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Job Change

Do you know that the job you are working in is the right for you? Well, if you think that the job you are doing is sluggish, boring and if you are not interested in it, then this is your first sign to change your job or your career itself. Let’s face it, unless you like the job you do, you wouldn’t want to get up and go to work happily. It is a pain to wake up and go to the job that you don’t like or the office you don’t like. Sometimes you need to change the job or the career itself. There is a huge difference between changing your career and job. Career is something that you would want to change if you are not happy with the line you are working in. If you don’t like the job, that could be for various normal reasons like the management, boss, work nature, timing or even location.

You may be comfortable with some kind of working style and you don’t want to stick to that because you think that it isn’t healthy for your career or your job. It could even be because of the people you work with. So, we are going to give you insights on why you should change your Job/career. We hope with these signs, you will be able to figure out what is missing from your life.

Top Signs That You Should Change Your Job/Career

1You drift off easily

You drift off easily

There could be many times you drift off and start to daydream. You have to test yourself if your job ever holds your attention. If it doesn’t hold your attention, then it is time that you change your job/career. It isn’t wrong to daydream about other things, but you need to come back to reality and your job should make you work for the best. That is when you will want to work more and get a good name in the surrounding. If you never feel like going back to work from daydreaming, then there is a serious problem with the job you are working for. Either your interest is gone or you don’t like the line you are working for itself. So, buck up ladies.

2You don’t like going to work

You don’t like going to work

When you wake up in the morning, all you can think of is how you want to skip the work. Well, If you have been doing that, then there are good enough chances that you don’t really envy your job. A person who gets up and gets ready to work without any laid back attitude is definitely the one who loves his/her work. Also, it doesn’t mean you can’t he tired of work. Of course, everyone is tired of working and work stuff. But check if you feel the same every single day. If you feel I every single day, then that’s your sign!

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3Ask the younger you

Ask the younger you

Confusing right? Don’t be! I am just telling you to ask yourself when you were 10 years younger to your current age. If you are 30 now, ask your 20 something self if this makes you happy! Ask her if this is what you want to do in life for the rest of your professional life? Ask her if this career can make you achieve your dreams. If the answer is a yes, then no issues. If it is a no, then that is one other sign that you should quit your job/caree.

4If your financial earnings are insufficient

If your financial earnings

Most of the times, when it comes to money, it is not the career that you should change, it is the job. This is because the job is not paying you enough money for you to enjoy a stress free life. If your financial needs aren’t being satisfied, the joyness of work is never going to be there. So, look for a job that gives you more benefits and lets you explore your talent

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5You aren’t giving your 100%

You aren't giving your 100%

We all have a conscious, isn’t it? We all know that it isn’t the right thing to do when you aren’t able to give you 100% in a job. That is totally not how you would want your professional life to be. If you want to give you 100%, you should stay in a job that makes you do that. This is one of the very important signs that tell you how disinterested you are at work.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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