12 Common Bra Mistakes Every Girl Makes and Ways To Fix Them


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An outfit of a woman says a lot of things about her. Her attitude, tastes and personality, many other. But who knows the finishing of a woman’s flawless appearance is not so easy. What makes her flawless is her own comfort, happiness and choices. So, women! Now think if you are really making a flawless appearance wherever you go?

Everyone makes mistakes and blunders too. But we need to fix them with soon learning. We may select the wrong outfits or sometimes wrong way of wearing it. But it is important to learn things before it’s too late. Every girl makes the bra mistakes and does not realize she is making it. The bra mistakes are of various and very much simple but the results are serious. The way you wear and the way you handle it or treat it. So, we thought it is better to open up with bra mistakes and the ways to fix them.

1. You choose a cheap bra:

When you are suggested not to wear a cheap bra, it doesn’t mean that you can blindly go for a branded one. But do not look for low cost once as they do not last longer and start sagging soon. Bras also need to be selected with all senses.


How to select a bra? If it is not a cheap bra then it should be a bra with all qualities that fit your body properly. Remember that the cheap bras are not good for you anyways. They can only effect your breast shape and size and they don’t stay original with colour, fabric or elasticity. Now, choose the right one along with below qualities.

2. You wear the same bra for consecutive days:

If you are using the same bra consecutively for many days, then it is the biggest mistake that you are doing. Undergarments are not to be repeated and this is an issue of hygiene. Doing this bras will lose their elasticity. Above all the main fact is the material needs to breathe to get back to the original shape.


How many days a bra can be worn? This a valid question now! In fact, you will know your own cleanliness. So, check if your bras are smelling bad or stained, then you should give it a gentle wash. The best advice not to wear the bras for more than 2 days in a row, without washing.

3. The way you wash:

You always wash your bras by putting in the washing machine or do hard hand wash. Both these are not the right ways to clean the bras. Bras are made with delicate fabric and they lose their elasticity. The become saggy every time you wash them this way. This the not the right way you should treat your bras. So, you can stop doing it now!


How do I wash?
1. Take a tub and fill in lukewarm water. Then add detergent which is alcohol-free.
2. Soak the bra or lingerie for an hour.
3. Gently rub the fabric holding together to remove the dirt off.
4. Rinse in cool water until the water becomes clear (to make sure detergent is removed off from the bra)
5. Lay it on a towel and gently press to remove water.
6. Now, hand to dry. (Never put a bra or lingerie in drier)

4. Not considering size and shape:

You may sometimes go with the pretty way bras are presented online or with your favourite colour. These things like colour and looks must be the last needs you should look for, the priority is for size and shape. Am sure that you experienced the suffocation, that an unfitted bra gives. This happens due to your wrong selection of bra without knowing your size and shape. You must look for your size and shape which can fit you the best and holds you perfectly.


How to know the size and shape? Measure the below area of your breast and make sure the tape is horizontal.

5. Yes for any fabric:

You are thinking that fabric is not a matter for undergarments. Then it is completely wrong. Fabric should be a factor of your wise selection of undergarments. The touch of fabric says you the quality of a bra.


Which fabric is good? Bras are made with many different fabrics to make them attractive. But don’t go by any fabric that looks fantastic. You can choose cotton or microfiber for everyday wear. If we have to compare cotton and microfiber, then cotton is the best of two. Cotton bras can be worn under tees but not the bright colours, as it will seen out. Microfiber is light weighted and you may not feel like you even wore something under your to top.

6. You wear it wrong:

You face embarrassments wearing a bra in the wrong way. Sometimes straps may get out of your clothes or a pairing them with contrast clothes. You also adjust you are falling off straps. All this is just because you are not minding to wear a bra the way it should be worn.


How should I wear the bra: You must check if the bra is visible over your top. If the bra is showing off over the top, here you can choose to wear a one which matches the colour of your top. The matched colours will allow the decent look than contrast.

7. Missing to adjust the straps and bra:

You finally got a right bra and you are happy with it. So, you feel a branded cool bra need not be adjusted. It is not that way to be clear. You need adjust your bra to sit properly and straps on the place. Then it will be the perfect finishing to be comfortable all day.


How do I adjust the bra? As said above wearing a bra and adjusting it to sit well is important. Every bra is designed to adjust the straps and you can use it fix as per your comfort. So, let your breast fit in your bra properly and straps well on shoulders. Once you wear it check if everything looks perfect to wear on a top. Until you feel all comfort do not finish your outfit for the day.

8. Wearing sagging bras:

Bras are designed particularly to keep your breast in shape any time. If you are wearing the bra for too many days, it loses the elasticity and stretch. Then it becomes saggy.


How a sagging bra effects: A sagging bra, that will make your breast into an uneven shape. In simple words, a sagging bra can make your breasts also saggy. Mind keeping your bra firm and stiff. See that the straps are also sitting your shoulders well.

9. You are using out of it’s the best service:

When something is not known to us, we follow until its unknown. So, many of them are extending the use of a bra and wearing it for too long. Every bra has it’s own duration to work best and you need to switch to a new one at the right time. A too old bra can’t the same firm and good on you. Now start to notice and go for a new one. Yes, you need to and hurry up!


When to switch to a new bra? Agree that we tend to use things even after their best service. But exclude a few things for your best. Undergarments are definitely one of the few things. A bra can’t be for a lifetime. You need to replace your bra for every 6-8 months. Better know the expiry date and yes you will have an expiry date for bras too. Check and then continue to buy or wear.

10. Not giving the right support:

You are all okay with a seamless and wireless bra but your breast will not be okay. If your breasts are not standing high by themselves and sagging, then you need to give them the right support. Preferring a wired bra will make the breast stay in place and gradually bring to the right shape.


How a bra can support well? If you want your bra to support you well. Then have to select the right one. If your breast doesn’t need the support of its heaviness, then it is fine. But if your breast is a bit sagging, you must go for an under-wired push-up bra.

11. You sleep wearing bra:

Few women fairly do this for their saggy breasts. They think wearing a bra overnight can shape their breast. For few, it is just a habit. Then, get out of this habit.


Why not wear bras to bed? Wearing bras to bed is not a danger for your breast like causing breast cancer. But the fact is that your breasts need to rest naturally at least nights just like your rest of the body. It is needed to pack them in garments all day but nights. Your breast needs to breathe and your bras also need to. Leave them free to comfort yourself.

Yes! A bra is to be handled with care and can take more time to choose than your outfit. All the above points matter heaps to keep your breast comfortable and in good health. We have made it clear with the mistakes you are making and given the ways to fix them at the same time. Hope this will help to keep you choose the right bra this time and wear it in the right way. All you need is the comfort and go for it without any pause!

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