5 Brilliant Apps to Track Weight Loss Process


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Weight Loss Process

You are doing everything to keep your weight under control, but there are effective signs of your hard work. Have you tried tracking your activities for the effective, visible results? We are living in a technologically advanced world with all the ways to track our activities. And, when it comes to keeping an eye on the activities to achieve what you desire, then you certainly need a personal trainer to do so. For helping out with this problem, we have compiled a list of the best apps that are very helpful when weight loss process is considered.

Best Apps For Tracking Weight Loss Process

Whatever you do, ranging from climbing staircases to consuming a spoon of cake, these apps are smart enough to track your calorie intake. Weight loss process is just not dependent on your calorie intake, your activities do play a vital role in lowering your weight. So, here are the best of mobile applications which are capable of tracking your weight loss process.

1Lose it!

Lose it

You can use this free mobile application for a healthy weight losing process. ‘Lose it!’ is available on both mobile phones and desktop. You connect to people on this app and share about your smart decisions that made you lose weight easily. It helps you in creating your own customized weight loss plan. You’ll be having an expected objective and your health wellness details. Uploading your food picture would be enough to keep a track of your calorie intake. You can get the calorie count and nutrition information just with a snap. It also has a premium version of it.

Availability: iOS, Android, and Kindle



‘MyFitnessPal’ app is absolutely free of cost. You can track your diet plan as well as the exercises. It offers an additional feature of recipe importer which helps you to get to any of the recipe present on the internet. There is a step built-in tracker installed in the phones like iPhone 5S/6/6+ and so iOS users can track steps easily. This app guarantees to have lost an approximate of 200 million pounds. This is a combined data for all of its members.

Availability: iOS and Android



‘Pact’ is a free mobile application which is very good at keeping track of your physical activities and focuses mainly on consuming green veggies. It helps you to earn money if you perform as you have promised. You can start with low amounts and start adding more veggies in your diet plan. One more benefit of this app is you can save the money for your gym membership as this mobile application offers you the payment for your gym membership.

Availability: iOS and Android

4Diet Hero App

Diet Hero App

‘Diet Hero App’ provides you the substitute for not counting calories instead you can opt for a meal planning style approach that is proactive in nature. You just need to feed in the data of what foods you like to consume and what are the foods that are available to you. This app will share the details of what to eat and in how much quantity.

This a real smart mobile application. This app will help you to consume food from your own pantry, no need to go and buy prompted veggies and fruits from the supermarket again and again. You can also share your weight, height, gender, and the amount of weight you are planning to lose by the end of this weight loss process.

Availability: for iOS users only



The major question which faces you again and again while being a part of a weight loss program is that you need to decide what to eat, especially what is healthy and what is not.

‘Fooducate’ is a simple and easy app to find which is a healthy food item and which is not. You just need to scan the barcode using your smartphone and the app will show you which is a beneficial food for you. With the help of this mobile application, you won’t be needing to go on checking the constituents (or ingredients) of your food item.

Availability: iOS and Andriod

That sums up our list of smart mobile applications that can help you in your weight loss process.

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