Various times a girl misses her mom post marriage

girl misses her mom

Getting married is surely a life altering thing for women, that too when there are so many changes that you actually have to adopt to. The biggest challenge of all is when you have to move to someone else’s house or to a brand new home where everything is your responsibility. The fact that you are moving to a new place is a dreadful thing because you are moving to a new place, a newer environment and most of all, leaving your home where you have made a million memories with your mom and loved ones. There is definitely one thing more dreadful than moving into your new house and that is missing you mom around. Moms have been there throughout your adult and childhood that you have forgotten how to function without their presence around you. Isn’t it?

You are obviously bound to miss your home, your room, your people, your pets, your dad and most of all, your mom! She has been your source of support and your backbone throughout and now functioning without her could be a life altering task. It is obvious that bidding goodbye to your mommy dearest is hardest which will be accompanied with litres of tears. And of course yes, there are various times a girl misses her mom post marriage. Being in the wedding season, I am going to jot down the various times a girl actually misses her mom and tends to understand the importance of moms in their life. Sit tight and read on!

Top Times When a Girl Misses Her Mom

1Waking up all by your self

Waking up all by your self

Well, until you were married, you always had a reason and a person to say this to ‘Mumma, 5 more minutes’. Now, it is you who have to be responsible and get up on time and get things ready for yourself and your husband. If you are living with your in-laws, the responsibility is even higher and more because you might have to get up to your mother-in-law wanting to taste your tea or your father-in-law waiting for his morning breakfast. Ouch, this is one time you definitely miss your mom because you know that no matter what, the tea and the breakfast and everything in the world will be ready for you when you were mumma’s little girl.

2Breakfast time

Breakfast time

Like I already mentioned, breakfast is one other time a girl misses her mom. Why? Well, because breakfast time isn’t complete until your mom describes how less you eat and how unhealthy you are getting. You might not like that she lectures you everyday, but once you get married, you will be making your own breakfast. Not only for you, but for the entire family. This time people around you will be judging you for the prowess you show in making a good meal and presenting it on the table.

3Tea time

Tea time

Do you remember how you just nag her around to make tea? Well, tea times are the best times to spend with your moms. She will tell you stories or will listen to all the stories that you have to tell her. She will have some kind of gossip or advice or anecdote to share with you when you are sipping your tea. But after marriage, you might probably be sipping your tea listening to your husband yap about his office or your mother-in-law complaining about other people. It becomes strange and you tend to miss your mom terribly.

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4Shopping times

Shopping times

This is one time when you will seriously miss your mommy dearest because shopping cannot get better without her, isn’t it? You and your mom for that matter, would be waiting to go to the shopping mall during the weekends.

Weekends are the only time you get to spend with your mom and that is one time you will cherish because it is a mixture of 2-3 favourite things. Tea time + shopping + gossip and much more. You no longer have the leverage to just call your mom up and ask her to meet you at the mall because now you will have to think about dinner, about your mother in law or maybe about your husband also.

5Dressing up

Dressing up

While dressing up is totally something to do with oneself, your mom will have an opinion even for that sometimes. Yes, your mom is the best judge and whenever you are in doubt, she will just tell you how you actually look. Go ahead and ask your husband about how you look and he will just try to flatter you by saying that you look the prettiest. If you ask your mother-in-law, er, well! Don’t ask her! You just don’t have the right opinion and the only person who can tell you how you actually look is your mom and you will definitely miss her when you want to know this particular thing.



You just cannot throw tantrums at anyone anymore! That is it! Once you are married, you have to become responsible, you have to be very knowledgeable and most of all, you need to make sure to act mature. You cannot be the little girl jumping around and not caring what others think. Well, basically, you have to act extremely mature. You just cannot throw tantrums at others and that is when mumma’s love would be totally missed.

You need to adjust and you definitely need to learn a lot. So when and if you have time, spend time with your moms and make sure you love and cherish her as much!

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-Pavithra Ravi

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