clothes for yourself. With New Year come new compliments! Why not celebrate the brand new year getting appreciation for yourself and looking stylish in your good New Year outfits?

Well, can you believe that almost a whole year is coming to an end already? Well, how many of you think it was an eventful year? And how many of you want to make the best of the coming year? Well, include me in the list of both because I guess both are very important to think about. There are things like family, people, relatives, career, success, failures, love and breakups to remember and think how much we have all grown up. It doesn’t matter if it was a great or a bad year for you, it doesn’t hurt to celebrate, right?

Well, a lot of us would be packed with our social calendar dates where we wouldn’t know what to compromise and where to go first. Dressing up this New Year is important and as much as it is important, making the perfect mark is also important. So, here we are going to give you some New Year outfits that you should have for a party.

Top Outfits For A New Year Party

1Office party outfit

Office party outfit

Well, office parties are probably the best because you get to dress special and be the centre of attention. Off beat office clothes can be worn. But remember that office has its own set of dress code morals that has to be followed. You can’t just wear whatever you want even in a office party. So, it is better if you stay away from the skimpy sleazy clothes. For a company that prefers formal attire, you can dress up beautifully by still not compromising the festive spirit. Wondering how? Well, why don’t you try wearing some elegant clothes like silk shirt and a shimmer office skirt? If you think that is a little too much, go with a bright colored sari or a salwar suit.

Wear minimal jewelry so that you don’t have to look too dressed up. Make you clothing more on the side of casual yet creative. Don’t dab too much makeup when you wear an ethnic outfit because that will spoil the entire outfit look. Office party needs to look professional, elegant and still one of your best. Spread your professional festive spirit to the others at office!

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2Club party outfit

Club party outfit

Club party is one of the most interesting and fashionable place where you can wear anything and everything you want. You can try sequins since they catch the beauty of lights perfectly reflecting on your dress. There isn’t a better idea than sporting a dress for a club party since that is the best outfit which will be comfortable for you during the midnight hours on the dance floor. Try to choose clothes that have a V cut or a turtle neck fashion. If you wear a turtle neck, you don’t have to wear any jewelry, but if you go for dress, then you have to find a beautiful matching jewel for you. It is important that you pair your footwear with your dress to look dashing for the night.

3Family dinner outfit

Family dinner outfit

New Year with family is the best tradition that can be followed over the years. If you are one of those women who likes to have dinner with family, then get a dress in which you are comfortable and which makes you feel special. I would also say maybe a dress or a salwar. You can be totally choosy when you go out with family because nobody is going to judge you for the dress you are going to wear. If you are wearing a salwar suit, remember that you have to carry a fancy clutch to match it with. But, if you are wearing a dress, the usual wouldn’t work. Try to wear a maxi long dress which gives you an elite look. A long dress is always in fashion and you can feel special with your family.

4House party outfit

House party outfit

Well if you are one of those who likes to plan a party at your friend’s house, then you need to dress up more casually than usual. May be a dress that can get you anywhere within seconds. A denim jeans and a shirt or t shirt should be the best possible clothing. A jeans goes great with a t shirt or a shirt because it is very versatile and doesn’t have too many sequins on it. Your clothing will add to the dose of casualness in mood. If you think jeans could be stuffy, you can also try to wear shorts or trousers. Match them with proper flip-flops or a pair of shoes and bam, you are ready for a house party.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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