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Realistic Tips On Marriage

There are many books as well as advises available on marriage tips and marriage counseling on how to be compatible with your partner. But we really don’t know on what may work with our partner and what may not. Most of the time these relationship guidance may work and sometimes may not.

Ahead of my writing this article I was been thinking about our collective wisdom on marriage and the advice on finding escapes of usual traps. I don’t know much evidence or research on writing a relationship book, so here I am presenting some smartest realistic tips on marriage and topics that are most of the time faced by husband and wife in their marriage.

Tips On Marriage



Some researchers have done research on many married couples and found that the couples who on a regular basis give each other compliments or affective affirmation, help and support, encourage, hold hands can be the happiest. Some studies also suggest that men crave more for compliments than women, because most of the time women can get compliments for their work from other people like a colleague or friends than husbands.

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2Forget the dishes

Forget the dishes

Some studies also suggest that happy couple most of the time talk about each other. Not bout relationship, but mostly about other things. Researchers have said that setting aside ten minutes everyday to talk about something other than work, family household or the relationship can boost in your relationship. You can start by asking what his favourite dish or his favourite movie and why. You can also try by recalling his favourite memory from his childhood. These small talks can infuse you’re relationship with life.

3Stay on your toes

Stay on your toes

Sometimes when a couple say that they feel bored in their relationship, that means they are becoming less happy over time. So you can try escaping this bored feeling by mixing things up. The changes can be small but be sure that it is effective enough to make him sit and take some notice.

Some other studies say that sometimes trying to do something like reading a romantic novel or watching a romantic movie can boost up the romance in the relationship.

4Positive thinking

Positive thinking

Some other relationship experts say that trying to maintain positive thinking about your partner, even when you are angry on him can turn everything good about him. Try to criticize less, review good or feel less irritated when angry.

If you judge more and admire less your marriage can be in trouble because speaking positively and feeling valued is what everybody wants to listen. Some other experts also suggest that relationships can be easier if you start giving each other credits or in other way expressing gratitude. We often take some things for granted in our partner. So by expressing gratitude we can show our good and well being intentions.

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5Look for soft emotion

Look for soft emotion

Some experts also suggest to always try looking for soft emotion of your partner that is lying beneath the hard ones. Like the fear, or the anxiety or the embarrassment or the love for something that generally hide behind his anger or accusation. This can help in all sorts of relationship other than marriage.

6Live your life

Live your life

There is a huge importance of independence in a marriage. You can connect with friends and family, try pursuing your interests and also can help others. Some relationship experts say that if you don’t primarily engage your energy in your own life, then there are possible ways you might get over-focused about your partner and get worried.

7Have intimacy regularly

Have intimacy regularly

Try having sex with your partner regularly. Even if you don’t feel like. Try telling your partner that it doesn’t matter to overcome desires and decide before having sex. Sexual stimulation in the genitals releases dopamine in system that sustain the romantic love and also with orgasms one can flood with vasopressin and oxytocin. These nerochemicals can give you attachment to your partner.

8Pick a good lover

Pick a good lover

This is the most important part in a relationship. Remember to select a lover who is good as well as considerate with you. But remember, a good lover is not someone who is good at sex but someone who brings out the right attitude to everything.

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9Let go of fantasy

Let go of fantasy

And the last of all do not fantasize about love like the Shakespeare described it because it is never like that. Every relationship goes from its ups and downs, but cannot always be up. We all might have imagined love to be something more all our life. But what really happens is the utter grandeur and magnificence of what love actually is.

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