Marry Your Gujarati Men;They Are Full Of Trust And Love


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Tips On Marrying A Gujarati Man

Relationships, are the most lustrous and blissful thing in every body’s life, and marrying the person you love is one of the most unexpected wonders in life. Love, marriage, can make your life more beautiful and romantic. As when you marry the man you love, you know his positivity as well as his negativity. So, does he.

All your life you might have heard about Gujarati’s, there Thepla, Phapra, and many more delicious mouth watering foods. But, committing to a marital relationship, was out of your mind. So, when you got a Gujarati boyfriend, and is about to marry him, there are many questions that might strike your mind. Like, is he the right person? Will his family be able to except you, as you are not from their cultural background, and many more. Here, are some tips on why you must marry a Gujarati man, and live with him happily ever after.

Tips On Marrying A Gujarati Man

1There love for food

There love for food

You will never find a Gujarati saying, that they don’t want to go out for eating, or they are full. Gujarati’s are always ready to eat anytime, or every time. Gujarati’s love to eat. You can even see that from their varieties of cuisines, like Thepla, Phulka rotli, Pooda, Doodhpak, Kadhi, Dhokla, Handvo, Khaman, Muthia, Fafda, Khakhra, Halvasan, Ghebar, and many many more.

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2Human calculator

Human calculator

They may be the grammar nazi or a class topper, but when it comes to calculating and numbers, they are the accounts nazi. So, you don’t have to worry about your finances or even investments when you marry them. In calculations, even calculator or the computers face hard time in front of them.

3Attachment with mother tongue

Attachment with mother tongue

Yes, Gujarati’s are quite very popular for being attached to their mother tongue. Even they are so much more connected, that they can speak any language in the world, in Gujarati. So, as the matter of fact,you will never feel uncomfortable around them, you can understand what they are trying to say.

4Delicious beverages

Delicious beverages

Gujarati’s love ‘Chaash’ or buttermilk and ‘Chai’ as their extra cheese. So, you might never get a situation to make yummy food for them. It will be just the win-win situation for both of you, if you are just feeding them ‘Chaash’.

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5Save a lot

Save a lot

As I have mentioned, they are good in calculating, which also goes as, that most of the time they are even good in saving money. Also, they are good at spend money, so, you can even expect nice gifts, like designer shoes or jewellery as a gift from them.

6Maintain a lot of contacts

Maintain a lot of contacts

Oh! They are pretty good at maintaining contacts. From the ‘best fashion photographer’ to the ‘paanwala’, they have contacts with everybody they meet, or the friends of friends.



You can just blindly trust your man, as because they call every other girl as ‘Ben’, that is, sister and every neighbor aunt ‘Maasi’, which is, also an aunt.

8Relatives around the globe

Relatives around the globe

From New Jersey to Melbourne, your man will have relatives all over the globe. So it is bound that you might go for a frequent foreign tours. So, fulfill all your travel goals, with him.

9Lovable and trustworthy

Lovable and trustworthy

Your man might not be a rugged, but he is surely the most trustworthy as well as the most lovable guy you have every met, because Gujarati’s are just like that.

10Simplified needs

Simplified needs

Mostly, Gujarati men have very simple needs. They do not hype much about anything they need, or they want.



The rumor says that Gujarati men’s are always rich. When rich or not, but they are pretty hard working, as well as they believe in working hard. Be it their own business, or their job.

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