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Every woman is always worried about two things in her life when she has to go to work. One, is definitely her dressing which is at least adjustable because of so many reasons. Two, is their hairstyle. Hairstyle is a very important thing for a woman because there are these preconceived notions that they undergo by the looks of their colleagues. It is true that every woman no matter how she looks, needs to pay some good and clear attention to the way she looks. If you have been having troubles figuring out how to wear your hair tomorrow to work, you need to quickly look at these options so that you get a clear cut idea.

A lot of people think that hairstyles are difficult and require a lot of time. Well, while I would say that time could be an important concern, it definitely doesn’t mean that it is difficult. There are so many hairstyles that are easy, fun and work oriented. For example, simply wearing a ponytail can make you look different and sexy. The best thing about a hairstyle is that, you can keep changing it according to your face structure and people around you wouldn’t get bored looking at you in different style. So, putting a pin on that, let me show you some amazing hairstyles for work that you can wear.

Top amazing hairstyles for work

1Sway it

Sway it

Let’s remember that swaying your hair can make you look amazingly cute, popular and classy. But that doesn’t mean that you can have your hair falling on your face. That isn’t definitely professional. But also, it doesn’t mean that you cannot wear a fringe to work. Fringes are important fashion statement and the way you adjust them at workplace is important too.

When you have a swaying hairstyle, the fringes should stop above your eyebrows. If you have a haircut in the layered way, try to pin up your short hair on one side. Make sure you are not in a situation where you end up fidgeting your hair while making a big presentation at your office. Make sure you have a swaying hairstyle that doesn’t have any part of your face from hiding. Don’t show that face to your business world. Be very careful when you select a proper fringe cut or hairstyles for work.

2A bun is cool

A bun is cool

If you have no time, and you are very worried about what to wear, go for a bun. It is very surprising but you can actually never regret the decision of wearing a bun to work. It could be possible that some women end up thinking that wearing a tight bun looks or feels a little restricted and you might come out to be a cold person. So, if you feel uncomfortable with a tight bun, go ahead with a loose one. It will make you look casual yet stick to the business look. It is fine to let a couple of hair strands stick out. Make it jiggly-wiggly and cute. However, you got to be just mindful about one thing.

Make sure you don’t have a messy-sloppy bun because a messy bun is definitely not suitable for workplace. You can make your bun fashionable by pinning a few bobby pins on it. A small flower could go too but be mindful of not making it too grand. A crisp official shirt will look very professional and would go well with a bun.

3Tie the ponytail

Tie the ponytail

A ponytail without much concentration on the tail area, would look amazingly professional for workplace. This hairstyle is classic and don’t worry about the firmness, because however firm or not, a ponytail doesn’t give out any kind of character appeal.

A ponytail is casual, classy and all-time favourite. However, remember that a middle ponytail will look better on anybody. A high ponytail will look like you are getting ready for a run, and lower ponytail will look like you are attending a party. So, always go safe when it comes to this hairstyle. If you want to bring in a little fashion to it, then try to side plate your hair and tie a ponytail or bring a braid or two.

4Braids braids and braids

Braids braids and braids

Braids are long forgotten though they ooze elegance. Braids are the most amazing kind of workplace hairstyle that any woman can wear, but unfortunately not many women prefer it. They are not just beautiful and elegant but also perfectly fit the necessity of wearing it to the workplace. In fact I would go ahead and say that they are better than a fringe haircut or a plain ponytail.

Braided hairstyles give you a lot of options. Try the dutch braid, fishtail braid, side braids, back braids and so many more that can make you look stunning. Keep one day aside for braids, maybe a Friday so that you can pair it up with a beautiful dress to workplace. If you want some creative and exciting, you can try the Dreamweaver Braiding for more such options

5Half up half down

Half up half down

You can actually wear this hairstyle at any time of the day to either a normal day at work or for a big presentation. The good thing about this hairstyle is that you can make it even a everyday hairstyle.

The rule of wearing a half up half down is very simple. It is not time consuming at all and you can wear it even when you are traveling in a bus or while getting up into the lift of your office. All you need to do is take half part of your hair and tie it as a ponytail and brush the bottom part. That’s it! Your half up half down hairstyle is ready and set.

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6French roll

French roll

A French roll hairstyle is sophisticated, elegant and very classy. It goes best when you have a big meeting, an interview or some presentation to make at your workplace. Although it’s classy, the only thing about this hairstyle is that it will take up a lot of time because it is a tough hairstyle. But, if you have the time, French roll can be rated as one of the best hairstyles for a workplace.

Let us know how you like these amazing hairstyles by trying it. Have fun at work ladies!

-Pavithra Ravi

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