Ways to change your look with haircuts and hairstyles


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haircuts and hairstyles

Having the same hairstyle over and again can get really annoying and mundane. A girl can have differenttop haircuts and hairstyles to look beautiful even without dying her hair or coloring it. Coloring your hair can only make it look more plastic and chemical-ish. If you are one of those women who do not like to color your hair and wants to go the natural way, then we are going to adhere to what you might probably want to know about changing your hairstyle. It isn’t all that difficult to think of ways to change your hairstyle, so we are going to give you something simple and easy.

Hairstyles do matter a lot and there is a need to spice up your look and give your hair a difference in the fast moving world. While everyone around you is probably switching up their style, you wouldn’t want to fall back and think of ways to make your hairstyle interesting. These easy tips can get your hair bouncy, jumpy, beautiful and most of all creative too. So ladies, get ready now and change your hairstyle and haircut according to your wish.

Different Haircuts And Hairstyles to Bring Some Change in You

1Get a Haircut

Get a Haircut

If you have decided that you want a different look and feel to your face, then you should be brave enough to probably check out new styles and cuts. There are plenty options out there in the real world and a million of top haircuts and hairstyles available at your disposal.

All you have to do is find out the perfect haircut for your face structure and make sure as to what suits your hair texture. If you have always had long hair that reaches to your back, then chop chop chop and cut it short. If you don’t want to go for a very short style, then you can always have layers or switch up your look by having a side bang, that can enhance your look.

But if your hair is already short and you don’t know what to do with it, then you could even go shorted. Yes, try a pixie haircut and make heads turn at you with your trendy hot shot look. Sudden change of hairstyle can definitely bring life to your look and make you look totally different and new. Trust us, you will start living the mirror!

2Use dip dye chemical free kit

Use dip dye chemical free kit

This kind of chemical free kit is very rare, but If you can get hold of it, then there is nothing like owning one. Yes, these chemical free color kits can help you in procuring bold colors without having to actually go through the process of coloring it.

All you have to do is buy the chemical free kool kit that will help with the coloring of hair. Just mix the sugar free kool aid kit with a glass or two of water and boil it. When that process is done, dip your hair into the mixture. You can either dip the ends or use how much ever you want to dip it. Once that is done, leave your hair inside the mixture for a few minutes. You will be able to see the color change in your hair. Once your hair gas dyed itself, just remove it and Pat it dry. Voila!! You are now the owner of beautiful chemical free kool aid boil colors. It’s good, healthy and trendy on your hair!

Here are some hairstyle ideas to look different

3Straighten or curl

Straighten or curl

If you have a stick straight hair, curl it. If you have maggi curls, straighten it. The entire process of straightening and curling is very simple. You just need a straighter and curler that can do the entire process for you. The whole idea of straightening a curly hair or curling a straight hair, can totally switch up your look and make you look definitely beautiful and kick ass. If your friends have been looking at you with a straight hair look all this while from day one, just surprise them by making a change your looks. Trust me, you will feel so good after doing it. Just curl the ends of your hair. If you feel that they have always seen you with curly-messy hair, untangle it with the straighter.

4Part your hair differently

Part your hair differently

It’s easy, pain free and in fact, you will be surprised as to how a simple parting of your hair can make you look so different and refreshing. Well, it’s true that parting your hair sideways or center can make you look subtle yet creatively different. If you had parted your hair on the left, try right this time. If it was always right, then part it left. If both the ways are done, then make a crown in the middle and don’t part at all. Make it dramatic and kinky.

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5Braid it once in a while

Braid it once in a while

If you have tried the I’m-a-bad-girl look, then it’s now time for you to try the good-girl look. Yes, go ahead and braid your hair. There are so many braided hairstyles nowadays that can bring both style and efficiency into place. Don’t make it predictable and easy.

Try different braids like French braid, ponytail braid, Mohawk braids or even pigtail. Who cares how you look when you want to change the way they look at you! It’s all about your perspective and your wish. So, don’t get tangled with the ideas of others. Go ahead and try your new braided style! Go girl!

-Pavithra Ravi

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