12 Adorable Dog Breeds For Women To Own


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Never a person can stick to single thing to live a better life. Everyone needs various experiences and things to learn. All around the world we may have several things but we get connected to a few. Human lead a better life with compassion and concern. Sometime we expect the concern and we show the concern. And concern is not always among human. So, you can just buy happiness owning a pet. Women are loving pets and there are various reasons why women are extremely attached to dogs. You must read further to know why women are get attached to dogs and what are the different dog breeds can protect women.

You have many dogs breeds but a few set of dogs are meant for women. They protect women and be the friendly creature that a women needs. There are dog breeds that love human than they love themselves. You must know the selfless dogs that can stand for women to protect and be the guard.

What Be A Beautiful Dog Owner Soon?

1. Labrador Retrievers


Labrador retrievers are the most popular dog breed all over the world. Labradors are love to engage in outdoor activities like swimming and hike. If you are want a company for your adventures, then Labradors are the most recommended breed. It is always energetic and shows up you the loyalty. This adorable breed is intelligent and you can just call it, a beauty with brains! Labradors are the breeds with many great qualities that women would love to watch it. Labradors are trained to help the blind and this is the most interesting fact that you must know.

2. Chow chow


Chows can be the dog guard for women and especially the women who live alone need them. They are fluffy and it can be your cuddle buddy any time. They are little aggressive but that will not be a problem for the owners. You can see them active in winters than summers as they get irritated in summer with their bushy hair. This aggressive breed can’t tolerate teasing and harsh treatments. As they are too protective for their people and that is the loving nature chows got. These dogs will be a challenge to deal for first time dog owners.

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3. Boxer


Boxers are dearest breeds with children and other animals eventually. Boxers the best protectors of their female owners. Their puppyhood is the longest compared to all the world’s dog breeds. You cant expect them to be matured until 3 years. Boxers are house dogs and meant for outdoor. He needs good exercises to be active and playful. He can be the most patient and playful with children as well. Boxers only go aggressive when their owners need defense and until then they treat, greet strangers.They need early socialization like any other dog breed.

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4. German Shepherd


If you are looking for a guard like pet, this breed can be that for you. As they are deeply loyal to their owners, a alone women need a German shepherd. They are family dogs and can be happy inside the home. You must be knowing the other name for German shepherd, it is named and well known as as military dog. The dog breed that can assist and guide. This fully talented breed needs an energetic and active owner and he will be at his best. They grow huge and beautifully with medium hair.

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5. Bullmasitiff


Bullmasitiff are the gentle and easy going with family members. The massive size of the dog can make him look like a guard dog. In fact, bullmastiff can be the best guard for women. Their easy going attitude is not for strangers and they go protective for their owners. If you are looking for a family dog, bulmastiff must be owned by you. It can stay happy with less exercise despite the large size. You will be surprised with his independent nature as he is don’t need much of attention.

6. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky are hyperactive and they love be moved with everyone. They are the most social dog breed and stay active any time. Siberian Husky can be the best if you can do proper grooming. Just because activeness, he needs proper nutrition. They need frequent exercise to be at their best. They indulge better outdoor and go adventurous. If you need a partner to enjoy the adventurous time, then you must take him to have great time. A women can take Siberian as a workout partner to cheer to be active just like he is. He looks beautiful with double coat and distinctive markings on him.

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7. Rottweiler


It is one of the best protectors of women owners. Rottweiler can harm someone who is threatening their owners. It stays away from strangers and not a friendly dog that goes with strangers easily. If you want him to be socialized, that should be taught from his puppyhood. This large breed can be the saviour of his owners and stands for his owners fearlessly. They need running time and moderate exercise to be active and healthy. Remember he will be the best watchdog. Hence, a perfect dog guard for women.

Dog breeds for women who are allergic


There are few dog breeds which do better with allergic sufferers. Among several dog breeds few are allergic with shedding coats. Hence, women who are allergic can go for these above breeds and happily own a dog.

1. Poodle


Poddle breed is of different sizes like toy, miniature and standard. They can be the most mischievous and enthusiastic. He can be a good watchdog and loyal one to a family by signaling you about strangers at your door. A women will love the poddle’s friendly nature and his lovely appearance. A women struggling with allergies but want an active dog, poddle will be a wise choice. The playful nature can’t be missed.

2. Maltese

These tiny tots are cute at appearance. They cannot be left along as they will feel the isolation easily. You can call him a fur ball and he shows up loyalty. As their little furry, their owner need to groom them well to keep tangled free hair. Maltese can be the lovely dog for any woman. Woman who is allergic can own them happily, as their non-sheeding coat will not create a problem of allergy for women.

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3. Chinese Crested

Chinese crested are the one of the friendly breed. They don’t accept strangers easily but they can be the devotees of their owners. They can be the family dogs completely but enthusiastic. Normal walks are enough to keep him happy and going. A woman need not be scared of any allergy and cuddle with no fear. He can be called a lap dog and a women who love to cuddle their pets will have a lovely time with him. He should be protected from sun.

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4. Bichon Frise


It is perfect family pet with appealing looks. The white fur and black eye make it look so appealing. It loves to mingle with the family members. You cannot leave him alone as he feels the isolation easily and makes him feel sad. He will need you around him often and needs your attention. If you are getting home, then your getting happiness. It is the best breed for women who are allergic. This snowball can be your cuddle buddy and not effect you any allergy even with full fur. As they are small in size, they can be called the best apartment dogs.

5. Portuguese Water Dog

The name itself displays that this breed is water loving. Portuguese water dogs will be a good choice if you have a swimming pool or beach nearby. They need some exercise and play time daily. Otherwise it makes them frustrated. But they can be the fun loving and friendly dogs. As Portuguese water dog doesn’t shed much, an allergic women can own this breed. He is a breed that is adaptable for various living situations.

Every women need a dog and owning a dog is no stress say’s survey. So, we have helped you with the best dog breeds that are meant for women. The nature, qualities are briefed for your better idea. A dog can be your cuddle buddy, your bear and a stress buster. Choose the right breed for you and be the smart dog owner. Hope you will find this information of dog breeds helpful when you are planning to get a dog home.

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