Why should you date your best friend

date your best friend

For a long time you are not sure what you are looking for until it hits you right in your face that, the one who you want to love is standing right next to you. He has seen your weird side, happy side, the side that you were hesitant to show your previous boyfriends. He has stood by you always, unknowingly helped you hook up with his friends and whatnot! It may be weird when you start thinking of your best friend as your boyfriend at first, but when you know that you like him more than just a friend, you will start liking the new feel in you. Here are some amazing reasons why you should date your best friend.

Reasons Why You Should Continue Dating Your Best Friend

1You will have fun in doing everything

You will have fun

When you and your best friend become something more than just friends, you will find that hanging out together will become much more fun than you actually thought. You will love doing everything together because till now, it was different and now this feeling will be totally different. You already know what he expects from you which a huge positive aspect for you. He knows you love big family, you love staying in the upper state and many more dreams of yours. The same way, you know his ambitions and it gets easier to adjust and compromise with each other.

2You know his dating history

You know his dating history

It wouldn’t come as a shock to you if someone says your boyfriend had dated 15 girls because hey, you already know every tiny detail about his past. Well, this holds good for him too. Even he knows your good and bad times in relationships. You wouldn’t feel insecure around his exes since you would have already met them in the past. But, remember that you are not supposed to make this as a point of argument in the future since this easily opens up the ego jar for men. The insecurities would turn into huge issues later and affect your relationship. Here are some ways you can talk about each other’s dating history.

3Dating your best friend may have more chances for long ...

Dating your best friend

Everybody would want to end up with a guy who has a face of Johney Depp and a body of Channing Tatum? But we all know that down the lane, the hot body will change into beer belly. What girls actually expect is not the hot body, but what’s underneath that. In the due course of time, we all forget how each one looked and the love and compatibility will remain forever. Accept your best friend as your boyfriend the way he is. Both of you could have flaws, but trust your relationship. It’s the inner self that’s most important and not the outer body. So, if you have been really close as friends, there are more chances that you get to maintain a long-term relationshipas couples because he understands you better than anybody else.

4You don’t have to make your friends love him

your friends love him

Yes, it could be a big deal to make friends like your boyfriend at times. Some of your friends will have opinions that would vary and it could get difficult to get them to adore him. But, since you guys are friends from the beginning, all his friends are yours and yours are his. Mutual friends are more and it gets easier. Your friends will approve of him even before you ask for any kind of approval. So, this way it’s always a green signal from their end.

5You can be yourself

You can be yourself

With your best friend as your boyfriend, you can be as free as you want and it wouldn’t be a big deal for him also. You can wear your shorts and roam around, needn’t have to dress up every time you see him and makeup, can be a huge pain off your head. If you are going out on a date, you don’t have to worry about the initial inhibitions about what he will think if you wear comfortable clothes instead of skimpy ones, or what to order in the restaurant or the collection of wine you should be choosing etc. Basically, you can be yourselfeven when you are with him.

6There is no compulsion to say Yes, always

There is no compulsion

You don’t have to say yes to everything because you have been friends and you have been able to say no to each other a lot of times before. The comfort level is there for both of you and you don’t have to go by each other’s rule always. This could you a major advantage in a relationship. When you are open to agreeing or disagreeing with each other’s thoughts and opinions, the closeness increases and you figure out more about each other.

Nevertheless, don’t keep looking for signs if your best friend likes you in the other way. If you have feelings for him, confess and keep it going. Remember, there are a lot of relationships that can break. But friendship is always a solid relationship. So, handle it with care before you take any drastic step.

-Pavithra Ravi

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