13 Common Reasons For Your Husband To Keep Secrets


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Husband Hiding Secrets From You!

In married life, there are many obstacles that couples go through. It can also be knowing or unknowingly reason that brings issues in the relationship and that leads to keeping secrets. Every couple keeps a few secrets in relationship based on women and men perspectives. But it is not acceptable to keep too many or big secrets. It is more hurting when the reality is out. So, you must know the reasons for your husband to keep secrets with each other.

You are unhappy to realizing that your husband is keeping secrets, then know the reason which makes you feel lighter. Also, try to confess the secrets and feel relived than holding with guilt and pain. So, are you ready to know the reasons for couple keeping secrets in married life.

Why Your Husband Keeps Secrets from you?

Sometimes, you can be the only reason that makes you husband keep secrets and vice versa. If you are wondering how you are a reason, then know how?

Men are naturally less expressive and open compared to women. This nature can be the reason for your husband to keep secrets. But if the secrets are growing day by day, then you must know the common reasons.

So, now know if you are the reason or not for your husband keeping secrets from you. Then, you must also find out what to do to have clearance. We have provided the marriage tips for the struggling couples along with reasons for husband keeps secrets from you.

1. When You are Narrow Minded

When you know that your partner is narrow minded, you tend to keep secrets. The same quality in you also makes your husband become secretive.

The more you react harsh and unpleasant, the more secrets come in your relationship. You must soon activate the solution when you realize about the secrets.

What to do?

You must try to be broad minded and accept reality. Your broad minded nature reduces secrets. It is applicable for both husband and wife. You can share things in a better way and avoid the hurdles in a relationship when you both are broad minded.

2. Your Overreactions


Do you overreact for every small thing? Then you must also be ready to have secrets in a relationship. When you overreact, this scars anyone to be outspoken. You are just locking your partner’s mouth every time he is trying to share something harder for him to share.

What to do?

Make him feel better when he indicates it is something serious to confess. Also, promise him that you are not going to overreact after listening to it. Not promising also do it as promised. This also develops the bond of sharing secrets.

3. You hesitate


If you hesitate to confession from your end, then your spouse may start hiding from you. Indirectly, you are making him feel uneasy with your hesitation. When you are outspoken, this also keeps him stay open with you.

What to do?

When you show that you are open to know to listen to him, then it makes easy to share. Express that you want to know what he feels and how much his feelings matter to him.

4. You are Not a Good Listener


Are you a good listener? You must really check this. When you don’t listen well, obviously you will misunderstand the person. The reactions also come in the wrong way. This is one of the reasons that you overreact when your husband confesses something.

What to do?

When he wants to share something calm your mind and give him all the attention. If you have any confusion or feel something is unclear, then raise the point. This will let get the clarity about what he means.

5. You Misunderstand Him


When you are looking for reasons to misunderstand your husband, that is enough to keep secrets. When he knows the end result of the conversation is negative, why would he still shares what he is supposed to.

What to do?

First, listen to understand and not just to reply. When he feels you understand him in every way, this gives him a chance to maintain transparency with you. It eliminates the secrets between you both.

6. You Give Him the Least Space


When you give him the least space, this makes him feel suffocated. He stops sharing and confessing what is running in his mind. You are not giving him a chance to open up. If you are chasing your husband in any way, then can be the reason that your husband started keeping secrets.

What to do?

Start chasing him and stopping for everything. You must not make him feel pressurized with your questions, behavior and confirmations. Give you some self-time and become a little more sportive which makes him feel better and speak out the reality.

7. You are forgiving and forgetting


When you know that someone doesn’t forgive or forget your mistakes, then what would you do? Just keep it as a secret for a while or forever. Even your husband is doing the same after knowing that you won’t forgive and forget it.

What to do?

Don’t drag arguments and remind the mistakes again and again. Try to forgive his mistakes as much as possible. Forget and give him a chance to reach your expectations.

8. He has trust issues


Someone who has that basic trust issues, struggles to think positive. It is not your bad or mistake in any way. He must start trusting people by himself. But you can change this quality in him. This can be due to bad experiences and negative thoughts that are filled in mind.

What to do?

You must talk to him when you find that your husband has trust issues. Try to make him feel trustful and develop faith in general. When you are able to see the change in your partner, you can expect him to share the hidden secrets.

9. Not Able to Set Priorities

It is important for a couple to prioritize each other. If your husband is failing to set priorities, this also affects your married life. He will not feel the need of sharing the happenings in his life. He will miss to share it someone else apart from you like- friends, colleagues or other family members.

The reality and facts in his life remain as secrets to you. And you realize your husband is keeping secrets then don’t wonder as you are not his priority in few or all aspects.

What to do?

Start a conversation just for confessions. If he feels it is needed to give you an explanation, then he may come up with it honestly. For this, you must find the right time and have a discussion.

10. He doesn’t want to seek any help


When your husband wants to manage the toughest part by himself, then he would not seek any help from. Not only in actions but emotionally or mentally also he wants to clear the problems keeping it as secrets.

It could also be that, he cares for you and doesn’t want you to struggle to go through the bitter. So, there is such a possibility of saving you from mental stress and take all the stress alone. Maybe he is waiting to clear it off and then confess what all happened.

What to do?

When your husband is managing things by himself, you would know it. Then, try to clear out the issues proactively. Show that interest of helping him even without his request or expectations. This will make it easy for him to ask for help from you.

When he gets to know that you are very much supportive no matter what, this can free him to share things with you.

11. Fear of losing you


Don’t you think, it is one of the Reasons for husband keeping secrets? It could be. What if he has something harder than you cant digest listening? Then, he feels, better to hide it from you for a while or bury the truth.

Think of it and you will know if your husband is fearing to lose and keeping any secrets.

Here, it is not just you or your husband, it can be the reason where both of you are affecting each other indirectly. So, you must break this barrier between you both before it breaks your relationship.

What to do?

If you are suspecting if your husband is hiding something from you, you must also guess the reason. After knowing or getting an idea about it, you must speak about it proactively.

Once he feels secured and lose the fear of losing, he will confess it.

12. You both lost the connection


Don’t you think, the bond is everything for a couple to be happy in married life. Any one of you or even both of you could be the reason for losing the connection in relationship.

As you are not closer to each other, you don’t have the comfort to share anything and everything. This condition makes every situation tough for a couple.

What to do?

You must try to rebuilt the connection that you lost. Your mutual efforts will make it possible. This also makes it easy for your husband to confess the truth and secrets if any.

13. He is not honest


Honesty must be one of the values that we expect from our people. It is needed in relationships too. When you know that your husband is not honest, then you must accept that he keeps secrets from you.

People who are dishonest, keep things to themselves. This is common but you dint identify it.

What to do?

Accept and digest that your spouse is keeping secrets. It is bothering for a partner to take it. So, you can get the clarity when you feel the need. After all, you both are a couple and a wife has the right to know whats going on. But let it not affect you deeply or disturb you.

You will be able to set right your husband who is keeping secrets from you. The fact that secrets are part of your relationship makes you feel sad and isolated. Again, as it depends, we have given the reasons for to be double sure and not take you, partner, all wrong. So, know the reasons and do what you must do.

Happy togetherness!

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