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Itching can be a serious irritation, that too when you are all dressed and ready for an outing. Think of a situation where you keep itching a part of your body without a reason until it turns red and freak out people around you? You make up is gone, the entire area becomes red and you will look stupid. So, are there solutions at all for itching? Well, there sure are a lot of ways in which you can stop itching. But let me tell you that these solutions are temporary. If the itchingtill does not stop or if you have the continuous feel, then you should probably visit the doctor. Itching actually spoils your skin and makes it rough and dirty. Well, don’t worry ladies. We are here to help you! Here are some itchy skin solutionsyou can count on.

Top Ways to Achieve Itching Solutions

1Do not scratch

Do not scratch

Do you remember how your mom used to tell you not to scratch on a particular itch? Well, your mom definitely knew what she was talking about. Yes, it is true that when you keep scratching on a particular scar or itch, the itching sensation spreads more. Scratching that particular place will only make you itch more and more leaving a scar behind.

So the first step that you should probably follow is to not scratch it at all. It could be very, very difficult for the first few minutes, but once you leave it, the feeling of itching will definitely fade away. If you’re not able control yourself, then try just touching the itch and give it some pressure. Don’t scratch it, but just give it some pressure so that your pressure will get inside the skin and stop the itching sensation.

2Ice works like magic

Ice works like magic

Run to your fridge and immediately bring out some ice cubes and spread it on your itch. Ice cubes are really helpful and works like magic when it comes to relieving the irritating itchy feel. If you have mosquito bites, just take a few cubes of ice and keep spreading it on the itch. It will just take a matter of seconds for you to feel the relief.If you feel that the ice is too cold to directly put it on your skin, then wrap it around a kerchief or a cloth and place it on your skin. That should do the trick easily.

3Baking soda helps

Baking soda helps

Did you know that baking soda, which is generally used in the kitchen can do a lot of help for your skin. Well, that’s true! Baking soda therapy for itching skin is an age old remedy from your grandma’s knowledge book.

Yes, olden days were the best to bring out such remedies for complex stuff like itching. Just mix a spoon of baking soda in water and spread it on the skin. If a major part of your body is itching and you don’t feel good about it, then you can draw a bath with baking soda and some fresh oils as well. Fresh baking soda for skin is good only if the skin is not broken. If your skin is cut or has some bruises, don’t try the baking soda method because your skin will hurt a lot when it is broken. Otherwise, you are safe!

4Chamomile tea secret

Chamomile tea secret

Chamomile tea is actually a superb remedy that comes in handy for baggy eyes, hangover look and dead skin. Most girls use it as a remedy for saggy eyes. But, chamomile tea can be of great use even if you are having the itch feeling. It is one of the best itchy skin solutionsso far. Make yourself a hot piping chamomile tea and allow it to cool. When it is warm, take few spoons of the tea and spread it all over the itch. You will definitely start feeling better when you apply this warn tea to your skin. Sounds like a crazy plan, doesn’t it? Try it!

5Aloe Vera love

Aloe Vera love

So many things can be cured using this lovely plant – aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is the most healthy and easy answer for your itchy problem. It’s the best solution for mosquito bites or itchy feeling in large places or even skin allergies. You can directly take the slimy juice from the plant and directly apply on your skin or also use aloe Vera cream. You can apply pressure while applying the gel or the slimy paste onto your itchy skin and leave it for 10 minutes. Do it frequently for your itch to vanish!

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6Shea butter

Shea butter

Dry skin can be very hard on your skin and can itch crazily. The one step solution to dry skin itching is Shea butter. In fact, it doesn’t just relieve you from the feeling of itch, but also helps in improving the skin texture. Shea butter will give your skin the much needed vitamins and minerals and make your skin smooth and itch free.

Some benefits of shea butter on skin

Well ladies, now you all know that it all comes down to the control and the various alternate solutions when you feel like itching crazily. So, learn more about itching here and know how to take care of your beautiful skin.

-Pavithra Ravi

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