9 Best Royal Destination Wedding Venues In Jaipur


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Whenever you think of having a lavish, big-fat royal Indian wedding, the only picture comes to your mind is of planning your wedding in a royal palace. For such a wedding, you have got Jaipur which is filled with such kind of destination wedding venues. This city is very-well known for its classic architectural palaces. A wedding in one of these palaces will give you a life-long memory of your wedding ceremony. This could be your unforgettable moment of having wedded in a fairytale wedding ceremony. Take a look at our best wedding venues in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Royally Classic Destination Wedding Venues In Jaipur

1Chomu Palace

Chomu Palace

Chomu Palace is a heritage hotel which can make your dreams come true. This place has got everything to offer you a classic wedding. This heritage hotel is divided into 7 parts: from main courtyard to darbar hall, from sheesh mahal to moti mahal, from janana courtyard to swimming pool, and a garden known as Manohar garden. Main courtyard is a beautiful example of Indian mythology. While darbar hall is all about the lavishness of Mughal architecture. You can also plan to have your wedding at Manohar Garden which can easily be occupied by 700 to 1,000 people.

2The Raj Palace

The Raj Palace

The Raj Palace is not only enriched with the beauty of being an archirectural masterpiece but is also have a strong historical connection which makes this place diffrent from other wedding venues on this list. This palace has got a splendid setup of royally trained elephants, camels, and horses. You could have a folk performance in your Sangeet ceremony by hiring a few local folk musicians. You can also go for hiring Kalbeliya dancers to give your wedding ceremony a regional and unique touch.

3Shahpura Haveli

Shahpura Haveli

Shahpura Haveli is the only eco-friendly heritage hotel amongst this list. This haveli offers a perfect and rare combination of a lavish wedding in an eco-friendly manner. The hospitality and services provided by this heritage hotel are uncompromising. The hotel authorities do have strict policies regarding water and electricity conservation. The greenery of Shahpura Haveli is just outstanding. This haveli also offer the art and culture of the state. Choose this heritage hotel for a unique experience.

4Jai Mahal Palace

Jai Mahal Palace

Jai Mahal Palace is a perfect architectural masterpiece for a 270-year old heritage. This palace offers 6 different locations inside it for your dream wedding. These inside locations ranges from celebration lawns to durbar hall, from fountain lawns to lotus pond, and from palace lawns to poolside lawns. And also, this palace have you covered in each and every phase of your wedding. Be it pre-wedding photography or pre-wedding ceremonies, this place will not diappoint you in any manner. The arrangements for your wedding day will be stressfree.

5Rambagh Palace

Rambagh Palace

Like Jai Mahal Palace, Rambagh Palace is a Taj Hotels product. This palace is spread in a wide area of about 47 acres and has 10 different indoor locations to offer to you. These indoor wedding spaces range from Jaigarh hall to Kesarbagh, from mubarak mahal to Mughal garden, from Mughal terrace to naksha garden, from the oriental garden to the oriental terrace, and from panghat lawn to sunken lawn. You can choose any of these 10 indoor locations for installing your wedding mandap on the D-day. All of these indoor places can be easily occupied with your guests. So, Rambagh Palace could be your luxurious stop for a destination wedding venue.

6Hotel Mansingh Palace

Hotel Mansingh Palace

Hotel Mansingh Palace is an exotic beauty for a destination wedding venue. It is very rare to find such a beautiful location for a wedding. The hotel authority understands the value of your feeling for your grand day and offers you a perfect hospitality according to that. The hotel staff is very friendly and tries to help you in every possible way on your big day. The warmth of its amazing infrastructure is a different is perfect for a grand Indian wedding. This heritage hotel is a combination of traditional infrastructure loaded with modern facilities.

7Alsisar Mahal

Alsisar Mahal

Alsisar Mahal is a best choice for destination wedding venues in Jaipur because of its splendid and magnificent interiors. The pleasant courtyards with quaint lawns and a row of green trees. This palace always been a wonderful wedding venue as per the reviews by the guests. Alsisar Mahal is eupipped with both indoor and outdoor wedding venues. For indoor wedding venue, Alsisar Mahal offers banquet hall, which can be occupied by 120 guests at a time. While for outdoor wedding venue, Alsisar have a lawn which can have a maximum of 1000 guests at a time.

8Samode Palace

Samode Palace

The palace itslelf represents the definition of word ‘glorious’. The Samode palace is one of the other historical palaces of Jaipur. This old heritage, is equipped with modern amenities and traditional services. This palace is having a number of places which you can use for your wedding mandap. Ranging from darbar hall to sheesh mahal, from sultan mahal to durbar hall terrace, from roof top to swimming pool deck, and from Mughal gardens to infinity pool. All of these locations can be used to arrange different ceremonial rituals for your royal wedding.

9Gold Palace

Gold Palace

Gold palace is all about those big-fat, Indian weddings. This is one of those places of Jaipur which you will find in every list of wedding venues in Jaipur. This palace is a suitable wedding venue when your the comfort of your guests has taken into consideration. The hospitality of the palace staff will fill your heart with warmth. This is one stop for all your pre- and post-wedding ceremonies and rituals. The ambience and the taste of the food will be an unforgettable experience for you, your family, and your guests.

That sums up our list of magnificent destination wedding venues in Jaipur. Jaipur itself is one of those places which is considered to have a number of breath-taking views. Be it the views of its lake or the sunset and sunrise points. The vastness of this place in cultural and traditional aspect will always remain untouched. So, choose a wedding venue in Jaipur and you will be able to cherrish that lavish moment of yours for the rest of your life.

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